Abracadabra Pentecostal Churches

I’m sure you seen this featured in many Pentecostal churches. Name it and claim it. Pentecostals say, words have power and you can speak them into existence. That is the new catch phrase in many Pentecostal churches. So what does that have to do with my calling them Abracadabra Pentecostal churches? In Hebrew Abracadabra means about just what the Pentecostals believe. Amazing! But I can already hear the Pentecostals say, exposing Christian error only says that the Hebrew means that. Really?Is that Hebrew enough for you? So Abracadabra Church is exactly the same thing as the Pentecostal Church. They both use a magical word to speak words into existence. Isn’t that what Wiccan do when they cast a spell? They also speak things into existence. Wow! Pentecostal/ Wiccan point of contact connection! Pentecostal churches believe in magic. They are part of the Abracadabra movement. Proof positive!


RCC on Path to Worshipping Spirits

Pope Francis has signaled that he is on the path to allowing the worship of spirits which would open a Pandora’s box of troubles for his church. This is due to the lack of priests in the Amazon. If that were to happen Native Americans and Voodoo could aligning w themselves with Rome, perhaps even WICCA? That decision would certainly open the door wide open to Satan. Not to mention the abracadabra element already in place.  How Pope Francis is going to handle this bears watching.



Church Sign Humor

Better take Gods word on this one if you want to get home for dinner on time.I love this one because it’s absolutely true. Jesus is the only way. The only question is on which ass the Lord is talking about?This sign also speaks the truth. Dairy Queen can wait till services are over.You’ll never sleep through one of Dr. Enrights sermons. Great speaker.A Zombie story? I  knew the Catholics were associated with WICCA!


Replacing the iconic design of the Crystal Cathedral under the tenure of Dr, Robert Schuller is a dark entity that makes you feel as though you were entombed in bubble wrap.  One used to be able to see through all those windows but no longer.

When you enter the main door of Christ Cathedral you are greeted by the visage of Satan. Much of the redone Cathedral, at the cost of 72 Million dollars, is dark and foreboding. There is The all seeing eye of Freemasonry on the altar and artwork close to Wiccan throughout.

Look at how Mary is displayed. Hardly flattering with the long neck. What could have been a living testimony to Jesus Christ is dark and unpleasant. Why? 

The Orange County Diocese could have made this much lighter in scope. Perhaps the 72 Million might have been put to greater use as to feed the poor?


The Golden Thread

The golden thread represents new thoughts connections between east and west. On one hand you have a vague notion of Christianity and on the other hand Eastern religion including mysticism. The golden thread weaves in and out of Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Buddhism, Shintoism, and Hinduism. There is a church in my hometown that exemplifies this to a T. The church Within also adds Mormonism, Native American religion, and some aspects of Wicca. In my way of thinking the golden thread sounds more like opening Pandora’s Box. I’m surprised that Islam is not mentioned in new thought? How can you have a union of ideas with philosophies so different from one another? With new thoughts there are many Avenues to Eternity whereas the Bible says in John 14:6, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through him. Nobody! Thus. The golden thread has been severed forever by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mind Control Cults- WICCA

WICCA likes to say that they don’t practice black witchcraft only white witchcraft. Witchcraft is witchcraft weather white or black. The Bible makes no distinction between the two. Witchcraft in the Bible carries the death penalty with it in the Old Testament. A consulted with familiar spirits is also forbidden by scripture. Fortune telling and crystal balls fall into this category. We are not doing be involved i we are not to be involved in necromancy which is contact with the Dead. The Mormons in their baptism of the Dead practice necromancy. We are not the cast spells and mess around with omens. Deuteronomy 18 covers the whole gamut of spiritism and it is to be avoided. WICCA will try to sugar coat their practices but they are forbidden by scripture. And that is good enough for me.

Wicca Invasion of the Church- Part Two

This is the new method of reaching people. They have an Interfaith service. Chrislam was born in this manner as a merger of Christians, Jews, and Muslims. It’s Wicca’s turn at the bat now with a Interfaith service with Christians. But what commonalities do the two have?None! Wicca is involved with nature and Magic. Nature worship is also practiced by Native Americans. Indians use peyote which is a drug that induces visions. Wiccans use magical potions along with the worship of nature in their rituals.

The Christians worship the Creator whereas Wiccans worship the creation. Do you see the difference?

There are two classifications of Wiccans, black and white. White witches are more or less harmless but black witches use the occult and demonic forces in their practice including blood sacrifices of animals and even humans on occasion. White witches still use Magic by way of things like crystal balls and tarot cards. White witches blend well into the New Age movement. They believe Crystals protect them from harm much like the Mormons believe that magic underwear does the same thing. Do you realize that it public school Wiccans have books about casting spells that elementary students can read. That is allowed in their Library while the Bible is not.

Christianity and Wicca have nothing in common. Lettuce Pray! HaHa!

