Good morning to you all. For those not in the know I am president Trump otherwise known as the Donald. I am here today to update you on my spiritual counsel. After all they are the ones that got me elected. And no Paula, I was not about to pull the chair away from you. In fact once I found out what a crooked Minister you are I almost considered you for vice president. No offense Mr. Pence. I also didn’t know that half of you are being investigated by Senator Grassley. It seems you have a way of cheating the public without taking much Flack. I need to know how you do that for my dealings with the press and the Democrats. And, no, Mr. Copeland, you do not have an Air Force in the United States. In fact we’ll drag you in the air whenever you want.OH, MR. Duplantis, no cracking jokes during my news conference. I know you’re a riot at your church but I am in charge here. Keep it up and I’ll make you my court jester. As if I didn’t have enough problems already. By the way,  Benny Hinn? I would like you to take my dog for a walk now and teach him to heal. In that way he can lay paws on you and heal you of trying to have an affair with Paula White. She’s my baby and don’t you forget that. Mike Murdock? With your experience with money I may make you Secretary of the treasury. Just don’t use your wisdom keys to fleece any money from me. Yes this is the bunch of characters that make up my spiritual counsel. Juanita Bynum? I’d like to consider making you my secretary of defense only please take off that Miracle robe of yours. You look so silly in here with that on. Is Doctor giggle here today? Oh yes I see you now. Pat Robertson, I’d like to have you host a few Democrats on your program the 700 Club. Nancy Pelosi comes to mind. And maybe even Hillary Clinton? After all she needs some air time so she can Grumble some more about how she lost the presidency. Have I forgotten anyone? Oh Pat, will you please wake up Dr. Ben Carson again? He does that every so often. In conclusion, the Donald would like to say that I consider you all my friends but only if you get out the vote in 2020. Paula? I’d like you to speak to the country next week and persuade our citizens to surrender a month salary to help build my wall. You have a Church Without Walls but I want a country with walls. Thank you and God bless the United States of America and my company.

Pentecostal Congregations EXPECT a Show

I would like to introduce myself . I am Glinda Hermeneutics and it is my job to ferret out the truth. It’s a sad thing to say but Pentecostal Church congregations expect a show instead of Bible learning. They come to see Benny Hinn do slaying in the spirit, or Paula White browbeating her congregation to give a month’s salary to her Ministry and her Antics to get it, or to listen to Mike Murdock’s Seed Faith, or to want to watch Jesse Duplantis’ Comedy Hour. They don’t come to hear the gospel but to enjoy a performance. One leader had the children of the church jumping hysterically up and down to rid them of demons and the audience went wild. Is this what church has come down to? Pentecostal church services are increasing weekly as hundreds of people go into them. They find bible-believing churches boring. They don’t see the word of God as being living and Powerful. And until they do nothing will get better. Bible prophecy actually predicts this. The falling away comes first before the man of sin is revealed. We’re seeing the falling away right now so can the man of sin be all that far behind? This is your investigating reporter Glinda Hermeneutics reporting from Pentecostal Peril Land.

Greedy Television Ministries

Have you ever watched Christian television and observed how each evangelist tries to raise money from you? They are none too subtle in their approaches. television Ministry. They always want some more. All your favorites are here such as Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, and Mike Murdock. Enjoy the video.

The Disappearing Gospel

Why is the gospel Vanishing in the church today? One reason are happy talk sermons. Pastors don’t want to offend anyone so they preach a non-offensive gospel or something you might get in elementary school. Something that tickles the ears instead of convicting the heart. Pastors feel that if they preach hard messages people will leave their Church. Did you get that? Their Church? It’s never been their church; it’s the Church of God. How many Ministries put their name on the ministry? We have Benny Hinn Ministries, Mike Murdock Ministries, the Jim Bakker Show, and Rick Joyner Ministries. We have ministers that call themselves Reverend when Psalms tells us holy and Reverend is His name. God is the only one that can be called reverend. In Matthew 23 it says to call no man on Earth your father. How would the Catholics handle that one? Or to call no one on earth rabbi. What about Rabbi Jonathan Cahn? It goes on and on. They either preach themselves or Happy Talk messages. The gospel is also Vanishing in Pentecostal churches because of extra biblical revelation. In those churches you hear pastors continually say, God told me this or that but if it doesn’t line up with scripture it doesn’t mean a thing. Most times what they say doesn’t line up with scripture. So there are a lot of reasons why the church is Vanishing along with the gospel. The Bible admonishes us to preach the word. For the time will come, and has, when they will not endure sound Doctrine because they have itching ears, they will Heap up for themselves teachers that will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to Fables. The gospel then metamorphs into Aesop’s Fables or whatever Pastor puts his name before it. Remember the word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword piercing even to the division of Soul and Spirit and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Preach the word!

