Jesus: I have a question for the 12 of you, and, Peter, shameful. Why are you humming, I’m number one? When I send you out where are you not to go? The Gentiles, which I’d like to talk to you after  class. NO GENTILES PETER. CASE CLOSED! 








“But Now” Something Catholics Cannot Discern

This is where the body of Christ resides today.The body of Christ is the mystery Paul often refers to that has been kept secret since the foundation of the world. Israel is on each side of the “But Now” Body of Christ. The body of Christ is the mystery and Israel is prophecy both prior and after the body of Christ. I hope this clarifies our position.



 I have a question for you? If  the Apostle Peter  was a big shot in Rome becoming a bishop or even the first  ever Pope that  Paul would have included him in his list of names from Romans 16:1-16?  Yet, no mention of his name?

Why? Here is the list. Could it be that he was busy witnessing to Jews as Jesus had commanded him to do in Matthew 10:15? This is VERY compelling evidence why Peter had nothing to do with the RCC.  If he had been anything to the ministry of Paul, his name would be on this list!

This Isn’t Rocket Science Folks

THE CHURCH IS NOT SPIRITUAL ISRAEL. Those that believe this are not rightly dividing the word of Truth. God has promised an Everlasting Covenant with Israel.

My second graphic is concerning the body of Christ. This was our position until Paul came on the scene. The body of Christ did not have an Everlasting Covenant with God, Israel did and still does. How do I know this?

Like the Apostle Paul, I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery. Presently Israel has been hardened IN PART until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. In part! This is not rocket science people! Israel yet has a future.

There is not just Israel and the Gentile as many replacement people seem to believe.

Here there are three entities those being the Jews, the Greeks, or the Church of God. Three folks, not two. Those that rightly divide the truth know that Israel is found in times past and yet future. The body of Christ is but now. Read Ephesians 2 and 3. To the body of Christ the entire Bible is for our learning but for the doctrine of the body of Christ it is found solely in the Pauline Epistles.

Israel is under the prophecy program whereas the body of Christ is under the mystery program. That is why for Israel there is much to come.

Again this is not rocket science folks. Don’t make it so!

Messianic Truth or Fable?- 1

Law and Grace do not mix. If you violate even one aspect of the law, then you are guilty of breaking the entire law. The Messianic Jews are frustrating the grace of God. They combine the Torah with Grace.What can be clearer than this? The law and the Torah were our schoolmasters to bring us to Christ but after Christ has come we are no longer under a Schoolmaster. Christ is the Fulfillment of the law. The Holy Spirit now convicts us of our sins. The law brings death. The spirit brings life.

Signs and Wonders- 3

The 7th and last period of signs and wonders is yet future. It will occur during the millennial Kingdom when Jesus sets up his throne on Earth. Not only will signs and wonders appear but for a Time sacrifices will also be given until Israel an unsaved Gentiles that have made it through the Great Tribulation except their Messiah. All the Fantastic signs and wonders the Jesus did during his Earthly lifetime will be found in the millennial Kingdom. This will be the Earthly Kingdom for the Jews. Where is the body of Christ? In the Heavenly Kingdom since the rapture. If you remember in Revelation 22, there will be a new Heaven and Earth. Can’t you just wait?!

Peters Weak Ministry

Where was the boldness of the Apostle Peter In this regard? Instead of acting like a spiritual lion he seemed more like a shrinking violet lamb. Christ said he was to tend his sheep and he was. The circumcised sheep. He dealt with Jewish believers quite well. Gentiles? As long as they were not with his Jewish buddies well. But when his pals came around, scripture says he withdrew from them because he feared his a Jewish buddies.

Paul could not tolerate the weakness of Peter and the truth of the gospel. If they were all one in Christ Jesus, why was Peter acting aloof in regard to Gentiles. Was that a yellow streak running down his back? Peter affirmed that Paul was inspired but difficult to comprehend. Just as he had trouble comprehending Christ and his gospel, he also had difficulties with the gospel of Paul. To Peters credit, he did comprehend the gospel to Jewish believers. That is probably why Jesus told the 12 NOT to go to the Gentiles in Matthew 10:5 and why He told Peter to feed and tend His sheep being Jewish believers. When Peter did what he was told to do, he was an outstanding apostle.

