Meditating on His Word

The weather outside is moderating tonight, and I am  relaxed as I study the word of God. If you ever examine just one word in the Bible it will refresh your soul. The Psalmist tells us that EVERY word of God is truth. All of them from Genesis to Revelation. What does the word truth mean to you? Well, God is truth and He is seeking worshippers that will worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Did you know that Jesus is the truth? The way and the life as well? O you understand spiritual words? I am studying that concept right now and it is fascinating. The Psalmist has already told us that the entirety of Gods word is truth. But spiritual words interconnect with each other.  John 17:17- Sanctify them by your truth. Your word is truth. Do you discern the connection?

Add into this rich mixture John 16:13- When He the Spirit of truth has come He will guide you into all truth. If the Triune God imparts truth to us, what more do we need?








NBC Partisan Democrat Trump Circus

An NBC leading War correspondent has resigned calling his own network the Trump circus. The correspondent also dislikes Trump but believes that his network is so Trump focused that real news has been ignored. So much for the Free Press and their ethics. When networks become partisan to either party the news Services become diminished. They are literally cutting their own throat. How can anyone take what NBC has to say seriously anymore? Truth has perished and been cut off from their mouth. NBC is fast becoming the National Bologna Corporation.


At the time the RCC were using indulgences, they literally were paying their way out of purgatory. But then in  the changeable world of Catholicism indulgences ceased. In Acts 8 Simon the magician wanted to purchase the Holy Spirit with money? What is the difference?

Purgatory is a place of punishment but also a gift. Grace is an unmerited free gift from God. Why should Catholics go to a place where they weren’t good enough to merit heaven?Why do Catholics desire Satans lie over that of Gods truth? I’ll pick up there in Part 2.

The Fruit of Truth and Justice

The majority of the Fruit of the Spirit are found in Galatians 5. Three however are located in Ephesians. Goodness is found in each list but righteousness angd Truth are brought into Focus in Ephesians. Speaking the truth in love. I would think the most important fruit would be love and truth. The two are often coupled together because truth without love is Harsh and love void of Truth is meaningless. Whenever people speak the truth in love they are helping the other person understand the meaning of Correction. When parents correct us as children they are speaking truth to us in love because love corrects. If one doesn’t correct I would Wonder how much someone actually loves that person. Perhaps that is why goodness is tethered to Truth and love here. The two must always be used together for effectiveness to occur. As for scripture in Truth try out Psalm 119:162, the entirety of your word is truth. You just can’t go wrong using the Bible.

Politics and Truth; Strange Bedfellows- 3

Jesus said, set them apart by your truth in John 17:17. That is a very good principle but in politics just the reverse is in play. It is separate them by their lies. Have you ever noticed these political ads that have one politician telling us everything that his opponent is doing wrong but never telling us what he plans to do if elected. That seems to be the standard mode of operation. Politicians cast a dark shadow on their opponent while avoiding what they will be doing if elected.

And that seems to be the name of the game in politics. I see this all the time in almost every commercial. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to find out what each politician plans to do if they are elected while staying entirely away from what their opponent is doing. That would be like 7th Heaven. Civility has left the room in politics.

Politicians must think that the American public is really stupid and maybe we are. We keep electing the politicians that smear mud on their opponents. I would like for them to let us know what they will be doing once again in office and if they will be listening to their constituents on the major issues. Tell us what you are going to be doing and not on what your opponent won’t be doing. Wouldn’t that be nice if all politicians told the truth? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that one to happen. A final note. If any politician did tell the truth he would get no coverage by the news media because they are only interested in what the opponents won’t be doing. Isn’t that a sad State of Affairs?

