Triune Truth – 4

From the onset, Jesus is known as the truth in both texts. He is the conduit to the Father. He is the PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST. God seeks people who worship Him in spirit and in truth. For God is a Spirit and those that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth. WORSHIP GOD, for He testifies of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of prophecy. HE IS THE PERSON OF GOD.Jesus said He would send us another Comforter. He would guide us into all truth. HE IS THE PERSON OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. 

Why do we need all this truth?1st John 1:7- There are three that bear witness in heaven, THE FATHER, THE WORD, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT and these three are ONE.

In Part 5 the conclusion to this series. Until next time ponder this equation in the light of the Fruit of the Spirit. 9& 3=