Paganism Catholicism 3

Last time that I was with you I alluded toTammuz from Ezekiel. Oh, yes, Dr. Ludewick with you again. Tammuz was not very redeemable even by Catholic standards. Who was Father of Tammuz? NIMROD!Examine all the connections he has with Catholicism? Even Purgatory and Infant baptism? I can think of one particular Catholic now beginning to weep to Tammuz upon these revelations.The Catholics even have the date of Christmas wrong. The flicks of sheep aren’t out at night around our Christmas season for its too cold in Israel at that time of the year.  They’re inside with the shepherds. Christmas is best understood to be in the fall. 

Look at the similarities? Enough for now as there are too many Catholic ears bleeding! See you soon! 


If you can’t see this as idol worship then there’s something wrong with your eyes.  Catholics explain this idol worship away with words only they know how to decipher. They really know that what they practice is idol worship but they can’t let non Catholics know that. That works out for their little game of self-deception that they learned from the Bible in Isaiah 44. Allow them to think that they have deceived you for the only ones they are fooling are themselves.

Paganism Catholicism – 2

Paganism allows the RCC  to color almost anything under the sun with Catholicism crayons to make it their own. Then when attacked for what they practice they turn on their whine tears and call it prejudice. EVIL MEN AND IMPOSTERS  WILL GROW WORSE AND WORSE, DECEIVING AND  BEING DECEIVED. Here is the apocrypha book Barack right back at you. It was a book about idol worship. Barack was Jeremiah’s scribe.This is where the Bible meets these Babylonian gods including Tammuz who is found in Ezekiel in a most unflattering statement. More in Part 3.














Does anyone with an ounce of discernment really negate Paganisms strong influence on Catholicism? It is here we have an honest Cardinal that verifies Paganisms influence on the RCC. You begin to see a bizarre connection between the Two. I DO NOT WANT YOU TO HAVE FELLOWSHIP WITH DEMONS. In truth, the RCC is consumed with paganism. I will have even more in part two. 






Dr. Ludwig on the Catechism By Dr. Ludwig

I am The famous Dr. Ludwig and I know everything about the Catechism because I wrote it. It is actually a scavenger book of things I’ve collected  over the years that gives a shine to Catholicism. I must say that isn’t easy. For example, the transformation process in the Eucharist. I used ancient archeological texts to describe this ancient ceremony. In essence it is pagan Babylonian that I have altered using the same method that changes the wafer to flesh.

I use thee scientific verbiage hocus locus to affect the change. I hope you have gained the secrets of the universe from this book.    

Roman Catholic Church Worship of Skulls, Bones, and Corpses

MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS WEIRD! I have a video that Chronicle this practice of necromancy forbidden in Scripture by the Lord God Almighty. Here is the video. The more you dig into Catholicism the more occultic it gets.

Those that are in the Roman Catholic faith must leave it as soon as possible and find yourself a bible-believing church that is non denominational.

I Did Not Come to Bring Peace but a Sword

It would seem that Pope Francis does not believe this as he is trying to unite the world but not necessarily under Christ. The Islamic Allah is far different than the god of the Bible. I have a video for you today about this issue and how the Pope it’s not standing firm on the word of God which is the sword of the spirit.

The pope is being heralded as some kind of Rockstar when he is not. He has far more serious business to attend to within his own church. The Roman Catholic Church in the United States is in sharp decline. Since 1955 the church has lost 36% in membership as of this day. Some may because of the scandals that he has refused to deal with until public officials made it impossible for him to ignore no longer. If the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do?

Catholic Netherlands Sex Abuse Numbers Not Good

The final  indictment in the small country of the Netherlands has 800 Priests molesting over 1,600 boys. Kent always provides much smaller numbers. Of the offenders, 105 are still living.  Pray for the lambs of this nation.



The Social Gospel Church

The Social Gospel Church is a smorgasbord of everything that society enjoys. The church becomes the community center for everything. Well not quite everything because sometimes the Gospel of Jesus Christ gets squeezed out. The Core Essence of the church is asked to go elsewhere. I recall once in a Baptist Church where they cancelled Wednesday night service for the championship softball game. I’ve seen church canceled with 2 inches of snow on the ground. In my father’s childhood they drove a team of horses 10 miles to get to church every Sunday which was almost an all day affair. And they did it in Michigan with a lot more than two inches of snow on the ground. Church in those days meant for worship. Fellowship continued in other people’s homes for Sunday supper. What if some people today don’t mind traveling in two inches of snow to worship God? Maybe they had better find a church that was serious about worshiping? The church today is tepid or lukewarm and that is the body that God will spew out of His mouth.

The Lying Doctrine of the RCC

Well, Pope Francis is now claiming that Jesus Christ had it all wrong about hell. He has now become an Antichrist. But there’s even more about doctrine changer Francis. Yes indeed the Pope has claimed both for himself. How about claiming divinity? Strike two Pope, counting the one about hell. Does the pope have the power to forgive sins? Sorry, To Pope Francis, but that is strike three and you are out. How can any Catholic believe anything you say anymore??

The Origin of the Roman Catholic Church

Here is the origin of the Roman Catholic Church. For the first three centuries that was just called the Catholic Church which means Universal. Most Catholics would not accept that title today as it would seem they would be more like Unitarians. I have a video for you on this subject called history of the Catholic Church. The actual Roman Catholic Church did not start until the 4th century and this video will prove that. It’s just another deceptive ploy of the Roman Catholic Church to make people believe that Peter was their first pope. But maybe they were talking about Peter Pan?

The Thoroughly Corrupt RCC

I have a great video for you  today called abuse.

I also received a powerful email with a phone number to it. I spoke  with a man by the name of Frank. He said that when he returned to the church just as all this was coming to light, he expected the Catholic church to do what was right and fess up. He was asked by the present priest if he ever made a vow never to tell  his parents. Frank said he was eleven then and had been abused twice a week on both sides of his body. He said the priest scared him and that he did make a vow out of fear. The current priest said that he was the one in the wrong. Frank got up and left the church for good and headed immediately for the police. That is church counseling?

The present priest was not an offender. Later under oat in the civil trial that same  priest admitted that he was coached on what to say by his bishop. Like or not that new priest is involved in the coverup as well. More to come soon. 


Pope Benedict excommunicated many priests in the child molestation CATHOLIC ABRACADABRAscandal to his credit but he largely ignored the 70 year coverup. Then he surprisingly resigned the papacy and gave the mess to Pope Francis.

The coverup involved the hierarchy in the Vatican City all the way down to bishops. What was their thinking on passing offending priests around to other parishes?  In public schools teachers are involved with one student. Offending priests averaged about five boys per. Parish and were seen often.

Now I really know what those words mean when the priests transfer the wafer to flesh because I’ve been transferred from a Cardinal to a blackbbird!