The Constitution of the United States Against Sharia Law: CANNOT Coexist

Islamic Shahira law cannot coexist with the United States Constitution. They are not compatible one with the other. Therefore no city under any circumstances should be required to have Islamic law. If they can’t live without it why immigrate to the United States of America where it violates the principles of the Constitution? If any foreign National desires to live under Islamic law, let them live in nation’s that practice them. You can’t bring foreign laws into the United States of America and expect to live under them.

What is the Pope Doing in the Islamic World?

Muslims believe we are the infidels and worse. Pope Francis is in the midst of a trip to the Islamic world in the hopes of advancing Chrislam which supposedly is a mixture of Christianity and Islam. The two have nothing in common with the other. If you doubt that read some Islamic scripture.

The pope should have questions as to what he is doing there in the first place. The Catholic Church is being bombarded with accusation by children against priests and nuns against priests. The money payout in lawsuits it’s fantastically great. The church is greatly concerned with that but not as concerned with the lives that have been ruined by the priesthood namely the children. And the nuns by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has been silent on both for decades. Now the Catholic pope is trying to unite Christianity with Islam. What is he thinking? Maybe next he should go to an Isis camp for an old fashioned camp meeting? There is a great difference between Allah and the Lord God Almighty. I see a great Trojan Horse entering the Vatican City as a gift from Islam one day. The rest is history or will be history.

The Pope needs to read these verses and take them to heart. He seems to be more interested in Chrislam that in the thousands of children that have been sexually abused by his church. Wrong priorities come out of a wrong heart.

THE CHURCH WITHIN- Enter by the Broad Gate

Williamson  is currently running for President of the United States on the Democratic ticket and has been vilified by her party by her simple message, love. It is from a love typified by A Course in Miracles. Of course her teachings on love the Miracle itself endangers. 

The Church Within endorses A Course in Miracles along with a host of others such the benefits of Islamic prayer, understanding your Creator through Native Indian Theology, and healing the Christian Science Way.  Their whole teaching philosophy stems from the broad way. They believe fundamental Christianity is narrow minded. And they are ever so right. Which marks them as being eternally wrong.  NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH CHRIST- John 14:6.

Crislam is the New Trojan Horse

There mouth was smoother than butter but in their heart were drawn swords. Why doesn’t the United States see this? We have a new Trojan Horse in our country but it is the people that have frontlets over their eyes instead of the horses. Pope Francis is behind a union of Islam, Christianity and the Jewish faith. He would like them all to come under Rome eventually. This is a very evil pope.

HUMANITY: Good by nature. HUMANITY: Sinful by nature. JESUS: Merely a man, not God. JESUS: More than a man; He was also God. DEATH OF CHRIST: He didn’t die or rise again. DEATH OF CHRIST: He died and rose again in same body. BIBLE: Corrupted. BIBLE: Not corrupted. SALVATION: By faith plus works when good deeds outweigh bad ones. SALVATION: Not by works but is a free gift of God for all who believe.

What Accord has light with Darkness? Do not let this Trojan Horse take place in the United States of America.


  Last year when the Mormon First President was in Rome he signed a  seal of agreement with Pope Francis as has Rick Warren, Islam, and Buddhism. The one world church is slowly forming via Chrislam. It would be most interesting to learn what’s actually stated in these seals of agreement.

What does the Bible say in response?


This is the Islam battle plan in conjunction with Jiiad. In fact, you will find Jiiad coming within their own battle plan. Biblical fools that are supporting them are Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and Pope Francis of the RCC. The pope believes in extra biblical revelation so his lack of discernment is somewhat understanding, but Warren is a spiritual nincompoop. He went out into his community and citizens what they wanted to hear preached. That is the primary reason why Christiandom is just that, DUMB!Yes, how stupid are we? I think soon we are going to find out!


Sharia Law in America- Part Two

How can the United States government tolerate Shahira Law in Dearborn Michigan when it rubs against the Constitution of the United States of America? Where is our government in this regard?

This is only a part of Shahira Law. Where is America’s stand against this?

Islamic leaders are not shy to State their intentions? Are Americans embolden to resist this? More importantly where is America’s press coverage on all this? They can sure be invisible when they want to be. But if Islam Reigns Supreme in America the Press will lose their rights to. One would expect more coverage due to that.

The Roman Catholic priests might have some company soon and maybe that is why the Pope is embracing Chrislam? America needs to take a stand against Sharia law and defend their own Constitution.

Shahira Law in America- Part One

Dearborn Michigan is already under Shahira law. What city will be next? Islam not only conquerors by the sword, they also conquer my population control and that is what is happening in America cities.

A Michigan woman now in the House of Representatives in Washington DC celebrated her victory by wrapping herself in a Palestinian flag. What are we coming to?

Rather telling wouldn’t you say? Chrislam is helping this to happen.

The Islamic holy book, the Koran, tells Muslim how to kill Christians and Jews the very groups that Chrislam embraces. America is beginning to become the number one nation in naivety.

What will happen when the Michigan State Police has to intervene in Dearborn Michigan? Should prove to be interesting. More in part 2.


It’s all within the church where the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I am reminded of that man in the southern church that came in during a prayer meeting and soon thereafter begin shooting people. How sick can you get? I am also reminded of the Restored Church of God. They have a pastor that made himself an apostle. He was a self Transformer just like Satan for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of Light. Therefore it is no great thing if he transforms his ministers into Ministers of righteousness and that is from 2nd Corinthians 11:14-15. To stop this from happening Paul warned them night and day with tears. From among yourselves men will rise up to draw away the disciples after themselves. That’s happening all the time in the church today. Chrislam has people in various churches right now trying to draw people into their body. That could well be the end time World Church. Continue in prayer that people remain steadfast in their faith.

The Enemy Within- Chrislam

Level 1 is what most churches should be wary of. I call this level The Ecumenical Smokescreen. It is Islam appears to be like whitewashed tombs. Beautiful outwardly, but inside full of hypocrisy and dead men’s bones. This is how they are fooling the very gullible church. Once they gain that coveted footstep all hell breaks loose.

They become threatening, demanding, and intolerant. This is Chrislam unmasked. Now is the time to stop them. Rick Warren has been apostate for sometime now and should return to Bible study. Pray that America will wake up and soon.

That Rick Warren Gets Around !

Rick Warren here and this time I’m promoting Chrislam. With this success in hand my next goal is to speak to Isis and see if I can collar them for a visit to my Saddleback Church? I think I can appeal to them as well. I mean the Pope loves me as do the guys of the Emergent Church. In fact with our open border policy I may even have a few Isis members in my church. Getting back to Chrislam for a moment I believe I was instrumental in getting them their first temple in Berlin, Germany. They even gave me some German chocolate cake to celebrate the occasion. I may even invite the Pope to Saddleback for a lively game of croquet. I’m riding a hot streak here. I may even win the Nobel Peace Prize with all due modesty.