Politics and Truth: Strange Bedfellows- 2

The major networks are now having fake news all over the place. Some of it is not fake but goes unreported such a Deep State where many Democrats including the former President Obama and Hillary Clinton are doing their best to undermine President Trump. Even the former Secretary of State John Kerry has gone behind this administration’s back to work on a deal with Iran that is not compatible with the Trump Administration. This goes unreported by the major networks as they focus on the Trump Administration and every single thing they do wrong. I believe the Press bleeds Democratic blue. They trot out polls to show how bad the president is doing but aren’t these the same polls that had Trump losing the presidential election? We now have fake polls to if you can believe that. The Bible tells Christians that we are to be set apart by the truth of God. In the secular press there is no truth. A reporter will do anything to get a story. I love it when they give an entire story and at the end say, NBC has been unable to confirm this story. But they already told the story even though unconfirmed. That is fake news! Once in Joplin Missouri a building that was about to be torn down by explosives came down prematurely trapping three men. Joplin then had both CBS and ABC locally. Then the national CBS network came in and pushed the local reporters aside. When one of the men was found CBS used a long extension microphone to get the first words out of that survivors mouth. The man was not yet recovered from the debris and had that microphone fell it could have caused this area to collapse upon him. That reporter didn’t care as long as he got the story. With the network media they’ll do anything to get a story even if they can’t confirm it which in my book means they’re isn’t a story yet. America has a free press and a dishonest and slanted media. President Trump could perform a miracle and they would make it look like a hoax. Tiger Woods said it best when he said regarding President Trump that he honors the office and not the man. Too bad the Press doesn’t think that way or the Democratic Party. And I would be saying the same thing to the Republicans if a Democratic president was in power. Yes President Trump is erratic but he is still the president of this nation. President Johnson was somewhat erratic to and they all are but Trump is a businessman and not a politician. He is still the person that America elected president. The Bible says to honor the king and since we don’t have a king perhaps we should honor the president and I’m largely talking to the media. In that regard I’m largely talking to the wind.



THE ENTIRETY OF YOUR WORD IS TRUTH. What does the word entirety mean? Would God commit anything that has come out of His mouth to be false? Sola Scripture is so for that the man of God may be THOROUGHLY equipped. How can you surpass being thoroughly equipped? The word thoroughly in that text means PERFECT. How can you surpass perfect?

Catholic Myths- 19 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

The Catholics are widely known as those who wrongly divide the word of Truth. Kent did not know what the gospel was when I asked him for it is found in 1st Corinthians 15:1-4. He is more into learning and not Doctrine.

The Bible, rightly divided, is actually in two parts. Genesis Through Acts 7 is largely written to Israel. Romans 15:8 says that Christ was a minister of the circumcision or Jewish people. Hebrews through Revelation is largely written to Jewish believers. What about Jonah and Nahum? They were written to Nineveh. That leaves Acts 8 through Philemon for the body of Christ which is a concept not know anywhere else in Scripture. Check it out to verify what I just said. Paul was the first Saved individual in the body of Christ with Millions more to follow. Catholics, like the Apostle Peter, had a difficulty understanding Paul’s gospel According to the end of second Peter. The epistles of Paul are the doctrine for the body of Christ. Catholics do not have any understanding of this. Yet Paul was commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ himself as the Apostle to the Gentiles. Peter largely was sent to the Jews according to Acts 11:9. After all in Matthew 10 that is what Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to do go to the Jews. In his writings Peter never once used the body of Christ. Maybe someday the Roman Catholic will learn to rightly the word of Truth.

Which is it to Be?

Truth and tolerance cannot coexist together. The United Church of Christ has denigrated itself by accepting active homosexuals in the membership. As such, they have abandoned the truth of the Gospel. Both Testaments condemns homosexuality. I can’t understand how any church can condone homosexual Behavior be it active or passive. Tolerance also means that premarital sex is all right and that drinking alcohol is not that bad either. Tolerance is man driven whereas truth is god inspired. Tolerance is sweeping into all churches these days. It seems churches are moving away from the scriptures to be acceptable by the public. They desire up beat sermons that don’t offend anyone except God. You’ll never hear the words repentance, holiness, or the law of Christ in any of their messages as that could drive people away. They basically follow the elementary principles of Christ but never get into the meat of the Gospel. Those that follow the ecumenical calendar are basically milk Christians. Their church year is from September till early June. These are the tolerant churches. Jesus said, sanctify them by your truth. Your word is truth from John 17:17. We are to be sanctified by truth and not tolerance.

