Uncompromising Gospel

EXPOSING CHRISTIAN ERROR will not compromise the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have had Buddhists tell me I don’t understand their religion. The only thing I need to understand is that Buddhists are atheists. The natural man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to them, nor can they know them because they are spiritually discerned and that is from 1st Corinthians 2:14. I have had Christadelphians tell me I don’t understand their dubious body. Imposters will grow worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. There would be no Christadelphian Church if it had not been for John Thomas and he is a false prophet. He falsely predicted the end of the age in 1866 and he also predicted in 1866 that the papacy would end. Both false prophecies. It would seem that the founder of Christadelphians is a liar. In vain they worship me teaching as doctrines the Commandments of men from Matthew 15:9. I even had a Christadelphian tell me that I use Too Much scripture. I stand on the word of God and if I offend anyone I am not sorry. The only one I do not want to offend is God. A Christadelphian did not even know what the gospel was. How can you build a faith if you don’t know what you believe in? For the time will come, and has, when they will not endure sound Doctrine, because they have itching ears, they will Heap up for themselves teachers they will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to Fables. Again, I will not compromise the gospel.


  Last year when the Mormon First President was in Rome he signed a  seal of agreement with Pope Francis as has Rick Warren, Islam, and Buddhism. The one world church is slowly forming via Chrislam. It would be most interesting to learn what’s actually stated in these seals of agreement.

What does the Bible say in response?

Yoga and Hypnosis

Yoga is really self hypnosis. The danger is what happens if you can’t come back? You are dealing with forces that you have no idea what they are capable of doing. In effect you are playing with the occult. There is a form of Christian meditation and it is called prayer. You can do that in a conscious state. But yoga takes you far deeper into a spiritual stupor. Buddhists and Hindus practice this form of yoga. The secret doors your intent on opening are to the occultic world. And demons can’t wait to grab hold of anything they can of your persona. What if demons induce you to kill yourself? That inner peace you’re seeking will be found in a coffin. You’re tampering with dangerous hosts of wickedness of the occult world. Abandon these dangerous practices and if you truly desire inner peace accept Jesus Christ into your heart. He will guard your hearts and minds from the very forces you’re opening yourself up to in yoga.

Roman Catholics, Emergent Church, and Mysticism

I have a video for you today about a human trinity of abomination that is growing by the day. Examine this Video carefully and learn of dangerous practices of these unholy three. Here we go again!

Opening a Window

I you’re looking for a mission field or an area to pray for this is it. The 10/40 Window is the most difficult Mission field for Christians as it contains Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. Islamic countries can put you to death for proselytizing their people. Prayer is always helpful in these areas and perhaps you should make that your personal prayer Mission Nightly? After years of Oppression these people need Jesus Christ to cast off centuries of bondage.How many prayer warriors read this website? This is something you can direct your prayers too for God to intervene. These people need Jesus Christ too. Poverty is often found in these countries and not only for bread but also of spiritual nourishment which they have never had. Pray for those within the 10/40 window that they might find Freedom in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Shaking the Dust Off your Feet- 2

My Buddhist friend asked me about the temperament of Jesus Christ. He chased the money changers out of the Temple with a whip of cords overturning tables in the process. He was at times tough on his disciples and I wrote a post on that about how Outsiders viewed Jesus Christ. Christians aren’t to argue especially against the devil. In Matthew 4, Jesus was battling the devil in regard to three Temptations and he only responded with scripture. This is what I have tried to do with this Buddhist but he has closed his ears because he wants to approach Buddhism in his own way as there is no absolute truth in that faith. In Greek the word transgresses means to go beyond the word of God. My friend can meditate to his heart’s content but without Christ he can do nothing.

10 As for a man who is factious, after admonishing him once or twice, have nothing more to do with him, 11 knowing that such a person is perverted and sinful; he is self-condemned. (TITUS 3:10, 11; RSV)

Shaking the Dust Off your Feet- 1

I’ve been dealing with an ex- Pentecostal and current Buddhist exchanging comments for the last few days and now it’s time for closure. He feels very open on criticizing Christianity and embracing Buddhism. That is okay but I will not allow him an open Forum here. Is that biblical? Those are the words of Jesus Christ. Buddhists are looking for peace whereas Christ did not come to bring peace but a sword. The sword of the spirit is the word of God. It at times causes division especially within one’s own household. I stand on the word of God but I have two sisters that don’t. It is my responsibility to warn believers against the dangers to their faith. I continue to do that to this very day.

TITUS 3:10, Reject a divisive man after the first and second admonition, 11 knowing that such a person is warped and sinning, being self-condemned. WHY REJECT ONE? HE IS WARPED TURNED INSIDE OUT SINNING: MISSING THE MARK, WANDERING AWAY FROM GOD’S LAW. SELF-CONDEMNED CONDEMNED OF HIMSELF (KJV)
Now my Buddhist friend’s open microphone is muted. I am shaking the dust off my feet and moving on. His previous comments will remain but I will not approve further comments. It would serve no purpose. One day he will have to stand before Jesus on account for his behavior. I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes he is wearing that day. I will have some closing comments on this issue in part 2.

