Is There Salvation Outside the RCC?

Kent has told me that their is nowhere found in scripture or tradition that you have to be saved as a Catholic. Well, Kent I have found nowhere. It was called Vatican II. I think you knew about it anyway. What is your justification this time?

Who looks at what Vatican I I says? I’m in this for the full haul. I know the devil made me say that and he’s around here somewhere in the darkness?



Catholic Myths- 18 Water Baptism

Ephesians 4:4 states that there is one baptism for the body of Christ and that is Holy Spirit baptism. Water baptism although beneficial is not necessary for salvation as it is performed by human Administration. If you are a Catholic and your priest is either a child molester or a homosexual what kind of Godly rite would he be performing on you? The holy spirit makes no such mistake. Most Catholics do not understand the ministry of the Apostle Paul. Christ did not send Paul to baptize. Did Paul baptize? On occasion. Human administration of the rite accomplishes nothing. The only baptism you really need is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I wonder when the Catholics will take up the baptism of the Dead since they pray for the Dead? Maybe they should consult the Mormons on that? And they have the audacity to possess holy water for pouring?

My Church

I have a friend that keeps asking me what church I attend. I am one of the teachers at Examining Scriptures which unlike most churches is strictly Bible based. Remarkably, our membership is small. There are twenty-two of us. Our interests are in building spiritually strong members. We witness as a group once per week in a neighborhood two members per team and have never had less than seven teams go out.

Our worship center is at an old baptist church and our worship morning is Saturday. We begin with praise on a wide variety of music. There is no choir so we all sing. Prior to Praise we open our worship with prayer. I am presently teaching a series on twos. After our praise, we have an Old Testament reading. It was from 1 Kings 18:21. A New Testament reading follows and it was from John 4:22-24. Then one of our ladies offers a song.

Then the teaching follows. I examined the difference from serving the Lord and Baal. How long will you falter between two opinions?  We study the Hebrew words in the passage and then put forth the result. Next week Stan will be doing a teaching in Matthew using a chiasm.

After a time of fellowship in the community room, usually a lunch prepared for by our ladies, we bathe ourselves in prayer while two members remain behind to clean and take care of the offerings. They are never mentioned in the service as we leave them at the back of the church.

Next week Brother Paul said his nephew will be joining us in membership. Our witnessing teams go out on Sunday evenings for about an hour and a half.

Those that Abuse their Authority in the Gospel

Prosperity-Gospel-100-web2-1-72079-daily-dependence-matthew-6-24 How can those who peddle the Prosperity Gospel get by this verse? If you cannot serve God and money, why are they trying to do just that?micah-3-11-her-leaders-judge-for 1st Corinthians 9:18 says, when I preach the gospel, I may present the Gospel of Jesus Christ without charge, so that I will not abuse my authority in the gospel. So why are all these televangelists abusing their Authority in the gospel without anyone objecting? Instead we support them. I think the Pentecostal Church has the most illiterate congregation in the world. By the way, the word prosperity is never once found in the New Testament.12407228_963507817057292_1149146

Catholic Myths- 19 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

The Catholics are widely known as those who wrongly divide the word of Truth. Kent did not know what the gospel was when I asked him for it is found in 1st Corinthians 15:1-4. He is more into learning and not Doctrine.

The Bible, rightly divided, is actually in two parts. Genesis Through Acts 7 is largely written to Israel. Romans 15:8 says that Christ was a minister of the circumcision or Jewish people. Hebrews through Revelation is largely written to Jewish believers. What about Jonah and Nahum? They were written to Nineveh. That leaves Acts 8 through Philemon for the body of Christ which is a concept not know anywhere else in Scripture. Check it out to verify what I just said. Paul was the first Saved individual in the body of Christ with Millions more to follow. Catholics, like the Apostle Peter, had a difficulty understanding Paul’s gospel According to the end of second Peter. The epistles of Paul are the doctrine for the body of Christ. Catholics do not have any understanding of this. Yet Paul was commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ himself as the Apostle to the Gentiles. Peter largely was sent to the Jews according to Acts 11:9. After all in Matthew 10 that is what Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to do go to the Jews. In his writings Peter never once used the body of Christ. Maybe someday the Roman Catholic will learn to rightly the word of Truth.

Coming Soon! The End of Celibacy!

October will determine the fate of celibacy in the RCC. Pope Francis will be hosting a three week conference and the situation in the Amazon Synod will be on the agenda. That particular Synod is not only about Brazil but covers a number of South American countries.

Church conservatives see this issue having a domino effect on the rest of the Catholic Church. If the pope allows celibacy for the Amazon Synod what about priests that move in and out of that Synod? Nevertheless, the pope is favoring that solution due to the lack of candidates in the region.

Apostate Affirming Churches

Ezekiel 16:49-50 speak a strong message to affirming churches. Verse 49 speaks of the pride of Sodom and verse 50 about the Abomination of homosexuality that they practice.ucc-logoHow any church could march in homosexual parades is incomprehensible to real Christians.d99dc5df11073d01b8bf5ffe93f22cac 1st Corinthians 6 warns that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. Now only 56% of Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin. The Bible calls it an abomination. The Bible says that homosexuals, unless they repent, will find their eternity in hell. So how can any congregation support homosexuality and still be called a Church of God?randall-terry-celebrity-quote-so President Obama was the first sitting president to endorse homosexuality. He should be ashamed of himself for he will have a lot to answer before God. Due to his influence this is what has happened to the church.saintmarkumcatlanta1-300x300May God have mercy on the soul of Barack Obama.

