Necromancy Practiced by Roman Catholics


I am trying to reason wwith a Roman Catholic who believes that he can pray to Mary now though she is still dead in a place called Hades but on the paradise side of it. She’ll be there until the Rapture of the church. Necromancy carries with it the death penalty and no bones about that at all.

There’s enough skeletons coming out of Roman Catholic closets today without asking for more. Where is prayer to Mary found in Scripture? There is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. Catholics want there to be to with the second one being Mary. That is a Lie from the pit of Hell.

JZ Knight does this with  her familiar spirit called Ramtha who was supposed to be as 32,000 year old Warrior. She supposedly Channels him. I wonder if she is a Roman Catholic? Maybe Kent would have better luck with the witch of Endor?

JZ Knight : Adultery, Fraud, and Swindler

a1jzknightmug27Why are all the phoney hucksters blonde? You have Paula White, Barbie Breathitt, and Knight herself. She married a horse breeder and while married she had sex with him prior to marriage cheating her own husband. The man she married knew a lot about horses and over the course of time she did too. When she divorced her husband, this second husband, she inherited most of his horses and these are million-dollar horses. She now breeds and sells these type of steeds. And we haven’t even got to Ramtha yet. Ram, as they call him, is a 35000 year old Warrior from Atlantis who speaks through Knight. Ramtha is nothing less than a familiar spirit which is forbidden by scripture under the penalty of stoning. Again the illiterates who follow her love to have it so. She counsels them through Ramtha. These are very expensive sessions and is similar to how Scientology operates. Different language but same principle. Knight has gotten to be a millionaire several times over largely due to her School of Enlightenment. Thousands of students attend that mockery of a school. A former employee said he once heard Knight off the stage practicing her Ramtha voice. This whole operation is a Ponzi scheme to make Knight wealthy at the expense of her gullible followers. Followers make these people wealthy. Maybe we need someone to bring followers out of a spirit of stupor?

Mind Control Cults- WICCA

WICCA likes to say that they don’t practice black witchcraft only white witchcraft. Witchcraft is witchcraft weather white or black. The Bible makes no distinction between the two. Witchcraft in the Bible carries the death penalty with it in the Old Testament. A consulted with familiar spirits is also forbidden by scripture. Fortune telling and crystal balls fall into this category. We are not doing be involved i we are not to be involved in necromancy which is contact with the Dead. The Mormons in their baptism of the Dead practice necromancy. We are not the cast spells and mess around with omens. Deuteronomy 18 covers the whole gamut of spiritism and it is to be avoided. WICCA will try to sugar coat their practices but they are forbidden by scripture. And that is good enough for me.

Are Familiar Spirits Now Endorsing Products?

13528490_1735876966667936_556056 The woman you see here is J Z Knight and a 2000 year old Warrior is said to speak through her. People on her staff have heard her practicing a masculine voice. In an upcoming series on this woman I will feature more information on her. If you look at our graphic closely you will find the familiar spirit known as Ramtha endorsing this product. What next? Will we find Ramtha at a book signing convention soon? How can reasonable people fall for such garbage? If you want a Spirits help, what about the Holy Spirit? John 16:13 says, When he the Spirit of Truth has come he will guide you into all truth. By definition a familiar spirit is an evil spirit. On one hand you have the Spirit of Truth and on the other hand you have an evil spirit. The choice is easy to make.

The Great White Brotherhood in America

413flfIyKcL._SY400_ I thought that the great white Brotherhood sounded familiar to me. Elizabeth Clare Prophet was involved with them. But with her false Prophecy of the end her followers left her in droves. Like JZ Knight, she had intercourse with familiar spirits which are much like the ascended masters.IMG_20180217_102923Familiar spirits and Wizards were forbidden in the Bible. Intercourse with them carried the death penalty. The ascended masters are nothing less than a myth. They do not exist. But when we pray to things such as this, we open up a Pandora’s Box of demonic powers. Why not just pray to God or Jesus with your problems? Here is a Video about these ascended masters.

God Does Not Want us to Have Fellowship with Demons

isa-14IMG_20180217_102923 This is an example of a familiar spirit entering a host body. This is forbidden in the Bible under a death penalty. It is having fellowship with demons to the extreme. Psychics use this phenomena to trick people. JZ Knight with her familiar spirit Ramptha is questionable as former staffers have heard her practice her familiar spirit using her own voice in a different manner. Intercourse with demons causes major trouble so why open Pandora’s Box in the first place? Then there’s the practice with a crystal ball.crystal_ball A former employer of mine once showed me her crystal ball. I appeared confused at first as I examined the crystal ball. I asked them where do you put your fingers? They appeared angry stating that it was not a bowling ball but a crystal ball. She then gave me a demonstration which was at best dismal. Crystal balls are also having intercourse with demons. Lastly, child sacrifice was considered demonic. Today it is known as abortion. The Bible says that child sacrifice was an abomination. We should be listening to the Bible much more.IMG_20180217_083843

Mark Taylor’s Circus

Mark Taylor is often seen on the Jim Bakker Show and he is a former fireman now a prophet. I’ve never seen anyone with so many predictions as this man. His show is almost like a circus with all the prophecies he pulls out of a hat. It appears as if he has a direct line with God and that God speaks to him daily. Many of his prophecies are wrong. A prophet of God is 100% right so who is Mark Taylor really talking to? Maybe he got his line confused and was really speaking to JZ Knight’s Ramtha?

