Methods such as aversion therapy use nausea inducement or electric shock to steer one away from homosexual thoughts in conversion therapy. The US and Europe have tried these along with the old standard drugs.

I’ve personally conducted Bible study on a one to one basis. I take homosexuals that are willing through verses in the Bible dealing with the sin. We start in the Old and move right through the New Testament.   I let the client respond to any verse. Each session is bathed in prayer.

I find there is a time to stop and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. Conversion Therapy is not of Christ. It is a form of torture.  Try talking to those willing in a spirit of love and gentleness. More states need to outlaw Conversion Therapy. 


What is Conversion Therapy? It is curing homosexual behavior so why aren’t more churches climbing aboard? Is it the way they go about it? Do you notice how many Democratic states oppose it? I personally oppose homosexuality but I also oppose psychology.  That is psychology void of Christ. But how much of conversion therapy comes from the Bible and how much does not? I’ll be checking that out next.


Catholics like to boast about them being the oldest church so that must make them right. Do we say the same thing about a rotten old egg? Believe you me, the Catholics would refine and resign that old egg so that it would smell delicious. They specialize in redesigning words and concepts to make them say what they want them to say. It’s rather amazing to behold but they actually dwell in Imagination Land.

There they create and recreate everything under the sun. This will be my last new post until about November 9th. The computer needs some work. Keep your comments coming as I will answer them all as soon as my computer returns. I will have two repeats daily until I return.

Do you know that I have it in good authority that the Catholics are about to designate Mr. Keebler the Cardinal of cash! It’s been said that he’s rolling in dough!

Let’s be Honest about Mary- Part Four

So where that non-biblical material come from? Councils, synods, tradition, and the Catechism. Take your pick and then a shovel to cover it up. Mary says four things in the Bible. Like what the Pentecostal church did with Japez, his two verses have spawned entire books. That is what Catholics have done with Mary by expanding her coasts. This is a very interesting comparative list. The incarnate word versus a heresy. See you in Part Five.

Psychology and the Bible31

In College I majored in psychology. I took a straight major or 60 semester hours of psychology. When I became a Christian I repented of my psychological training. After all, psychology is but a philosophy. And any philosophy that is void of Christ we are to be beware of.
Psychology is really an atheistic science. Sigmund Freud was an atheist. Did you know that the highest suicide rate in the country is by psychiatrists and psychologists? They listen to everyone else’s problems during the day and then have to cope with their own problems at night. I don’t believe there is such a thing as Christian psychology. I do believe in Bible counseling void of psychology.You can’t have a union of the Bible and atheistic philosophy. What Accord has light with Darkness? The end of a certain lengthy thought says in essence that philosophy is to know everything about nothing. John 15:5 is close to this thought for without Christ you can do nothing. I hope that you can see the difference between the two?

Catholic Bishops Turn to Psychology

About 10 years ago the Roman Catholic Church Bishop’s seeing the sexual abuse by the clergy continuing sought out secular psychology to help cure clerics infected with sexual desire for children. I find this rather interesting as it even relates to me. My major in college was psychology at a Christian University. 5 years later in a sermon I was doing I repented of my psychological training and my text was Colossians 2:8. Beware of philosophy, empty deceit, according to the tradition of man, according to the qq Elementary principles of the world, and not according to Christ. You might not know this but psychology is a philosophy. Colossians 2:8 is telling us that psychology is empty deceit. Unless it has Christ in it. The fly in the oatmeal is that psychology looks Christianity as a defense mechanism to void out Reality. I should let you know that I took a straight major in college a full 60 hours of psychology. I had every course they offered. In my sermon of repentance I asked for God to take all that Knowledge from me as it was not of Christ. How that relates to the Roman Catholics is it they sought out secular psychology to help correct clerics infected with sexual desire for children. The Cure time out in this was less than 2 months. At that point Catholic Bishops reassigned abusing priests to another Parish. They now are pleading that they didn’t know what to do with offending priests. I suppose they never heard of the Criminal Justice System? Right. That is the excuse of many Bishops today and it is a flimsy one at Best. If the Catholic Bishops don’t know what the Bible says about homosexuality then the Catholic Church doesn’t know what it’s doing. They knew what they were doing was wrong but they didn’t care. It was more important to defend their brother priests over the little children they were offending and that is monstrous thinking. It seems like what the Catholic church is really doing is finding some way to justify their sins without harming their Catholic Brothers through the criminal justice system. That in and of itself is a monstrous error.

If they had sought out Father Darwin, he could have been of immense help. He was skilled at casting out demons. He was effective in what he did and I personally witnessed him casting out two devils. He was not in demand of his church because he could not accept the majority of Vatican II and even though effective they turned their backs on him. He chose the Baptist church and still casts out demons yet today.

Dr. Siggie Fraud: In His Own Words

hqdefault-3Dr Siggie Fraud My name is Dr. Siggie Fraud and my topic today is psychology and the church. I should say from the onset that I have been practicing in psychology for 10 years and have many famous clients. I can also say in all candor that I have no idea what I am doing or how to help these people. On the positive side I am a good listener although some of these people do put me to sleep. I have one lady in particular that is better than Sominex. Now the Bible says to beware of philosophy and psychology is a philosophy. But that’s only one opinion. In my 10 years experience, I can say in all honesty that I have become very rich and haven’t helped even one person out yet. Of course they don’t know that as I keep telling them they’re making Improvement. In that way there is no end to the money flow. Doctor fraud is just that, a fraud. And much of psychology is a fraud. These people listen to us but have no answers. A philosophy is a theory only and Colossians is on the spot informing believers to beware of it for it is empty deceit. Pastors that use Christian psychology are in the wrong. They believe that the Bible needs psychology. i should be counseling with the Bible only. Psychology has no place in the church. For it is largely after the tradition of man and not according to Christ. It is empty deceit and the Christian should beware of it.