The Mary of the Bible would denounce the Catholic version of her in a heartbeat. Mary, the mother of Jesus was full of humility and obedience. She was not sinless, that is a Catholic addition. DO NOT ADD TO HIS WORDS LEST HE REPROVE THEE AND YOU BE FOUND A LIAR- Proverbs 30:6.

The Catholic Mary is akin to a stuffed turkey, full of things that should not be there. AN ASTONISHING AND HORRIBLE THING HAS BE DONE IN THE LAND, THE PROPHETS PROPHECY FALSELY, THE PRIESTS RULE BY THEIR OWN POWER AND MY PEOPLE LOVE TO HAVE IT SO- Jeremiah 5:38-40.

She is not a co redeemer as that is the role of Christ only as of 1st Timothy 2:5. She is not an intercessor, as that is what the Holy Spirit does as of Romans 8:36. Her womb was home to Jesus Christ. The infant. That is where her task ended. Instead she is stuffed and stuffed with false doctrines, dogmas, and teachings out of Rome.                 FATIMA!

The Catholic Whore and still getting more! 

Hinn, Hagee, and Van Impe

I haven’t said a single thing about Jack Van Impe however he believes the Catholic catechism lines up to the Bible pretty well. It must be the revised Van Impe version? Jack Van Impe has predicted the time of the end ever since I’ve known him. He’s been wrong every time. Van Impe’s Ministry is one of speculation. His whole Ministry is based on speculation. John Hagee, on the other hand, on the surface seems quite biblical. But he is part of the word of faith movement and supports ministers like Benny Hinn and Jesse Duplantis. Sometimes you know someone better by who he fellowships with. John Hagee also does a great deal of speculation. Benny Hinn skips around the corners of absolute blasphemy. All three. Do not have a good testimony to those who are outside the body of Christ as 1st Timothy 3:7 declares a minister should have. They’re all into the money game. John Hagee’s son is now being groomed for Ministry. You should be wary of all three. I will have more on Dr.Jack.Van Impe in a future article.

Van Impe’s Time Tunnel

For a time I subscribed to the British concept of Ezekiel 38 where Tarshish and her Young Lions were indicative of Great Britain and the United States, Australia, and Canada. Herbert W Armstrong first came up with this concept. Even when corrected by Christians on this topic I held firm. Then In My Time Tunnel for a Time I told people that the Catholic catechism was as solid at the Bible. I was known as The Walking Bible. At times I walked the puppy too far. I speculated far beyond the scriptures and a lots of my prophecies were wrong. I often times tried to connect countries to prophecies and I was sometimes right but more often times wrong. Now I’m in retirement due to poor health and I hope to get better soon. I’m what is known as a sensationalist pastor. But for now my wife Rexella is waiting for me to play croquet with her. I predict a victory for me. Thank you and good night.

Hobart W Freeman 3

There has been much speculation as to where biblical Tarshish is located. Nearly 20 years ago I heard Jack Van Impe suggest that it was Great Britain. Hobart W Freeman of the glory Barn also thought it was Great Britain. But as you can see on the map, Tarshish is located in southern Spain. This is where Jonah wanted to go to flee from the Lord in Jonah 1:3. It had to be in a direct line between Joppa and Tarshish across the Mediterranean Sea. The passage in question which brings all this up is from the prophet Ezekiel chapter 38.

To Jack Van Impe and Hobart W Freeman they speculated that Tarshish was Great Britain and her Young Lions the United States, Canada, and Australia. However, the Hebrew lexicon which defines the Hebrew language suggests that Tarshish is also in southern Spain as our map suggested. Both the Hebrew lexicon and the map geographically place Tarshish in southern Spain. I will take those two sources over that of speculation any day of the week. Of late. David C Pack of the Restored Church of God backs Herbert W Freeman and the worldwide Church of God in their assessment that Tarshish is Great Britain. They have no biblical evidence to support that view. In the end, it all comes down to whether you believe biblical evidence over that of speculation. Which is it to be?


Oops! I spoke too soon again. Just like when I equated the Roman Catholic catechism to Scripture. Another one of my many boo-boos!

Hobart W Freeman 2

North Webster, Indiana saw Herbert W Freeman through a whopping cough epidemic that killed men, women, and even children. Parents went to prison for failure to get medicine for their children. Freeman preached on rigid divine healing that had started to rival that of Christian Science. It was at this point that Freeman ent into severe doctrinal error. Even Dr. Jack Van Impe got caught up into British Imperialism. A key location disputed the claim that Tarshish was Great Britain. The location?In my conclusion I will take up that error that the Restored Church of God is also teaching. Stay tuned.

End Times Date Setters

How many Ministries do you know that set dates? Dr. Jack Van Impe has said for years that the Lord is coming. He singled out the year 2000 but nothing happened. Not even the big computer scare that everyone was talking about. Too many pastors are concerned with the end times as far as setting dates for it. Jim Bakker is another one and he uses scare tactics in order to peddle his survival food. No one knows the time of the end or even the time of the rapture. Ministries that do this are just speculating. They do this for some financial gain. Elizabeth Clare Prophet predicted the time of the end and when she was wrong her father was left in droves. Look at what happened to David koresh and the Branch Davidians at Waco? Or Marshall Applewhite and the Hale-Bopp Comet? These are predicted the times of the end and usually took their followers to their Eternal end. Jim Jones it’s another one. All these people died thinking about the end times were upon them. What all dates setters fail to do is rely on the words of the scripture.

The Roman Catholic System Part Three

The catechism of the Roman Catholic Church is a Man based document. What did Jesus have to say about that? In vain they worship teaching as doctrines the Commandments of men. Throughout his career Dr. Jack Van Impe has run hot and cold with the Roman Catholic Church. At one time he praised the catechism as almost being equal with scripture. The walking Bible doesn’t seem to know Matthew 15:9. Now in retirement, due to health, Van Impe will no longer be supporting Catholicism at least on air.

In Matthew 23 Jesus tells us to call no spiritual leader father for one is your father in Heaven. Yet the Roman Catholic system calls priests father again against the teachings of the Lord. How can you be going against Jesus Christ and calling yourself Christian? The Roman Catholic system betrays itself as a cult pure and simple. They accept the Apocrypha as Canon largely because it mentions purgatory which they believe in. What about their worship to Mary? They make her a co- Redeemer with Christ. The Bible says there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. So many times the Roman Catholic system is at odds with the Holy Bible. How can they not be considered a cult?