Welcome To the RCC Magical World of the Eucharist

This is Walt Chisleney and I’m just outside a RCC. I’m about to show you the magical world of the Eucharist. To believe this wind up your imagination tight. The choir is about to sing the dangers of opening Pandora’s Box. Wow, tiny bubbles everywhere. For a moment I thought Lawerence Welk was Here.The priest is about to mumble the transformation process to turn the wafer into flesh even though it will still taste like a wafer. Huh? Wasn’t Jesus only sacrificed once? Let’s activate our secret microphone to hear what the priest is saying. Abracadabra flesh. But why doesn’t it smell like flesh? Oh, we have to all pretend? This is something like my character Goofy. He’s doing the same thing with the wine. One Bloody Mary coming up. I feel so silly doing this. Well there you have it and a mass exodus is about to occur. Nope nothings happening tonight. I blew it.THE CATHOLIC SPEAKS FROM THE CATECHISM. THIS IS NOWHERE FOUND IN THE BIBLE.