Making Your Own Religion

dThe Catholics never handle the word of truth correctly. The current Pope has changed one of the words of Jesus’s to add more clarity to it. They also have their own order of the 10 Commandments. So right off the bat they are adding or subtracting words.

Injecting personal opinion changes to private interpretation. This is one of the Catholics favorite taboos which they charge everyone but themselves with. With all the communion verses they add the transformational items to the elements all the while that the elements never change physically or in taste. In truth it is called the abracadabra effect. Their interpretation is the only one that counts. Sounds like Diotrephes in 3rd John who loved to have the preeminence. And who in Rome carries the title eminence? The word says do not imitate what is evil. Case closed.

Injecting a figurative meaning covers the seven sacraments. If the Bible doesn’t cover it, don’t worry. The Catholics are standing by with their own definitions for practically everything including Peter and Mary. While Catholics claim the Bible is infallible they don’t really mean that.

Taking a passage out of context is what the Catholics do most. They reject who the scriptures were specifically written to, the audience in question. They don’t comprehend the body of Christ and somewhere they have made themselves spiritual Israel. God has an everlasting covenant with Israel and as Romans 11:25 clearly shows that blindness IN PART has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in and THEN all Israel will be saved.

Yes, the RCC has made up their own religion with their own false apostles who have transformed themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Hmmm? Satan is the transformer of the Eucharist elements? Shazam!

The Feasts of Israel and the Church- 2

Is the body of Christ supposed to observe Jewish feasts? To the believer those feasts were a shadow of things to come.

There are four holidays in the spring and three in the fall and we are presently in the Autumn cycle.

Under Israel’s program four of the feasts are in times past. None of them are in but now however three of them will be in the ages to come. But how is the body of Christ supposed to relate to these feasts?

A great question is why continue in the feasts for Messianic believers when you have returned from being converted from it?

  1. The feasts were under the category of legalism today. If you’re a Messianic believer and you are freed from the law, why return to the slavery of Mosaic law?

The Feasts of Israel and the Church- 1

Should the church be celebrating the seven feasts of Israel? What does New Testament Doctrine tell us?

Is the Apostle Paul referring to the feasts and celebrations of the Jewish calendar? I believe he is telling us that we are not to go back to Egypt spiritually or into a bondage of the feast days and new moons that Israel celebrated and does celebrate. All of these occurred under the law of Moses and were a shadow of things to come

. These are what Israel celebrated in the past and also presently. But are they for the Christian to celebrate? There are two areas of thought on this.

The Feast of Israel should not be forced on any member of the body of Christ. If they desire to participate that is an individual decision but not a corporate one. I will continue this discussion in part 2.

God is NOT Done with Israel the Nation

 Romans 11:25 provides adequate proof that God is not done with the apple of his eye. The nation Israel is still in the future to be restored. Presently blindness IN PART has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in and then all Israel will be saved. The blindness or hardening of Israel has a time limit.


Examine the two sections carefully as the one for James supports the RCC system.  Catholics do works because it is part of their religious rituals. When Christ said, It is finished, they don’t take Christ at His word. Mormons and Catholics add to Gods words. By grace ye have been saved by faith, it is the gift of God, not of works lest any man should boast PLUS ALL THAT WE CAN DO. Each likes to say that they keep the Law or at least try to. If you fail at just one, you fail them all. Catholics strongly want to be justified to law. Sorry guys, you Catholics keep tripping over your halos. You, like Peter couldn’t comprehend the gospel that saves, can’t comprehend the two audiences in question here. The Jews followed the law through the times of Christ and the 12. James 2:10 says that can’t be done. Here’s some extra learning graphics for you.

SYSTEM OF LAW. • Perfect law-keeping required (2:13; Gal 3:10) • Salvation by meritorious works (4:1-5) • Allows for boasting (4:2-4) • No forgiveness. • No one can be saved (3:20) SYSTEM OF FAITH. • Active faith required. • Salvation by grace through Christ. • Boasting excluded (3:27) • Forgiveness for imperfections. • Both Jews and Gentiles can be saved. JEL–ROM 3-16.

Obedience for salvation Faith in Christ alone. Lordship salvation Free Grace salvation. Human merit/effort No human effort. Keep Mosaic Law Not under Law. Results: NO SALVATION SALVATION/ ET. LIFE.