The Gigue Fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach


It is the legend himself at the keyboard that being Virgil Fox. He is playing Johann Sebastian Bach’s gigue fugue with a young audience and watch the reaction as he plays. When he gets to the end of the Gigue fugue watch what happens to the audience especially one couple in particular. There shall be dancing to the Lord.


Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise

Our last Resurrection Sunday music today is hail the day that sees him rise.

hail the day

    This is a wonderful hymn from st. John’s in Detroit.


Do we make prayer to God continually? Do we daily praise God? As for praise, I enjoy featuring hymns of praise greatly on this website. As King Saul found out the hard way, spiritual music keeps the demons away.

I have a beautiful hymn of praise for you today.

Messianic Mess

If the letter of the Law kills, why do Messianic Jews hold so tightly to the Law? The Restored Church of God tries to keep the Law yet the Bible itself tells you can’t. If you break just one of the laws then you are guilty of them all. Do you know that cults are born out of this Messianic Mess? Pray for God to right the hearts of the Messianic Jews.