Fundamentalist Christian

Five Fundamentals of Christian Doctrine (1890’s, Prot.) Literal Inerrancy of the Bible (interpreted 100% factually) Virgin Birth & Deity of Jesus. Substitutionary Atonement (Jesus’ death) Bodily Resurrection of Jesus. Imminent Return of Jesus. Popular Appeal of Fundamentalism: simplistic answers to complex questions. meaning of texts is obvious? people crave certainty (don’t want ambiguity or complexity)
Fundamentalism vs. Catholicism: Witherup, Biblical Fundamentalism (p. 47) – cont. Fundamentalist Perspective: Catholic Perspective: Inerrancy of the Bible in all matters. No errors in the Bible only on matters of faith & morals. Lack of historical perspective in interpretation. Historical perspective is essential for interpretation. Frequent interpretations out of context. Need interpretations in context, esp. the context of the canon. Direct & immediate applicability of most biblical passages. Mostly indirect applicability of biblical passages.

What Does it Mean to Be in Contentment?

It is apparent that Paul never lived in the state of Utah or the Mormon state because in that state it would be hard to be in content. I am currently very content as I get food and clothing and not a whole lot of other things. But I am very content. One reason for my contentment is Jesus Christ. In Jesus we have peace but in the world tribulation or troubles and pressures. Be of good cheer for Christ has overcome the world John 16:33. My peace is in Jesus Christ which passes all understanding.

As Paul did I have been content with much and with little in my life. Contentment to me is God placing me in Green Pastures to restore my soul. He also stills my soul in Christ like peace. I have learned to Joy in the Lord which provides me with peace and tranquility.

Are you content in Christ? Is Christ a part of your life? If not, right now accept him into your heart and begin to read your Bible to know who he is and then to follow him and grow in him daily. The contentment that follows is past understanding but real and comforting. Thank you Jesus.

1st Kings and The Apple of His Eye

King David was known to God as being the apple of his eye. But after the Bathsheba incident there was a certain worm in that apple. For a time that was David because even when the prophet Nathan spelled out his sin for him he didn’t get the picture at first. When he did consequences were to follow. He would lose a son to death. We must also remember that part of his sin he sent Uriah to his death at the front lines since David was his commander in Chief. He did all that to win over Bathsheba. It was at that point that David became a worm in the apple of God’s eye. Even Godly men can sin. It almost took a pound of apples over David’s head to get him to recognize his sin. When we sin are we as feeble-minded as David was?

Catholic Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Make no mistake about it. I believe that priests that are found guilty of sexually abusing children should go to prison. The Catholic hierarchy should be cooperating with authorities instead of covering up a serious problem.

As to the matters of lawsuits, I believe it depends how long after the offense they are filed. Anything after ten years should be dismissed. Parents should file on behalf of their children. And no priest that has died should have anything filed at all. At that point, Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord.

One thing even I have never mentioned before. Once an offending priest gets out of prison, the Catholic Church should become financially responsible for his spiritual restoration.

Remember That Christ left the 99 Sheep to find the lost sheep of the flock. After punishment by man, spiritual restoration and even retraining for another vocation should be paid by the church. Mercy triumphs over judgment!

Do You Want to Be a Disciple?

I was recently following Jesus Christ and his disciples. I boarded a boat and was nice and comfortable in my bed when all of a sudden a freak storm came up. I briefly went up on Deck and saw lightning bolts all over the sky. Our ship was Being tossed to and fro. I was nearly scared out of my wits. Then I saw this Peter guy up on Deck and he was about to climb over the side. I thought he was trying to end his life. But he shook me a side and climbed out of the boat and onto the Sea of Galilee. In the distance I could see Jesus coming toward him. Then I saw Peter trying to walk on the water too. But he sunk under the waves. Immediately Jesus grabbed hold of him and pulled him up. Then Jesus said to him, Oh ye of little faith.
Little faith? The guy got out of the boat and tried to walk on water. I thought that was pretty impressive. But Jesus got all over him and said he had little faith? One of the other disciples told me that is how Jesus counseled them and that he was very tough on them. That’s because Christ loved them. I’m not sure I’d want to be a disciple if he talked to me like that. I mean what does he want? Peter got out of the boat. He had guts and yet he still got heck for it. Thaddeus told me that if Jesus didn’t get on us we wouldn’t grow. He loves us enough to chastise us to make our faith stronger. We are his children and he is our master. Even though I still thought Jesus was tough on Peter, given the circumstances, I did see what Thaddeus told me. It seemed the disciples liked the discipline that Jesus gave them. I’m not sure I could have handled that? But it is food for thought. You know something, maybe someday I’ll be a disciple?

