Pentecostal in the New Age Movementt

Pentecostals enjoy experience and their newest form is astral travel and visualization both components of the New Age movement. It would seem that the Pentecostal faith doesn’t care who it mingles with as long as their experience is enhanced. The Bible says, I do not want you to have fellowship with demons. But as long as their experience is enhanced, Pentecostals don’t seem to care what they do. The spirit expressly says that in the latter days some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils and that is found in 1st Timothy 4:1. Seducing spirits are leading Pentecostals into the den of sorcery. Their name it claim it philosophy is very much like visualization. I’m only afraid to ask, what’s next? Have they really moved all that far from Phineas T Quimby’s mesmerism? They remain products of the new thought movement.

Zodiac and the Bible: Part 2

Are the 12 signs of the Zodiac for Christians? Absolutely Not! The Bible continually warns against astrology and the Zodiac. Horoscopes and psychics are not for the body of Christ. Psychics Will be rare in heaven But Very well done in hell. . In 2nd Kings 23:5 the word for planets means the 12 signs of the Zodiac in Hebrew. This is what King Josiah rid the land of along with astrology. Despite the clear warning in scripture the Roman Catholic Church still worships The sun god. What Josiah rid the land of Roman Catholics relish. In Catholic Schools out fundraisers they often have a fortuneteller. What nonsense! Forsake these worthless idols Then return to the living God.

Zodiac and the Bible: Part 1

Mazzaroth is found in the book of Job. It is the first of two instances mentioning the concept of the Zodiac. If you examine Strongs Concordance you will find this. Christians have no Business dabbling In the Zodiac. What accord has light with darkness? From 2nd Corinthians 6:15. In part two, I will provide even more compelling evidence.

Is Heidi Baker Demon Possessed?

Nowhere in the Bible does it record anything close to the display that Heidi Baker puts forth for IHOP. God is not the author of confusion. Heidi Baker is the author of confusion. In this video listen to her bizarre laughter which is very spooky to me. I’ve never heard anything like it in church. Heidi Baker She is very big in Africa where the gospel is very distorted. She even complains the terrorists are about to capture her. Two hours with Baker and the terrorists would turn themselves in seeking psychiatric help. I fully believe this woman is demon possessed. Little Wonder the real IHOP changed its name to IHOB. That’s the International House of Burger’s. Even more amazing Mike Bickle approved her appearance there.

Are YOU Addicted to Astrophile?

Are you in ASTROPHILE? When you come to this website you learn a few new words. It means a person that loves stars or astronomy. Many people joined NASA for their love of the stars and Heaven’s. These people study about the Stars and planets but they don’t worship them and that is the danger. We are not to worship the host of Heaven.

Astrology is different from astronomy as one is the study of stars and planets while the other is a danger. Crystal balls, fortune telling, horoscope readings, and palm reading are dangerous to the Christian faith. Stay far away from them. White witches tend to use crystal balls. One of my employers used to have a crystal ball and when she showed it to me I asked where you put your fingers and thumb. She angrily rebuked me telling me that wasn’t a bowling ball. crystal balls are nonsense as is astrology. When people call on a psychic to learn the future do you really think the psychic will tell them anything bad? That would cut off the money flow. Stay away from this dangerous practice.

Therefore if you want to study astronomy you are on safe ground even though you’re gaze is up with the Stars. As for astrology leave that for the fools at heart. By the way, the Enoch calendar has Four Seasons each 13 weeks long.

The Bible on Psychics And Necromancy

What an excellent verse to describe the dangers of necromancy and who they consult. They’re asking Council of wizards and familiar spirits which is forbidden in the Bible.

The Bible says you will be defiled by these spirits. I’ve often wondered why people put such great faith into psychics? Since you pay for the service and they want you to come back they will not have bad Visions about you. Should we seek advice from the dead over that of the living?

The Bible calls these occult practices. That is a realm of demons and God says he does not want us to have fellowship with demons. I know of some Christians that actually seek out psychics for advice which blows my mind. The answers are in the Bible. I know of a Mormon man who speaks to the Dead through a mirror on the wall. The evil queen did that in Snow White. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It sure ain’t the ones that try and use this practice. I would stay far away from psychics and those that practice necromancy.