Wicca Invasion of the Church- Part One

How is Wicca infiltrating the church? They’ve already been there for years. You just hear about them through other definitions.

What other church can you think of that speaks things into existence? Have you ever heard of name it / claim it? You hear that expression all the time from Benny Hinn and other Pentecostal preachers. It’s almost like casting a spell and believing you achieve it. Do you know what the word is for speaking things into existence? It’s called abracadabra for that is what that means. I personally call those kinds of churches Abracadabra Churches.

Are you a member of the Diocese of Hocus Pocus? You may very well be without even knowing it and that’s how good of a job Wicca has done in camouflaging their presence in the church. I will go into that in more detail in part 2.

The World of the Occult

This is a holiday that the Roman Catholic Church did a switch-a-roo on taking it from a pagan holiday and coloring it Christian. To this day it is a pagan holiday oozing with occult overtones. It may seem innocent enough but that is how Satan operates. Remember the devil camouflages himself as an angel of Light. Stay away from all of these things as they are all occultic. Even renting a daily horoscope is occultic. Isaiah 47 deals with this issue. Stargazers refers to horoscopes. Some newspapers even call their horoscope column stargazer. Isaiah 47 says, they cannot even deliver themselves from the power of the flame. So if they can’t even deliver themselves how in the world are they going to help you? Deuteronomy 18 has a full list of occultic practices including necromancy which is talking to the Dead. That is a practice that both Wicca and Mormonism practice. What the Bible forbids those two groups practice! Initially I was going to have more on the occult but how many times do you have to sniff a rotten egg to prove that it’s rotten?

Scotland becomes First Nation to Indoctrinate Children to Gay Lifestyle in School Curriculum

Scotland will begin indoctrinating Elementary school children in the history of the homosexual movement within their curriculum shortly. Should this come as any surprise? In Greek Public School the gods of Mount Olympus are taught as being real to students. Teachers that fail to do so can be imprisoned and fined. In America Heather has Two Mommies has been in public schools for years. The Bible is banned in public schools while Wicca can have books about performing spells in public schools. Evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. Here is the link to the article about Scotland homosexuality taught in Scotland. Can America be next?

Do You Worship a Generic God?- 1

If you ever go shopping these days there is always a generic product that is not a name brand product. It’s usually cheaper too. Do you worship a generic God? Are you a lover of pleasure over that of being a lover of God? Romans 1:30 provides a characteristic of those that are homosexuals and lesbians and that is being a hater of God. God frowns on what you do so you naturally hate him being a lover of pleasure. Another example would be part of Chrislam. If you’re in a liberal Church you are a hater of God. How often are things like this brought up in your church? Do you know that in our Public Schools you can read a book called Heather has two mommies or a book about casting spells? But the Bible has been outlawed there since the early 1960s. Both sides of politics hate God. Are you surprised to hear that? How did Roe versus Wade pass? What about homosexual marriage? Now some states are trying to legalize marijuana. God haters their generic God who makes no demands on them. Take some time and listen to Pastor Knox in the video that you can find here.haters of God The video is just under an hour long but is about as powerful a sermon as I have ever heard. If it makes you uncomfortable then you may be a God hater too. I would love to see a great many comments about the sermon if you have the time to listen to truth. Pastor Knox speaks the truth in love. I hope and pray that you are one that truly loves God and are not following the generic God that allows you to indulge in pleasure. There is a young lesbian lady that follows this ministry who believes that she loves God even though she practices what He hates. Imposters will grow worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. May God have mercy on their souls.

Wicca Pedia Nonsense

Do you practice witchcraft at work? Maybe your boss needs to grab your broom and sweep you out?The best self care for a WICCAN would be repentance and forgiveness plus the blood of Christ to forgive you all your sins. Lazy witches? Use Christian music to drive your Wicca Pedia far from you. Instead why not cleanse yourself from all this nonsense with the blood of Christ? Can you believe this garbage?

The Indianapolis Church Within

How would you like to go to church and hear a drummer banging slowly for over half the service? Talk about Excedrin headache number 922. Or to hear a verse or two from the Quran? Even to hear a reading from The Book of Mormon? And throw in a few Bible texts for good measure? I’m surprised they don’t mix in a few blessed be’s along the way. The church Within chooses to use Many religious works within its services. All those readings are accompanied by that drummer as he beats his Drum Slowly. It’s one of the most bizarre Services ever. I think when the Mormon missionaries dropped off a book of Mormon to them they were ecstatic about adding something new to their services. They even mixed in Native American rituals at times. The church Within seems to accommodate nearly everything under the sun. I couldn’t wait to get out of that service. Their prophetess, at the time, was dressed in a very flowing robe with sequins in her hair. I was waiting for them to add a few Catholic catechism versus so I could make a mass Exodus out of that place. All this appeals to a audience of intellectuals but without an ounce of discernment. I would call it an intellectual place of morons. Stay away from this place.