What is Conversion Therapy? It is curing homosexual behavior so why aren’t more churches climbing aboard? Is it the way they go about it? Do you notice how many Democratic states oppose it? I personally oppose homosexuality but I also oppose psychology.  That is psychology void of Christ. But how much of conversion therapy comes from the Bible and how much does not? I’ll be checking that out next.

Emerging Extremists

I am surprised that anyone Falls for this Bethel movement. This is the church that supports Heidi Baker who is one of the strangest women pastors I’ve ever seen. She branches out in the demonology expulsion business where everything she does looks staged. Then there’s that strange guy in Norway that preaches in his underwear. Maybe he’d be better off with Mormon magic underwear? Then we have Bill Johnson who himself believes some strange things. They seem to offer a smorgasbord of unusual doctrines none of which are biblical. My prayer for this church is that they will return to biblical Christianity. Unfortunately most do not. What I would like to find out is why people are going to the extremes to meet God? Feel free to comment about why you attend this Church.

Do Not Quench the Spirit

I was on my way to a Baptist Church to preach a message on the interpretation of tongues which I had studied for all week. I was prepared to give that message clearly. As I pulled into the parking lot a thought entered my mind. I flipped through the pages of my Bible to Second Kings. Later as I began my sermon, I preached on wis their poison in your pot. The Holy Spirit had given me new instructions as to what to preach that morning. I did not and would not quench the spirit. The Holy Spirit knows far more what that congregation needed to hear. I told of the Prophet Elisha who had encountered the sons of the prophets making stew. They were slicing gourds into the stew, though they knew not what they were. When they begin eating the stew, one cried out, there is poison in the pot. Elisha poured flour into the pot. The flour represented the word of God and the stew was edible again. I then told the congregation about poison coming into churches from outside sources. We talked a lot about false Doctrine that morning. Later as I Was preparing to leave an elder came up to me and said, there has been a move here to incorporate some aspects of the New Age movement theology into our church. Your sermon has caused us to rethink this. Then he said I thought you were going to speak on the interpretation of tongues? I replied saying, obviously the Holy Spirit knew better and he knew exactly what your church needed to hear today.  Now it was up to the Elders of the church to act on what the Holy Spirit wanted said that morning. That is how the Holy Spirit Works in me. I never question the Holy Spirit as he knows what’s best for me and to who I preached to that morning. Do not quench the spirit.


A very dear friend passed away last week and at times during that day would witness the blood of CHRIST that saved her.  Helen was a Coptic Catholic. She largely spoke Arabic but in her heart and smile she wore the cross of Christ. I never heard her say anything about Peter or Mary. She did believe that only Coptics are saved.

I recall a Bible study that I and three of her friends had with Helens Daughter as the interpreter. It was the most blessed study I’d ever had. It took a lot longer  but was worth every minute.

Rest In Peace Helen. You’re with your Savior now. His blood has brought you to His kingdom.

Safest Place to Have Church in Islamic Country


Oh the place where I worship is the Wide Open Spaces built by the hand of the Lord. Tanks For The Memories. Roll em, roll em, roll em, till they’re disapproving, keep those tanks a rolling, in the power of his might.

Pope Francis signed a peace Accord with Islam a few weeks ago but this is still the safest place to drive in Iraq.

The Catholic Abracadabra Movement

My name is Kent. No, not the super guy but just plain Kent. Wow! I just had quite a dream. I dreamed I was back in Bible times. It seemed so real. Let’s look outside my window.

It can’t be? I’m still there! It’s Holy Land! I didn’t meet Peter my idol. No, Mary isn’t my idol. Why do people keep saying that? Let me get my rosary out here. Holy Mary Mother of God protect us sinners. I’ll say the rest of it later. My prayers to Mary worked. I’m in heaven at Holy Land. It’s awful hot for heaven. Wow! There’s a sign over there it says I can see Jesus crucified three times a day. How can that be? Wait a minute? I think that’s Peter over there with some kids? Peter, it’s me Kent! He’s coming over here and he’s handing me something. Peanut butter? Oh you’re Peter Pan. I’m sorry anyone can make that mistake. Boy, I feel more foolish than usual. Wait a minute! That’s got to be Peter. He’s handing me something. This picture? Oh, Peter O’Toole. Anyone can make that mistake. Boy, I’m sure confused. I want to see Peter. Wait a minute what’s in here?

That’s just Dina Soar. I heard she was a hefty actress. Maybe I can ask Jesus on the cross? No, that could appear a little tacky. That’s got to be Peter. Peter it’s me, Kent. He’s coming over. I knew I’d find you in heaven. What’s that? Your music is heaven? Oh? You’re with Peter Paul and Mary. I’m sorry. Another mistake? I thought for sure I know who Peter was as he was the foundation of my church. There he is and this time I’m sure as he’s handing out Bible tracts. He’s handing me one. And he is the Apostle Peter. No, I’m not Jewish. Well that was pretty rude. He snatched that pamphlet right out of my hand. What? Oh you only give these to Jewish people. I wanted you to know something and that is in the future you are the foundation of my church. What? You aren’t? Well then who is? No, it’s hot enough here already and I don’t want to go to Gahanna. Thank you Peter because I will repent. But first I’m going to get rid of this rosary. And if this isn’t a dream I’ve got to repent that the Catholic religion is wrong. I went to the church this morning but for some reason my fanny hurts? I must have been sitting too long? I better be getting home.

The Patriarch of Christadelphians

The patriarch of Christadelphians are the Unitarians with sprinkles of transcendentalism and mysticism mixed in. It is not a great place to be theologically wise. Unitarians believe that Jesus Christ was a man and not God. Christadelphians also do not believe that Jesus is God. How did they explain Isaiah 9:6 where Jesus is called The Mighty God Everlasting father? As such, neither group belongs in the body of Christ. Neither adheres to the doctrine of Christ and as 2nd John 9 says, whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. Pure and simple! So all the smoke and mirrors that Christadelphians and Unitarians produce is actually worth nothing for without Christ you can do nothing. Unitarians and Christadelphians are the resources of Satan as in John 8:44. They may need our prayers and the unction of the Holy Spirit which both groups deny.