Catholicism and Voodoo Makes Strange Bedfellows

What is the fastest way out of a joint Roman Catholic and Voodoo service? A mass Exodus. And there should be a mass Exodus out of this Union!

After corrupt elections in 2000, foreign aid was cut off. Highest HIV and tuberculosis rate in hemisphere (population is decreasing due to HIV) 99% deforestation – and rains have washed away most of the rest of the soil. Massive 2010 earthquake – 300,000+ dead.

Now this connection does not surprise me. Voodoo and Pentecostals do have a lot in common. What is one defining point between the two?Surprise! surprise!

Paganism. Shamanism. God Light Association in Japan. Gnostics. Coptics of Egypt. Voodoo. Hindu Gurus. Fakirs of India. Mormons. Just to name a few.

There is a connection between Voodoo and both Catholicism and Pentecostalism.

Apostle Rick Joyner and Voodoo

Apostle Rick Joyner of Morningside Ministries is trying to tap into the anointing power of voodoo to perform what you are seeing here. Notice tongues without an interpreter. This is what happens to churches that goes beyond scripture. This is the

Link to that video that should open some eyes.  I wonder how soon the RCC will be getting into this nonsense they are even now into pagan ritual.

Keep a wide berth from either Rick Joyner or Todd Bentley. Each has opened a Pandora’s box of demonic evil.


RCC on Path to Worshipping Spirits

Pope Francis has signaled that he is on the path to allowing the worship of spirits which would open a Pandora’s box of troubles for his church. This is due to the lack of priests in the Amazon. If that were to happen Native Americans and Voodoo could aligning w themselves with Rome, perhaps even WICCA? That decision would certainly open the door wide open to Satan. Not to mention the abracadabra element already in place.  How Pope Francis is going to handle this bears watching.




 Yes, sad to say but the Catholic Eucharist is influenced by magic. Perhaps the Catholics picked up a positive idea from Voodoo but more  than likely it was voodoo who gleaned whatever they could and then combine it into a Pandora’s box of splendor.

Fusion of traditional African beliefs (West African Voodoo), Arawakan, and Roman Catholicism. Slaves were forced to convert to Catholicism, but continued to secretly practice voodoo. Forced participation in the Catholic church led to the syncretization of voodoo with Catholic principles.

Pretty soon, Voodoo and the Catholics will partner once again to start a glorious church.




What communion hath the Roman Catholics have with Voodoo? My thanks to my graphics editor Mike Reynolds for his great graphics for this series. 

Mixed with elements of Catholicism, Voodoo is now even more unique. What has voodoo been able to add to Catholicism? And how can anyone be a good Catholic if they are practicing black magic? Maybe voodoo has had some influence on the Eucharist in return? Could the mystery of how the elements change from wafer to flesh come by way of voodoo black magic? You might want to examine this evidence   now.  More in part two.




The new Voodoo was influenced by the Catholics as they forced those slaves from Africa to be baptized in Haiti. Nothing like a willing spirit. I have a person of the voodoo faith that can best describe the Catholic influences into Voodoo.

Even the Eucharist had an influence in Voodoo with the exception of using sacrificed animal blood. You’ll notice some rather unusual dancing moves that the Catholics incorporated into Voodoo worship. They must have had some kinky Catholic priests serving in Haiti at the time?

The worship of relics was also brought into Voodoo with voodoo names substituted for the ones Catholics gave them. Maybe the Catholics learned something from the Haitians in that regard by changing the meanings of certain words to fit their perverted theology.

The Roman Catholic Communion

I was going to ask Father Terry to do this one and then changed my mind abruptly. He told me during the Eucharistic Prayer that when the elements were changed, he used to silently hum this song, When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Other than the prayer he always felt awkward at this moment. When he met with other priests they also had problems with the ritual.

One priest told him to roll with the punches because he also felt strange about it. I could have soothed all their consciouses with two words-


They all were puzzled why the actual elements never changed. One priest suggested they were all playing some sort of game with their flock? I think this is happening all over the globe. I know the secret of the Eucharist. Satan is behind it and it is no more or less than what denominational churches do which is symbolic. One priest said to just smile and serve it.

In truth both Catholics and Protestants take communion in a symbolic way. If the wafer or wine had changed substances then the Catholics might have been on to something mystical happening. Two catholic friends tell me they rarely take communion anymore because of that weird ritual. Maybe the RCC picked up that ritual in voodoo land?

The Roman Catholic System Part Five

Pope John, who was a very popular pope, said at the end of his life that he paid more attention to Mary then he had on Jesus Christ during his lifetime. And quite a few Catholics do the very same thing. At a Catholic School where I worked prior to being saved, the children would do the Hail Mary often so they knew it by memory. They say it without meaning as if by rote. the Catholics have a hard time with this one. Mary did not remain a virgin. in Haiti do you know how the Roman Catholics recruit so well in Voodoo country? voodoo is attracted to Roman Catholic traditions and mysticism. Finally do you know what this month means to the Roman Catholics? It’s the Mary Mary month of May. I will conclude my series next time with a look at Peter in regard to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic Church of Satan

I should have made this connection before about the Roman Catholic Church. They have a great influence in the nation of Haiti and Haiti is absorbed with voodoo. I have a video for you today about the Roman Catholic connection with magic called Roman Catholic Hocus Pocus. From the hierarchy down they dabble in magic just as the alternate Peter did known as Simon the Sorcerer. Someone recently commented as to why Satan would build the church. For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of Light. Why? To deceive the masses and the word masses is a good word in Roman Catholicism. Think about all the rituals that Roman Catholics utilize? Many have been trained in magic as you will see in this video.