Pastor Qualifications

Two qualifications of a pastor are they are not to be greedy for money and they are to have a good testimony to those that are outside the church. As for the first qualification noted that would eliminate the majority of Pentecostal preachers today. Kenneth Copeland has his own airport for his 5 planes, Paula White told her congregation to donate a month salary or God would get them, Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyers, Juanita Bynum, TD Jakes, and many many more all are unqualified to be a pastor. The woman pastors automatically are unqualified according to the Pauline Epistles. What about those and let’s have a good testimony to those that are outside? Does Jimmy Swaggart when he had sex with prostitutes or Jim Bakker who bilked Millions of dollars from his followers? It would seem that the Pentecostal Church makes their own rules for pastors. And an literate congregation sees nothing wrong with that.

Why do congregations even allow such unbiblical pastors that flourish in the Pentecostal Church. They don’t follow the Bible one bit and no one seems to care. I classify the Pentecostal Church as an apostate cult. If the blind lead the blind both will fall into a ditch. Ezekiel 14:10 says, the punishment of the prophet shall be the same as the punishment of the one who inquired. Perhaps we should start listening to the word of God instead of the Godless Pentecostal pastors.

Tongues in Church Today

Without an interpreter? Is that required?Most tongue speaking today is for show, is gibberish, and done by women with no interpreter. Without an interpreter, tongues are not to used. The church is not edified God is not the author of confusion so please let everything be done decently and in order. Praise the Lord!

Satan’s “Name It, Claim It” LIE !!!

I’m sure you’ve heard Benny Hinn say this many times and he’s not the only one. You can almost pick out your favorite Pentecostal pastor and he’s done the same thing Benny does. Have they never heard of this scripture? Matthew 6:24 says, YOU CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MONEY OR MAMMON. I remember Jim Bakker saying that he had never heard of this scripture until he entered prison. He was a pastor for many years prior to that and it’s hard to believe that he never saw this verse from the middle of The Sermon on the Mount! The name it claim it phonies believe that can speak words into existence almost like magic. You know, it is Magic.

Now you know where the prosperity preachers got the name it claim it idea. I will create as I speak and that is abracadabra. And that is what I call the Abracadabra Church. You know it as the Pentecostal Church but they practice the same thing.

The Magic Kingdom of Pentecostalism is the occult. And here are its inhabitants.

People just destitute of the truth suppose that godliness is a means of gain. The Bible tells us, from such withdraw yourself and not your money. These pastors are Satan’s pastors having been taken captive by Satan to do Satan’s will. Press any of the categorical names below and you can pull up all the writings I’ve done on each one Again, withdraw yourself in Jesus name. Amen!

An Unusual Prophet

balaam’s ass could talk and so can I. My ancestry goes back to Noah’s Ark as I supplied the pews for religious services also adding a few scents to the offering plate. I can tell you this that if I were part of the Prosperity Gospel I would let my tail do the talking to people that would not give. I thought of joining the new Apostolic Reformation but I thought they were stinky enough. I wanted a spot on the Jim Bakker Show but while I was waiting for an interview I ate some of the survival food and almost died. Needless to say I did not get the interview. I then went to Jimmy Swaggart asking for a job but he was in the middle of one of his SOB stories that never seem to end. That man could be a human fountain. I went to Heidi Baker next thinking with all her weird theology I can fit in quite well. But she would not let me in. I finally figured it out that I should be partnered with Mike Murdock because we both stink. In his dotage he thought I was a cat so he adopted me and I found a home. Do you know that guy rehearses his wisdom keys in front of a mirror? I finally found the perfect job and so if you want to get in touch with me email me at Pew research. I’m thinking of converting to Catholicism for with a swish of my tail I can create my own stinky tales that will rival what they produce.

Prosperity Gospel Pastors Claim Christ and His Apostles were Prosperous

Does this sound prosperous to you? Jesus said, you cannot serve God and money in Matthew 6:24.

It doesn’t appear his apostles were very prosperous either. Prosperity pastors teach a false gospel.

We are not, as so many, corrupting the word of God which is found in 2nd Corinthians 2:17. The word corrupting means making merchandise out of you. If you will recall Jesus chased the money-changers out of the Temple with a whip of cords. That would have been the prosperity preachers of today.

