Adding to Acceleration

Do any of you recall The  Prophecy Club? It has changed its name and focus lately to The Voice of the Prophets. Two things in the video I would like to mention. Listen to Patricia King of the Extreme Prophetic Movement proclaim, We have to add to! Really? Later another voice will tell us to accelerate our faith. Here is the video.

Patricia Kings Visit to Heavens Wine Cellar

I have a video for you today that describes Patricia Kings visit to heavens wine cellar. The Wine enter is Open. She is of the Extreme Prophetic Movement. Part of that wine cellar may belong to the RCC given their love for the grapes. Could this be the priests section? King May well be whining because she did not make it to heaven.

Women Pastors are NOT of God

A qualification of a Biblical pastor is they must be the husband of one wife and not the other way around. A woman in church is to be silent and they are not to have authority over men or to teach men. I have an excellent video on that here. The word of God is crystal clear on this subject despite woman pastors abounding in Pentecostal Church and a growing number of denominational churches as well.

Women pastors are in rebellion of God’s clear message against there being in authority over men or to teach men.

Women pastors are telling God to get out of their way.

They want to transform themselves into Apostles of Christ but examine who their leader is in verse 14. Jezebel did this very thing in Revelation 2.

That’s what woman pastors are doing today as they are calling themselves pastors and apostles when they are not! And it’s a matter of self-deception. Imposters will grow worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. Women pastors are telling God to get out of there way in direct Rebellion to his word.