Are You a Wise Man for Believing a Manger Myth? I

maxresdefault Are you aware that Christmas is a pagan holiday? Initially it was to worship the sun god and not the son of God. If you were in school and said the manager myth was real you would probably get an F for a grade. The wise men were never at the manger. Those that put them in the manger are unwise. The gospel of Matthew records that the wise men came to the house where Jesus was. House, not the manger. King Herod planned to kill all male children 2 years and younger. Matthew says that the wise men came to the house where the young child was. Child, not baby. In truth the wise men were not as smart as they thought they were because it took them 2 years to get to the Christ child. They were never in the manger scene. And this is but one mistake of the Christmas season and we shall get to all of them in due time. Also the number of wise men is in question. We deduce that the three gifts offered to the Christ child were from three men but the Bible never says that. A Christian Carol does as the title says We three kings of Orient Are. Could the are be “Are Wrong”? So what kind of wise man are you now in light of all this evidence? Oh yes, there’s only 6 more months till Christmas to get all those gifts under the tree. As to the tree well, I’ll save that for another time.

What of the Christmas Tree?

Do you

u know what Evergreen means? Everlasting life and that brings up the contrast between that definition and the one given in Jeremiah 10. Jeremiah is speaking of an idol that is strikingly close to that of a Christmas tree. But it is not a Christmas tree but that of an idol. In Isaiah 44 a man cuts a tree and with half of it he uses to cook his meal and warm himself. Once done he uses the other half to make an idol of which he then Falls behind it to worship it. That was his intent from the beginning. If you go out and buy yourself a Christmas tree with the intent to worship it then you have yourself an idol. If your intent is to place Christmas presents under it, it is just a Christmas tree. But when will you be doing this because most authorities believe that Christ was born in September. Shepherd’s would not be keeping watch over their flock by night in December. Their flock would be indoors with them. What is your intent for the season and the tree? Don’t worship the tree, you worship a free gift wrapped in swaddling clothes under the tree which is Christ the Lord. There was no room for him in the inn. Is there room for him in your heart?

Who Created Christmas?

That’s an easy question. The Roman Catholics did in 304 AD. Well, not exactly. The Roman Catholics created Christ’s Mass. Yes, The Roman Catholics did add a few more by Traditions such as. Wow! Holy holidays Batman! Mary worship indeed! To be fair, the Roman Catholics are not Alone in this As denominational Land has Followed Its dubious leader into apostasy. Christmas is actually a pagan festival where The sun god is worshipped. Roman Catholics just transformed it into what they wanted it to be. How? Does ALACADABRA ring a bell?gTalk about mass confusion! Did you know?   TThat rather says it all. The Roman Catholics manufactured a pagan holiday and colored it with Catholic crayons.

Why Does the Church IIgnore Biblical Truth?

Christmas-myths04ff5ba4d69398475352d4da1a997540It’s very difficult for people to see the truth through rose-colored glasses. People hold on to their religious myths despite evidence to the contrary. Do you know that Luke 2:8 records that Shepherds were keeping watch over their flock by night? In Israel, in December, the weather is very cold and Shepherds would not be keeping watch over their flocks at night. Instead they would be inside a shelter as would the Shepherds themselves. There is historical evidence that Christ was probably born sometime in September. Just as the wise men were never at the manger scene because they arrived at the house where the young child was. Another error that we accept. The date we have selected for Christmas is chock-full of paganism. Adding into that mixture is the commercialism of Santa Claus. The Christmas Christian’s celebrate is full of error that no one wants to recognize. And if you think that is bad, what about this?
SantaNimrodMyth4 Ephesians tells us to speak the truth in love. Sometimes Love Hurts but the truth will keep marching on.

Paganism Catholicism 3

Last time that I was with you I alluded toTammuz from Ezekiel. Oh, yes, Dr. Ludewick with you again. Tammuz was not very redeemable even by Catholic standards. Who was Father of Tammuz? NIMROD!Examine all the connections he has with Catholicism? Even Purgatory and Infant baptism? I can think of one particular Catholic now beginning to weep to Tammuz upon these revelations.The Catholics even have the date of Christmas wrong. The flicks of sheep aren’t out at night around our Christmas season for its too cold in Israel at that time of the year.  They’re inside with the shepherds. Christmas is best understood to be in the fall. 

Look at the similarities? Enough for now as there are too many Catholic ears bleeding! See you soon! 

Catholic Tomfoolery

Catholics like to transform more than wafers and blood in the Eucharist. They also enjoy transforming pagan holidays into so called Christian ones. Is it any surprise that the oldest church would take on pagan holidays with their magic transformation process. Never mind that the wafer and blood in the Eucharist maintain the same before and after the partaking of them. What Catholics are set on practicing is mesmerism. Even here the sun god is present. I wonder if the organist plays in the background, Inca, Inca do? Why don’t Catholics care that what they are doing isn’t biblical? Christ was sacrificed ONCE for all according to Hebrews 10:10. When Christ on the cross said, IT IS FINISHED, Catholics don’t believe Him for they serve another Jesus- 2 Cor. 11:4- from definitely another gospel and from a far different spirit. Many priests are closet alcoholics and for what they have to put up with, I don’t blame them. They were admonished by bishops and above to lie if they anything about priests molesting children. The church was more interested in protecting themselves than the children of their flock. Tend my sheep went right out the window.