Satan’s Preachers

Such are deceitful workers transforming themselves into Apostles of Christ and no wonder

Therefore it is no great thing if Satan transformed his ministers into ministers of righteousness. Did you catch that? Satan has his ministers and here they are. If the blind lead the blind both will fall into a ditch and those are the words of Jesus Christ. Have you ever heard this verse John 8:32? You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. But how many know the previous verse from John 8:31? IF you abide in my words you are my disciples indeed. I can tell you this that Satan’s ministers rarely abide in his word. It would hold them back from their deception.

Pastors of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself. Did you notice in the video the congregations of these pastors from Satan? That is part of the problem. The congregation is biblically ignorant and proud of it. No one challenges these phonies. So they get away with it laughing all the way to the bank. From such withdraw yourself but not your money. Jesus said, you cannot serve God and money. The Apostle Paul said, when I preach the gospel I may present the Gospel of Jesus Christ without charge so that I will not abused my authority in the gospel. Satan’s ministers hate those verses of scripture. And so should you!

Do YOU Worship a Generic God?- 4

Joel Osteen, Mike Murdock, Rod Parsley, and Joyce Meyers worship a God they do not know. I hear that Osteen says that God wants everyone happy. Murdock believes he wants everyone wealthy, Parsley believes he wants everyone healthy, and Myers believes that Jesus died spiritually. I have a friend that is a Buddhist and he believes in God but not Jesus Christ. He says he has peace but not through the Prince of Peace. As such, sadly, he also serves as generic god. I have a difficult time understanding how one can worship an unknown God? This is eternal life, that they may know you the one true God and Jesus Christ when you have sent. Knowing God is the key to life eternal and I am talking about an intimate knowledge. Why worship an unknown God when the real God is waiting to hear from you? But do you want the real God or an artificial God?

The Miracle Twig

My guest tonight is evangelist Mike Murdock.Yes, I would like to say howdy to all my fans out there. And in case you’re wondering I did bring my wisdom keys with me. Yes, those wisdom keys of minr. What exactly do they unlock? Your financial future of course as long as you follow my principles. And also send me money as that is a key component to unlock the mysteries of the ages. I discovered these years before in Hawaii when I dropped a twig in a creek and it floated. Wait a minute Mike? All Twigs float. What made your so special? It floated in Hawaii. Are you saying the majority of twigs in Hawaii don’t float? I’m not sure about that question but this twig did float and it was a miracle. Mike, are you sure you’re feeling all right? Of course I am. Everybody doubts miracles but they do happen and they happen to me a lot. Some say that you’re one of the richest televangelist out there. I sent out to my public many of these Miracle twigs and they floated throughout the continental United States. Mike, Twigs do float in the United States so why is that a miracle? Because my friends out there sent me their hard-earned money to achieve greatness by getting one of my twigs. Do you realize that one person paid over $100,000 for a twig? I do find that hard to believe Mike. Are you at Liberty to tell us who that person was? Yes I am at Liberty to say that in fact I have a picture of him with me. I have to tell you sir that anyone that would spend $100,000 for a twig has got to be crazy. You don’t understand the miracle Behind The Twig. It was a twig given to me by God and it floated. I have to tell you, Mike, that you’re beginning to sound a
Little nuts yourself? When I show you the picture of the person that bought that $100,000 twig you will understand fully the significance of the miracle. In fact I hope to unload many more Miracle twigs to the American public on this one man’s endorsement. Well, you’ve got me on the edge of my seat. Who is this mystery person? All right. Here is his picture. Hold onto your horses here. That’s not you Mike. That’s Steve Munsey? It was Steve
Munsey’s twig as he was with me in Hawaii and he gave me that twig as a gift. A miracle gift I might add. Do you recognize the other gentleman in the picture? Yes I do and I can believe that he bought a twig for $100,000. I can most definitely believe that and for this addition of the televangelist good night and good luck.

Mega churches Should Pay Taxes

I don’t believe the separation of church and state ever envisioned a mega church. I still don’t believe small churches should have to pay taxes. Small churches don’t have their pastors buying Jets or owning Mercedes, Large mega churches have enormous budgets.

Mega churches pay their pastors outrageous salaries exceeding 1 million dollars a year. Nepotism is rampant in those churches where family members are paid enormous salaries. I’m not talking about the pastor that makes $30,000 a year and has to pay for a small house. I’m talking about the pastors that have mansion and swimming pools.

Those bastards are laughing all the way to the bank and many of them could own Banks. Joyce Meyers once had a parishioner give her money for an entire house and later when she needed some help she wrote Meyers and got a response like this. That’s went welfare is for.

This is why mega churches need to pay taxes. If they paid taxes all the rest of the taxpayers would only have to pay 3% taxes. The separation of church and state never figured on mega churches.