Triune Truth – 5

 Are you aware of the Fruit of the Spirit? I mean the whole fruit? Shall we pear the nine fruit of Galatians 5 with the three fruit of Ephesians 5? The last one being truth!Did any of of you know that as the body of Christ, we were and are to be set apart by the truth? What is the truth? According to the very truth itself, the entirety of truth is truth.  Nothing can get around it, oh but they try.But they aren’t successful. The more you read scripture the better your discernment will be. Are you committed to that goal? Remember the words of Jesus, IF YOU ABIDE IN MY WORD, you are My disciples indeed, and you shall know the truth AND THE TRUTH will make you free.

Triune Truth – 3

The Bible says, THE ENTIRETY OF YOUR WORD IS TRUTH- Psalm 119:161. But, how does your church handle the word TRUTH? You seize, there is Mormon truth, RCC truth, Unified church truth, and Bible truth.

The current definition of truth : Truth is a matter of perspective or context rather than being something universal. We do not have access to reality —to the way things are—but only to what appears to us. Modern man seeks a meaningful truth that denies the absolute biblical Truth.

Each truth defines what truth is to them. The RRC CHURCH RESTS THEIR ENTIRE TRUTH ON MATTHEW 16. Yet, nowhere in that passage is the word Catholic found. So  they go to to work on building their own truth. In similar manner the Mormons Do the same thing with the appearance of Jesus Christ to a young Joseph Smith. Yet one church’s truth does not support another.

Denominational churches do the same thing based on their founders version of the truth. RCC Asks us to accept apostolic succession, the New Apostolic Reformation requests we honor their truth that the apostolic age reappeared in 2001, and the Jehovahs Witnesses asks us to believe their truth that the world ended over a hundred years ago.

All this truth is believed by all these cults. People are brainwashed into that truth. But all that truth comes outside the Bible. Relative truth, as I like to label it, is only accepted by Mormon relatives of that truth or Baptist relatives. Do you catch the point? Truth then becomes redefined truth that only Catholics or the Jehovahs Witnesses comprehend. All that redefined truth is NOT biblical truth. More to come soon.


Triune Truth -1

QI’d like to begin my study on Triune Truth with these two marvelous scriptures which, on the surface, seem to contradict each other. John 14:6 says that no one comes to the Father except through Jesus. But, John 6:44 says that no one can come to Jesus unless the Father who sent Me draws Him.

Do you see the problem? It’s really not a contradiction at all. It is the Father who sent Jesus that draws people to His Son like a magnet. It is Scripture in reverse order saying the very same thing.  These are similar texts. 2nd John says that if you do not abide in the doctrine of Christ you don’t have God. In John 7:16 Jesus says that His doctrine isn’t His but Gods who sent Him. The best way to discern this is Gods doctrine brand is on Christ. He that abides I the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son. I love it when scripture comes together!

When you consider John 10:30 it all becomes plain.


More coming your way soon.






Biblical Truth

I believe that every word of God is pure and one can’t take just part of it and be satisfied. By way of example, the possibility thinker’s Bible of dr. Robert H Schuller pointed out 1500 verses that he considered to be positive. That represents 4.6% of the Bible. He was implying that the rest of the Bible was negative. Schuller was a pick and chooser in regard to the Bible. That is not what God intended for his word.The Church nowadays seems to be content with accepting the doctrines of men over that of the word of God. It most certainly needs to be the other way around. God’s word is the centerpiece of our faith. Broad is the path and wide is the way that leads to destruction and many go in by it. But narrow is the gate that leads to life as few find it. The Church doesn’t need Dogma. It needs the truth and the word of God is the truth. The church needs to brush up on its truth decay.