An interview with an Ex-International Bible Student

I used to belong to the International Biblestudents. But I left them because I felt disenfranchised because it’s such a bizarre group. They have so many factions with no apparent agenda whatsoever. And they all believe different from one another. So I’m starting my own group and it’s going to be called The International Baggystudents. The Biblestudents do exactly like the last verse of the Book of Judges. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes. What a grand motto for them! I left the Biblestudents because I found the deity of Christ quite acceptable when I actually read the Bible. I also was able to perceive the Triune God which left me at odds with the remainder of the group. The others try so hard to understand but they just don’t. And boy, don’t try to tell them they’re wrong. Or it’s blast off time! So all my Baggy Biblestudents have to agree to bags over their head. That way there’s less disagreement. Plus when we go to the grocery store we just take the bags off her head and load up our groceries. It’s also good for when we get hiccups. I think Biblestudents should try that. Maybe some Buddhists too because they might be able to meditate better under there? When I was with the Bible students I felt like a zombie. Every Bible study group believes differently. What’s a fella to do? I feel badly for my fellow Bible students because what they really are is a bunch of sad sacks! They need our prayers.

The Sacred Feminine and the Illuminati

Take your pick as the Buddhists, the Hindu, and the Roman Catholics among others all have the sacred feminine as part of their religion. Of course, to the Roman Catholics that would be Mary. And according to the Illuminati that sacred light comes from Satan ( 2nd Corinthians 11:14). In regard to Mary, I have been saying that for some time now. Each of those religions and more that have a sacred feminine are all controlled by the light of the devil. This video about the Illuminati will make that abundantly clear. Comments are welcome so start the ball rolling.

Meditation and Vision Quests

Have you ever combined meditation and yoga together? Have you ever been on a Vision Quest? Meditation teaches you the quality of Stillness. The Bible teaches this as well. Be still and know that I am God. But there are dangers to both meditation and vision quests. Both Buddhist Meditation and Native American Vision Quests are largely done alone. Vision Quests usually are paired with peyote which is a hallucinogenic drug. A Native American would enter a teepee or sweat lodge where temperatures could reach 120 to 130 degrees. Some have died in sweat lodges during a Vision Quest. Buddhist Meditation and yoga are a deep journey within oneself. Meditation to a Buddhist and vision quests to Native Americans are unique rituals. In each You Can Lose Yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. You are to clear your brain of all distractions. An empty mind is fertile soil in which Satan can work on the soul. The Christian is often called to meditate on their bed. Some may call that prayer for a one-on-one conversation with God. Come let us reason together says the Lord. When I meditate I do so with the Lord. I allow him to communicate with me through his spirit. After all, God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth for the father is seeking such to worship Him. I prefer that kind of meditation to everything else under the sun.

Messianic Mess

If the letter of the Law kills, why do Messianic Jews hold so tightly to the Law? The Restored Church of God tries to keep the Law yet the Bible itself tells you can’t. If you break just one of the laws then you are guilty of them all. Do you know that cults are born out of this Messianic Mess? Pray for God to right the hearts of the Messianic Jews.

“Another” Jesus

A Christadelphian and a Buddhist said I didn’t represent Jesus Christ because of all my warnings messages. They are talking about another Jesus the syrupy loving one. Many times Jesus told his disciples, Oh ye of little faith. In Greek the word little means miniscule. So how did Jesus address the spiritual leaders of his day? In Matthew 23:8-9 he told the religious leaders of his day not to be called rabbi or father. How do you think Judaism and Roman Catholics feel about that? We even have people like Rabbi Jonathan Cahn a Messianic Jew. Regardless of what Jesus says, they give themselves titles. In Matthew 23:14 Jesus says, do not make long prayers. Some pastors make extremely long prayers even though Jesus said not to do so. In Matthew 23:15 Jesus said, you travel Land and Sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice the son of hell as yourself. That’s not very loving. And he said that to religious leaders! You are like beautiful whitewash tombs which appear beautiful outwardly, but inwardly, you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness. Jesus said that? Well that doesn’t sound very loving to me? I can almost hear the Christadelphian and Buddhist begin to cringe. They can cringe even deeper with this next verse from Matthew 23:33. Serpents, brood of vipers, how can you escape the condemnation of hell! That’s the Jesus I serve and as the Apostle Paul says, imitate me as I imitate Christ. That’s what this ministry does.

Reincarnation Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

We are the Buddhist boys and my name is Kharma. I’m the spokesman for this Trio. I was locked up in the penitentiary for insecticide. I was driving my pickup down the road and hit a swarm of bugs. I think one was Uncle Charlie who came back who was reincarnated as a mosquito. I could tell it was him because of the horrendous expression on his face as he crashed into my windshield. I have bad karma for nearly 3 years. My two buddies here were in The Slammer too. My buddy on the right ran over a skunk and was charged with smellacide. He thinks it was his daughter Dolores in her reincarnation. The guy on my left hit a pedestrian with his fist. I think he was in here legally. They call us the Buddhist boys because of our Bad Karma. We need to meditate more. I sure don’t want to come back as a butterfly. One of the Buddhist boys not pictured came back as a Christian and boy was he happy. They don’t believe in reincarnation. The only Carnation they believe in is the one they can drink. We should all be that happy but instead we’re stuck in this miserable state. Do you know what it’s like to live in Utah? I almost became a Buddhist Mormon. I would have good karma then because of their magic underwear. That would have helped me in my meditation cycle. Just wanted you folks to know the testimony of the Buddhist boys. See you in the next reincarnation.