Prophet Sadhu Sundar-Selvaraj

This character is the latest to guest on the Jim Bakker Show. Hold onto your hats as this fellow recently said that God brought him to heaven to consult with Abraham about a Revelation 13 prophecy. A lot of Prisons wear orange jumpsuits and I think this guy escaped from a funny farm. All of Bakkers guests hear from God directly or visit him on a regular basis. Bakker himself hears from God regularly. Now I understand why Jim Bakker doesn’t use his Bible much anymore now that he has God on a short leash. The New Apostolic Reformation, of which Bakker is a part, have extra biblical Revelations all the time. His former PTL Ministries outside of Charlotte have largely been taken over by his buddy Rick Joyner who also communicates with God on a regular basis. The school of prophets come out of Jim Bakker’s Ministry almost daily as if they had a switchboard connection to heaven. And the masses buy it as if they had no biblical discernment whatsoever. I’m amazed that people fall into this garbage. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn also got a send off from Jim Bakker’s television program. One of my favorite verses in Jeremiah matches up well with the New Apostolic Reformation. An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land. The prophets prophesy falsely, the priests rule by their own power, and my people love to have it so and this is from Jeremiah 5:30-31. All of these people better here Ezekiel 14:10. The punishment of the prophet shall be the same as the punishment of the one who inquired. It would seem that inquiring Minds enjoy hearing the babble that comes from the New Apostolic Revelation more than hearing the words of the Living God found in the Bible. This is a very sad commentary on the Christian faith.

Time Tunnel: : Kenneth Hagin

Wow! It’s 2018. I’m back. My name is Kenneth Hagin and no, I’m not related to Festus Haggen. I count myself as being a forerunner of the Pentecostal movement. Many people do not know this but in the late 1940s I had a face-to-face meeting with Jesus Christ. Needless to say I was humbled greatly. That meeting was instrumental in preparing me for Ministry. I don’t like how Pentecostalism has gone today. That Creflo Dollar fellow is an embarrassment. Paula White should be host of Divorce Court. Fred Price should be the host of The Price is Right. Benny Hinn, well, he can play Festus’ mule. Kenneth Copeland can be my air traffic controller since he owns So Many planes. I think Joyce Meyers should be in charge of purchasing a nation’s commodes. Jesse Duplantis should be hosting the Comedy Hour. John Hagee should go on Weight Watchers. Jim Bakker should be forced to eat his survival food. His wife Lori needs a muzzle. Let’s see, did I forget anyone? Oh and Mary Baker Eddy? Love your ice cream. Oh yes, Rod Parsley. You should become an auctioneer. These clowns are not representing Pentecostals today and giving us a bad look. I do not want my reputation sullied by their actions. By the way, has Oral Roberts left his Prayer Tower yet? Juanita Bynum? When I think of snow I think of her because she’s a flake. Well it’s time to go back to The Time Tunnel and return to my era. After what I seen this could be called The Comedy Network. Thanks for hearing me assessing the state of the Pentecostal Church today.

I think all my problems started in the maternity ward.


Catholic Myths- 17 The Pope

This is Pope Francis and I would like to say a few things about my role in the Roman Catholic Church as the mouthpiece of God. YOU AREN’T THE MOUTHPIECE FOR GOD. I AM. Who the devil are you? I AM THE FIRST PRESIDENT. You’re not George Washington. I’M THE MORMON FIRST PRESIDENT AND I SPEAK FOR GOD. I’m the one that speaks for God. If you don’t believe me I can show you my Pope mobile. DO YOU WANT TO SEE MY HEAVENLY MAGIC UNDIES? I’ll pass on that one. Just look at my record. YES, I HAVE. MOLESTING CHILDREN. SHAME ON YOU. Well we don’t have 50 wives. Your founder did. I CAN SETTLE THE WHOLE THING. I SPEAK FOR GOD. I AM DAVID C PACK RESTORED CHURCH OF GOD. CHURCH OF GOD IS IN THE BIBLE. 1st Corinthians 10:33. WE SURE ARE NOT. I’m not either now that you mention it. Some magic underwear you have. David Norris is now taking over. I’m sorry to have interrupted The Three Stooges. Do you see the problem and there are many more like this that say they speak for God. God speaks to the body of Christ through his infallible word. We don’t need the extras or the add-on’s. All scripture is god-breathed to make the man perfect, thoroughly equipped for every good work. How can you surpass perfect or thoroughly equipped?

Abracadabra Ministries

All these Ministries are Abracadabra ones as they believe they can speak anything into existence including apostleship. These are what you might call self-made ministers. They make up things outside the Bible. They all believe the Bible is insufficient for our day. That is why they have to have all these extra things weaved in despite no biblical support for their practices. Many speak in tongues without an interpreter and they could care less. These people are clouds without water. They are like whitewashed tombs which appear beautiful outwardly but inside they are full of all uncleanness and apostasy. They should be avoided at all costs. They also want you to send them money continually even though Jesus said, you cannot serve God and money. They want to make a liar out of Jesus. Jesus also said lay up for yourselves Treasures in Heaven not on the Earth. They twist the words of Jesus to get what they want. The majority of them are unsaved people.

Catholic Myths- 16 Celibacy

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Celibacy is found in Tradition not Catholic dogma. On this issue Pope Francis could change his mind overnight and end celibacy. After what the Roman Catholic Church has gone through over the last several decades that has to be on the Pope’s mind. Homosexual priests in seminaries, a child sexual abuse problem in the parishes, and moral accountability out the window make for a good cause to change celibacy. A Catholic salesian brother was secretly married for 4 years before the Catholic found out and let him go. How many other Catholic priests have secret affairs going on with either a woman or a man given them their interest in homosexuality. Why not just end celibacy? Or if a priest wants to make that sacrifice to avoid temptation he should be surgically castrated. That will take care of the problem.