President Abbas Boycotting Peace Talks

Palestinian Authority President Abbas is boycotting the Trump White House peace conference by protesting the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Since the United States and Israel make up nearly 95% of the Palestinian economy I would think President Abbas should rethink his position. Maybe to get his attention better the US should pull all financial support to the Palestinian Authority. Everyone knows that the Palestinian Authority exists as a thorn in Israel’s side. The Islamic world could absorb the Palestinian Authority in any number of their countries.

It’s very strange how Abbas can thumb his nose at the US peace conference all the while accepting US financial support. Sounds a little hypocritical to me. What the US should do is pull all financial support from the Palestinian Authority until they sit down and talk peace.

Is the Palestinian State fictional?

B4bxCjwIIAEALRdShould there even be a Palestinian state? A Palestinian state as it exists today is the benefactor of both the United States and Israel. A few days ago president Trump suggested pulling financial support away from the Palestinian state. The honest reality is that the Palestinian State exists today as a Perpetual Thorn in the side of Israel. If the Islamic World truly cared about the Palestinian state any number of their countries can absorb them. They could then be supported by Arab countries. Without the support of the United States and Israel the Palestinian state could not exist. The UN Security Council consistently backs the Palestinian state to no one’s surprise. What nation on the Earth would permit a terrorist state to be located right next to them? When will the United States wise up? We pay the vast support of both the Palestinian state and the United Nations. What do you say?

Palestinian State Never Existed

The Palestinian State never existed and without the help of Israel and the United States would not exist financially today. Why doesn’t another Arab state take them in assist them financially? They are where they exist to be a perpetual thorn in the side of Israel. Jerusalem is the legitimate capital of Israel which President Trump recognized. Our embassy is now located there.

The US Embassy in Jerusalem

Many presidents of the United States promised to make Jerusalem Where the US Embassy would be located But the job was never done Until president Donald Trump took office. He Removed the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem where it stands today. Former presidents all promised the same thing But Donald J Trump got it done. The Palestinian state is outraged. Jerusalem has always and part of Israel. If the Arab world truly cared about the Palestinians state they would give them part of their larger countries. Instead they are located to be a perpetual thorn in the side of Israel. Without the help of Israel and the United States the Palestinian state Would fail. Yet whenever harm comes upon the United States, The Palestinians state Cheers that harm. They Bite the hand that feeds them. I don’t think that will happen with Donald Trump as president.Trump is already taking away Financial aid from countries That do not care For their own people. And the Palestinian state Better take notice of that.”>