When the Bible makes reference to witchcraft it means anyone who is involved in some form of the occult. Form of the Occult can be… DIVINATION — Seeking to know the past, present or future by astrology; horoscopes; channeling; tarot; etc. SORCERY or MAGIC(K) — Seeking to control or manipulate reality for ones own purposes. Including animal or human sacrifice to accomplish that end. SPIRITISM — Seeking to communicate with the dead or other entities through a medium. Including animal or human sacrifice to accomplish that end.
I will have more on Wicca soon and even a dose or two of witchcraft. Stay tuned!

Roman Catholic Church Worship of Skulls, Bones, and Corpses

MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS WEIRD! I have a video that Chronicle this practice of necromancy forbidden in Scripture by the Lord God Almighty. Here is the video. The more you dig into Catholicism the more occultic it gets.

Those that are in the Roman Catholic faith must leave it as soon as possible and find yourself a bible-believing church that is non denominational.

The RCC And Halloween

You might be surprises to hear this but I do think the Catholics should celebrate the devils holiday because told Satan to get behind him and he’s never left. So it seems quite natural for the devil to participate in his own creation. Halloween is a Celtic pagan holiday which the Catholics have Christianized with their colored catechism crayons. Abracadabra and done!

Thye actually admit to their tradition citing seeing ghosts and ghouls by separating earth from purgatory. That, by the way, is called pay for salvation. Simon the Sorcerer would have liked that indulgent trick.

Dressing up as Saints is actually a great idea and I’m sure that Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints would be flattered by that.

Then there’s New Hallows Eve and Day which is a fantastic necromancer idea. Communication with the dead ought to be even greater. Perhaps Bill Johnson and his Bethel Church could fill the Catholics in on Soaking. That is where a Catholic would lie on top of a Saints tombstone and absorb his spiritual energy. That is called the night of the living dead. SHOULD I SEEK THE DEAD ON BEHALF OF THE LIVING? CERTAINLY NOT! Oh, but that’s the Bible and tradition trumps the Bible.

So the Roman Catholic Church should very much celebrate Halloween for their leader Satan is certainly behind them here!

Apostle Rick Joyner and Voodoo

Apostle Rick Joyner of Morningside Ministries is trying to tap into the anointing power of voodoo to perform what you are seeing here. Notice tongues without an interpreter. This is what happens to churches that goes beyond scripture. This is the

Link to that video that should open some eyes.  I wonder how soon the RCC will be getting into this nonsense they are even now into pagan ritual.

Keep a wide berth from either Rick Joyner or Todd Bentley. Each has opened a Pandora’s box of demonic evil.


Worship- To the Beat of the World

Bill Johnson and Bethel church already are known for bizarre teaching and now we learn how they are getting so many young people into their church. They play their spiritual music with a rock band and full scale light show. They play to the beat of the world and the music is so loud it digs into your brain.

Then preachers like Heidi Baker are digging demons out of your children’s heads by having them wiggling on the floor and screaming. There is no scripture to support such a view even though they are part of the Acts 29 movement that literally makes anything goes possible.

This group believes that the apostolic gifts were restored to the church in 2002 despite no scriptural evidence for what they are doing. Stay far away from the occultist teaching and music of Bethel Church.

Catholic Myths 23 Holy Water

Holy water is made holy when the priest blesses it? Amazing! For Catholic holy water will take away all your sins. Hmmm? I thought it was the blood of Christ that took away all our sins. A mid evil pope gave his thoughts on the issue saying, Holy water is gathered on sacred ground known as greenways which are said to have 18 holies. Are you Part of this Abrakadabra Church?

The Catholic Church negates the very blood they supposedly drink at communion saying holy water takes away sins. The blood of Christ does that. Chapter and verse please about water taking away sins? That’s the watered down gospel of the RCC.

Christian Destiny Tarot Cards

This video today is about Christian Destiny tarot cards. I know of a United Methodist Church assistant pastor that is Destiny cardsfemale who also uses tarot cards in counseling. Can you believe that? All these weird practices are infiltrating the church today. Barbie Breathitt councils with her dream cards which are also very expensive. Then there are these which the new Apostolic Reformation uses much like the tarot cards.

Necromancy is forbidden in the Bible.