The Bible and Lawyers- 1,

You probably aren’t aware of this but Christians are to judge other believers. 1st Corinthians 5:13 says, God judges those outside the body but do you not judge those who are inside referring to the body of Christ? Those outside God judges therefore put away from yourselves that evil person. In 1st Corinthians 6 God tells us that we will be judging angels and if so we can’t even judge the smallest matters? Jesus gave us instructions on this that we are to go to the sinning brother first alone. If he doesn’t hear you alone then you are to take two or three Witnesses with you on the second attempt. Then if he doesn’t hear all of you, your next step is to take it to the church. In the end if he doesn’t hear what the church says you are treat him as an outsider. There are steps to church discipline. Galatians tells us that you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness considering yourself lest you also be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ and that is in Galatians 6:2-3. This section of 1st Corinthians 6 again says that if we are to judge angels we can sure handle the smallest matters. I will start here in part 2.

Are Christians to Judge Other Believers?- 2

  1. Christians ARE to judge other believers. Do you not judge those who are inside? God judges those who are outside therefore put away from yourself that evil person- 1st Corinthians 5:13. Outside is God’s judgement and will be done at the great white Throne judgement. Inside means within the body of Christ. I already showed you Matthew 18 which dealt with a sinning believer. That eventually wound up to be a Church decision. 1st Corinthians 5:13 relates to an individual matter within the body of Christ which is the church so the two are quite similar. Even so it takes a spiritual person to administer the discipline. You find this in several areas. You who are spiritual restore such a one. I could not speak to you as spiritual but as to carnal. The natural man, as opposed to the spiritual, cannot receive the things of the spirit of God for they are foolishness to them, nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. That takes a mature Christian. It takes a believer that has their senses exercised to discern both Good and Evil. The end of 1st Corinthians 2 says, you who are spiritual judges all things yet he himself is rightly judged by no one. The word exercise from Hebrews 5 means by habitual action. Have your spiritual senses been exercised habitually? And remember the object of discipline is to restore. Yes, the body of Christ cam judge other believers and that by the word of God.

Are Christians to Judge Other Believers?- 1

1st Timothy 3:16 has as one point of scripture that we are to correct and reprove. When that is done it is sometimes called church discipline. Jesus spoke on this point. Matthew 18 provides the steps to church discipline. But church discipline is not what I’m talking about here. The church is to discipline Wayward Brothers and sisters. To be fair the first step is when a believer confronts another believer with their sin. If the sinner doesn’t repent you are to take two or three others to confront him. If that doesn’t work then you take it to the church and if they won’t listen to the church then he is to be removed from fellowship. It does though start with one on one confrontation. Jesus also said, judge not lest ye be judged. Remember Jesus was dealing only with Jews at this time and under the law. Under grace it’s different and I will show you the difference in part 2.

Malice in Wonderland: Part Two

Before we tackle part 2, what does believe in him mean to you? Is it a superficial belief or one that is very deep and committing to obey his Commandments. I’m not talking about the Ten Commandments here but more so the two. Do you love your lord and savior with all your heart, soul, and mind? Do you love your neighbor as yourself? On these two Commandments hang all the law and all the prophets. But remember who Jesus is talking to here and that is the Jewish people for he was not sent to the Gentiles. That was a task that he gave Paul to do. Right now the 72 had returned with joy knowing that even the demons are subject to them in the name of Jesus Christ. They were so full of themselves that they were ready to burst. How did Jesus react to this enthusiasm?

You think they got the message yet? I see this today in Pentecostal churches in what I call the hoopla. How did Jesus react to this?

They were rejoicing in the power and not that their names were written in heaven. Jesus saw the 72 much like Satan. They were rejoicing in the power over that of their mission to bring the gospel to every creature. Jesus knew that because he knew all men including you. Have you learned anything from Jesus today?