The RCC And Halloween

You might be surprises to hear this but I do think the Catholics should celebrate the devils holiday because told Satan to get behind him and he’s never left. So it seems quite natural for the devil to participate in his own creation. Halloween is a Celtic pagan holiday which the Catholics have Christianized with their colored catechism crayons. Abracadabra and done!

Thye actually admit to their tradition citing seeing ghosts and ghouls by separating earth from purgatory. That, by the way, is called pay for salvation. Simon the Sorcerer would have liked that indulgent trick.

Dressing up as Saints is actually a great idea and I’m sure that Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints would be flattered by that.

Then there’s New Hallows Eve and Day which is a fantastic necromancer idea. Communication with the dead ought to be even greater. Perhaps Bill Johnson and his Bethel Church could fill the Catholics in on Soaking. That is where a Catholic would lie on top of a Saints tombstone and absorb his spiritual energy. That is called the night of the living dead. SHOULD I SEEK THE DEAD ON BEHALF OF THE LIVING? CERTAINLY NOT! Oh, but that’s the Bible and tradition trumps the Bible.

So the Roman Catholic Church should very much celebrate Halloween for their leader Satan is certainly behind them here!

Are You Superstitious?

Are you superstitious? Do you avoid walking under a ladder? Do you carry a rabbit’s foot with you for luck? I personally like the number 13 and not because I’m superstitious. Maybe I like it to prove that I’m not superstitious. Knock on wood. Those that are superstitious do not have much faith in Jesus Christ. I’ve heard a lot of people say they have no luck in their life. Jesus never promised us a smooth Road. This is my comfort in my affliction, for your word has given me life and that is from Psalm 119:50. The word of God is all I need in my troubles. I don’t need a four-leaf clover or a horseshoe. To me, Friday the 13th is just another day. How about for you? Was that a black cat I saw just crossing your path?

The Feasts of Israel and the Church- 1

Should the church be celebrating the seven feasts of Israel? What does New Testament Doctrine tell us?

Is the Apostle Paul referring to the feasts and celebrations of the Jewish calendar? I believe he is telling us that we are not to go back to Egypt spiritually or into a bondage of the feast days and new moons that Israel celebrated and does celebrate. All of these occurred under the law of Moses and were a shadow of things to come

. These are what Israel celebrated in the past and also presently. But are they for the Christian to celebrate? There are two areas of thought on this.

The Feast of Israel should not be forced on any member of the body of Christ. If they desire to participate that is an individual decision but not a corporate one. I will continue this discussion in part 2.

2020 Homosexual Agenda for America

If Democrats Get in power in both houses and the Presidency look for this package to proceed as covertly as possible. This agenda is seeking legal sexual relationships with boys down to the age of twelve. For a time in the RCC it was blinked at until revealed. Homosexuals became seminarians and the RCC showed no discernment whatsoever in dealing with the problem until only just recently. Please examine this daily schedule of the Agenda.Here is another list of affirming churches who also march in gay parades along with political activists.

If We Live in the Spirit, Let us also Walk in the Spirit

1-Thessalonians-5-19-Do-Not-Quen I was once talking with a pastor friend about the holidays. He was telling me about his great Christmas sermon he was going to be giving. I broke in saying, what if the Holy Spirit inspired you to provide a different message that day? His response was surprising. He told me that he would put it on the following week for sure. In other words, his message would supersede that of the Holy Spirit’s message. He was about to quench the Holy Spirit. The ecumenical calendar of today No Doubt quenches a lot of what the Holy Spirit has to say. The pastor has to follow that calendar usually according to his denominational standards. Each year we go from Thanksgiving to Pentecost with pre-planned messages. The only time for the Holy Spirit is during the summer months when most people aren’t at church anyway. The Holy Spirit is asked to take a back seat in these congregations. I know that to be true because once during Advent I was going to give a message as a guest preacher not on Advent. I told the Elders of the church that and they suggested another guest pastor because my sermon would have been on a Holy Spirit chosen topic. I once went to a church nearby with a pre-planned message that I had done a lot of research on that week. Just before I was about to speak the Holy Spirit gave me something else to say and I did not quench the spirit. And my mouth almost moved word for word for what the Spirit wanted me to say. I love how the Spirit operates comparing spiritual things with spiritual. My prayer for our country would be to abandon The ecumenical calendar and allow the Holy Spirit free access in the pulpit. If we live in the spirit let us also walk in the spirit.

The Catholics are Inundated with Holidays

Today’s ritual holiday would be Blessed Sacrament Precious Blood day. Abracadabra! Wafer and Wine now Flesh and Blood. Catholics are enslaved with rituals and holidays. Most holidays that Christians celebrate were once created by Catholics from pagan sources. Abracadabra, they aren’t pagan anymore! But there is a fly in the festive oatmeal here. Most Catholics love to be in bondage because it keeps them under the thumb of the Vatican City. Who has bewitched them? Those little old broom makers in Vatican City. Are you still under Bondage?