The Formula to Eternal Life

This is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. That is the formula to eternal life. Then the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. How is your relationship with God? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior? For that is the Divine recipe for eternal life.

2nd Samuel and David

What happens to babies when they die young? This could include abortion but the main point I’m getting at is what happens to babies that may die of disease or other factors before they can make a confession for Christ? Perhaps the best example is that of King David when he sinned with Bathsheba. He was told that his young son would die for his iniquity. David Mourns his son greatly.

I will go to him but he will not return to me. David is saying here that he will see his son in glory. In heaven but never again on Earth. I believe this speaks to all babies that die in infancy including those of abortion. And this is the best Bible verse in all of scripture to comprehend this. I will go to him. Praise the Lord!

You Cannot Serve God and Money

IMG_20180226_032214How does Joel Osteen reconcile his wealth with Matthew 6:24? You cannot serve God and money. Yet, he does anyway! Osteen is not alone at this. There are hundreds of Prosperity preachers out there. Ordinary People support these hucksters. They take their money and run or fly in their high-priced Jets. They are literally laughing all the way to the bank at your expense. According to the Bible a pastor must not be greedy for money. The Prosperity Gospel stays away from the New Testament and uses prosperity verses from the Old Testament. The reason why is simple. The word prosperity is not found even once in the New Testament. What it all boils down to is that the people that support them are biblically illiterate. They have no discernment whatsoever. These pastors that bilk their congregations have a warm place in Hell reserved for them. Since IMG_20180226_085636Prosperity preyers love the Old Testament so, hear these words from Zephaniah 1:18. Neither there silver Nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord’s Wrath. And that is the end game for those of the Prosperity Gospel.

As the World Turns

Good evening, this is your host of As the World Turns, Paula White. Today on the show I’ll be talking about organized religion or as some call it in the studio Mafia Mania. I also want to let everyone know that I did have an affair with Benny Hinn. It ended when I had my contacts refitted. Prior to that he looked like Robert Redford, what can I say? Benny took me to Rome and when you’re in Rome you do what the Romans do. So we played Chinese checkers until the wee hours of the morning. Benny is such an invigorating man plus he cheats. I want to tell you about my mentor TD Jakes. I learned how to Swindle people in a way they don’t know they’re being swindled. Now I won’t go so far as Creflo Dollar. When he was running up and down on that money and his audience was cheering him on, that was going a little too far. Instead you have to know how to take from people all the time making them feel good about it. That takes expertise plus someone that knows how to use hydrogen peroxide to its fullest. I was going to go on Todd Bentley’s show but his producers wanted it to be called, Beauty and the Beast. What’s wrong with that? They wanted me to be the Beast! Now everyone wants to know about my role as spiritual advisor to the Donald? All I have to say is that his favorite book seems to be 1 Peter. The guy is amazing. He’s the only man I know that doesn’t use prune juice. Well that’s all for today but I would like to leave you with one encouraging thought. Send me your next month’s paycheck and I will grant you 5 Seconds with a tape reproduction of me. Good night for as the stomach churns. Who put up the wrong cue card?

A Formula for Prayer: J-O-Y !

big_thumbh Did you know there was a formula for good prayer? The J is for Jesus. Begin your prayer with the worship of Jesus Christ and all that he has done for you in your life. The O is for others. Pray for the significant others in your life or for anyone in general that may need prayer. The Y is for yourself. Pray for your needs and for the Lord to help you in your weaknesses. This is a method for successful prayer and also to find joy in your life. Prayer is a little like eating salted peanuts. The more you eat the more you like it. Therefore the more you pray it will become a regular routine for you and enrich your life at the same time.

Walls Can Be Overcome

What exactly can take down a wall? A stick of Dynamite? A sledgehammer? Walls can be breached quite easily so why put enormous amounts of money into a wall? Right now walls are very much the talk of the country. At one time both parties were interested in a wall on our Southern border. At separate times of course. Why bother? It is easy to take down a wall. Look at the wall between East and West Germany and how easy it came down once the effort was made to do so. Did you know that a wall existed, a very formidable wall, that lasted through the entire Old Testament and the Gospels and ended just about the time of Stephen. It was up there in a long time and it was called a wall of partition that separated Jews and Gentiles.

Examine what the Jews had here compared to the Gentiles. The Gentiles were in a sorry state but God had a secret that he had kept within himself from the beginning of time. It was to be released to the Apostle Paul.

When the wall partition came down salvation for both Jews and Gentiles was possible through the blood of Jesus Christ that he shed on the cross for them.

He himself is our peace. I only wish more people knew that and would accept him as their lord and savior. Jesus Christ tore down this wall. Throughout his Earthly Life Time he came to his own and his own rejected him. He sent out his disciples to the Jews only as evidenced in Matthew 10:4-6 and 15:24. His ministry was to the Jews or to the circumcised according to Romans 15:8. Jesus once called a gentile woman a dog and just think what kind of publicity he would have got today off that statement? The me-too movement would have been all over Him. But through his blood shed on the cross he pulled down that middle wall of partition and pulled it down for good. For the good of mankind. He has made Jew and Gentile one in him.

Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

My Testimony

nb-031-zephaniah-3-vs-17 In 1983 I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. I was in deep depression over my quality of life as nothing seemed to satisfy me. As I called upon the name of Jesus instantaneously I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as if a Cool Wind permeated my body. Later that day I was listening to Christian TV and heard a pastor refer to Zephaniah 3:17. The part of the verse that captivated my heart was He will rest you in his love. Another version says he will quiet you in his love. At that point I began reading and studying the word of God. I wanted to know everything about God and his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit helped me do just that. The Holy Spirit has given me great remembrance of scripture. And I give all the praise and honor to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. Amen!