Malice in Wonderland: Part One

I think that I shall never see a church so crazy as a fallen tree. Doesn’t make sense to you? Well neither does the majority of Pentecostal services to me. I would like to show you some malice in Wonderland. John 2:23 is my starting point.

I can almost hear the Pentecostal Church standing up and clapping about this part of the verse. Many rejoiced when they saw the signs that Jesus performed. And because of this performance they believed in the name of Jesus. All well and good but there is a verse that follows this one.

The fly in the buttermilk shows up. Even though they believed in Jesus, Jesus did not commit himself to them because he knew all men. What does this mean? The people were there for the entertainment value of Jesus Christ. They were all for his miracles, his wondrous signs, his healings, and miraculous feedings. But when he began to spout Doctrine they left him faster than a speeding bullet. They were there for the good stuff but not his teachings. Jesus Christ knew that.

That’s about the size of it. Jesus had made the simple Act of belief in him difficult. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Until part 2, I want you to ponder on part of that verse. Believes in him and what does that mean to you?

Confessing to Sin and Forgiveness

I recently heard about a Baptist minister who confessed to his church that he had been a child abuser while being a minister. He gave a heart rendering sermon and there were many tears in that congregation. He had been their Minister for 20 years. At the end of the service he told his flock he had to step down from being their minister. He was surrounded by people praying for him. The next Sunday he attended services with his wife as a member of the congregation but there was a change. People began staring at him. Their initial reaction to him had changed after it had a week in set in on them. And there were Whispers about what he had done. He also told authorities what he had done and was arrested a week later. His wife actually had to move out of the community because she was no longer loved by the congregation. There is a saying that the church is the only army in the world that has a reputation for deserting it’s wounded. The minister actually did what was right but his congregation did not. Was his open confession a good idea? He did what he had been taught in the Bible. With confession at times there are consequences and he was willing to face them. His wife had nothing to do with the charge and she stayed loyal to him until his release. It was his church community that let him down. Let he that is without sin cast the first stone. Jesus said upon the cross, father forgive them for they know not what they do. That minister was also upon his cross in his confession to his congregation. After 20 years with them you would think there would have been more compassion for him. Yes he did sin but Christ forgave him immediately. And yes there were consequences which he faced in the strength of his faith. He could have gone on lying to his congregation. If you do not forgive other people their trespasses neither will your heavenly father forgive your trespasses.

Do You Not Judge those INSIDE the Church?

Sin within the church must be dealt with and not ignored. That is why 1st Corinthians 5:12 States just that. Do you not judge those inside the church? Those outside the body of Christ God is to judge. Even Jesus Christ taught about spiritual discipline. The first step is to take the matter between two people where one is to confront the other in love. But if that doesn’t happen then two members of the congregation should confront the other. If that doesn’t bear fruit then you take it before the church. If he refuses to listen to the church he is to be expelled. The problem is that church discipline is rarely applied. Instead it is ignored. It is never easy to confront sin but we must go in the full armor of God noting that our only offensive weapons are the word of God and prayer. Christians, like it or not, are to expose the unfruitful works of darkness. My personal gift of the spirit is the gift of Discerning spirits. It’s never easy but it is necessary. I love people enough to not want them to go to hell. If I didn’t care about their Eternal destination I would not care for them one bit but I do. That is why I will continue to expose the unfruitful works of darkness.

Controlling Anger- 1

Are you ever angry? Do you know what righteous anger is? Even mild-mannered Jesus Christ, as some see Him, got angry. Do you remember the money changers in the temple? Jesus got so angry that he overturned tables and Chased the money changers out of the Temple with a whip of cords. Be angry and sin not. In Matthew 23 to the scribes and Pharisees Jesus said, serpents, brood of vipers, how can you escape the condemnation of hell? I don’t think Jesus said that in a mild-mannered tone. When Jesus told his disciples, oh ye of little faith, I can almost hear the gusto in that phrase. That is righteous anger. I often have righteous anger toward homosexuals who flaunt the scriptures to serve their perversion. But you can only go so far before the Holy Spirit takes over for you in your Witness. Even the President of the United States has anger issues. Donald Trump tweets his anger out daily. Our leader should know better but he vents his feelings often when he should learn to hold them back and take a second look at a problem. As one bridles a horse, one should also learn how to Bridle the tongue. I will have more in part 2.