I believe Mark Taylor makes up most of his prophecies and that God isn’t talking to him at all. Ezekiel 13:3 says, WOE to the fullest Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing.

Rather than showcasing his false abilities, he should be repenting of all of his false teachings. It would seem that Mark Taylor has God on his string at his beckon call. Does God really dance to Mark Taylor’s tune?

Wizards will be Rare in Heaven; but in Hell They’ll be Well Done!

Why would anyone waste their money and talk to a psychic? People that talk to psychics will never hear Jesus say, well done my good and faithful servants. They will hear Satan say, well done! Because that’s what they will be burnt to a crisp. Psychics will only give you what you want to hear. Why is that? If they gave you a bad reading, why would you want to call them again? It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that out. Psychics are called Wizards in the Bible and they always have a familiar spirit to guide them. The most famous psychic, if you want to call her that, would be JZ Knight + her familiar Spirit called ramtha. When I think about them, I think about that old saying. A fool and his money are soon parted.

A Familiar Spirit School

320px-2012-05-17_Yelm_Ramtha_SchRSE-Students-group-photoThis is the Ramtha.School of Enlightenment and it’s 1,000 member student body. I think I’ve seen about everything now. Ramtha is a familiar spirit that JZ Knight channels. This woman is laughing all the way to the bank. And she has been doing that for decades. And here is the first lady of that school.J.Z.KnightNo, Knight is not a member of Starfleet command even though she’s way out there. Yet she uses the simplest means to deceive the simple.


Knock on wood? A four-leaf clover in your pocket? What about your lucky horseshoe? All these are superstitions but so are chakras and reincarnation that Buddhists covet. The Catholics have their rosary beads. And what about these things? Any of these things on your list of things that you practice? If so you might want to discard them. What does a sovereign God have to do with this kind of thing? God’s people left Egypt and a lot of these things were practiced there. Familiar spirits and Wizards are part of the problem. JZ Knight and Ramtha are a combination of familiar spirit and wizards. God’s words says they should be put to death. JZ Knight in particular Was Heard by a volunteer practicing her voice of Ramtha. All these things are superstitions and should be avoided. That is the dwelling place of all superstitions. They are the work of the devil. Have you been taken captive by him to do his will? Every single reference in the Bible to familiar spirits equate to evil spirits. Witchcraft and sorcery have their part in the Lake of Fire which burns forever. Why in the world would you want to dabble with that kind of thing? Isaiah 47 also speaks on horoscopes and astrology with this conclusion. They can’t even deliver themselves from the power of the flame. If they can’t deliver themselves, how are they going to help you? To me Friday the 13th is just another day and so it should be for you. And please, no salt over your shoulder.

Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness

IMG_20180217_083603 tl There are many Believers today that think they can play with the Ouija board as if nothing was wrong with that. The Ouija board is having Fellowship with demons which the Bible warns about. Seances are also having Fellowship of demons.slide_3 If you’re practicing everything on this list, you are going against God. You are enjoying communion with the spiritual hosts of wickedness. What JZ Knight practices with Ramptha is an Abomination to the Lord. IMG_20180217_083623

Things We Ought Not Be Doing- 3

Verse 11 continues our list in Deuteronomy 18. It’s a little bit like verse 10 with some similar overtones.

We are not to have fellowship with a sorcerer. This is a person that would cast spells as in Wicca. A medium is like a familiar spirit. An example would be ramtha which is a spirit that JZ Knight consults. She seeks advice from this familiar Spirit often. Yet scripture would advise us not to do this.

A spiritist would be JZ Knight herself. But many of the things that ramtha tell her do not come to pass. Those that Call up the Dead are known as necromancers and those that use seances to contact the Dead. These are forbidden by scripture. Using a Ouija board is also forbidden.

All who do those things cover our entire series. A powerful statement is it all who do these things are an Abomination to the Lord.

These help you understand the word abomination. God label is homosexuality an abomination in Leviticus and something worthy of death. It is an immoral act. God would like to get rid of all these things only mankind holds on to them like something precious. Next time I will conclude this series on Deuteronomy 18.