What of Those Who Fail to Listen to Truth- 2

To cast one’s pearls before swine is to offer something precious to someone, or a group of people, unable to appreciate the value of what they are being given. Example: When he makes a profound point that we students just do not understand, our teacher sometimes shakes his head and mutters, Pearls before swine.
Do you get the jest of that? Some people just don’t want to listen although they pretend to in order to get you to debate or argue with them. A lot of times you will find this in cults. And when this happens you are found to be casting pearls Before Swine. That’s like hitting your head against a brick wall. For a brother or sister in Christ it’s far different. But those that do intervention must be spiritual themselves. You who are spiritual restore. If you aren’t, let those who are spiritual handle the situation. Of course if you can’t make any progress with someone that will not listen to you there is always this option.


What did Jesus often tell his disciples about demons? This kind will not come out except by prayer and fasting. But remember, Jesus was talking to his disciples who were all sent to Israel. Even Jesus himself had a Ministry to the circumsized according to Romans 15:8. So how does a Gentile World handle these things? Probably in the same way. Then again, what about the body of Christ? Will this passage do from 2nd Timothy? These kinds of people have been taken captive by Satan to do his will. We must not quarrel with these people and I know this first-hand after dealing with Buddhists and lesbians. I tried to be kind as to my responses but sometimes yielded to Temper. Finally I had to cut those people off because all they wanted to do is argue out of ignorance. Jesus himself said that they will not listen to you shake the dust off your feet and move on. Dealing with the natural man is not easy for what you have to say to them is foolishness to their ears. That’s how natural man is. I tried to correct them biblically but one Buddhist told me, Do you have to respond with scripture all the time? He does not understand that the sword of the spirit is the word of God and one of two offensive weapons. the other being prayer. I will take up from here in part 2.

What of Those Who Fail to Listen to Truth- 1

After someone in the body of Christ has made their presentation to an unbeliever are they to hang around to debate and argue the situation? Not according to Jesus Christ. We are to shake the dust off our feet and move on. From that point on we can still pray for that person. Only just recently two Buddhists have left that religion after meaningful conversation between each person by private email. They chose not to comment on the website but contacted me personally. About 5 minutes ago a Christian Science person asked for dialogue privately. This website is devoted to exposing error and already is bearing fruit. But what about those that fail to listen due to stubbornness or just wanting to argue or debate a situation? Please notice that this is talking about brethren or fellow believers. I believe Jesus Christ was referring to unbelievers. The fields are white for Harvest but the laborers are few. Should I waste my time arguing and debating someone when they have no interest in becoming part of the body of Christ? I will go into that more in part 2.

The Coexist Movement- 1

I’m sure that by now you’ve all heard of the coexist movement? Let me provide you with an example. Have you ever heard of an oxymoron? It is a contrast of two words. For example, a carnal Christian is an oxymoron. You can’t be carnal if you’re a Christian. The two are opposites one to the other. These are biblical opposites. For example, the Flesh and the spirit are oxymorons. The Bible and the Book of Mormon are oxymorons. Islam and Christianity is an oxymoron and no, they do not worship the same God. Allah and God are oxymorons too. Homosexual Christians are an oxymoron. I’ll go more into this concept in part 2.

Homosexual Agenda 3

The church is now in the midst of the falling away period. How do I know this to be true?

More and more denominations are supporting homosexual marriage. How they can do this with the many admonitions of scripture that condemn homosexuality is beyond me? All churches that permit homosexual marriages and that March in gay parade must answer this question.

Jesus would add, In vain they worship me teaching as doctrines the Commandments of men.

Pastors of anyone should know scripture and when it has to say against homosexuality. If any pastor condones homosexuality they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This is the fate of the church today that is falling away. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes despite scripture to the contrary. When the son of man comes again will he find faith on the Earth? Good question!

Homosexual Agenda 2

The homosexual agenda for America wants laws to restrict religious freedom, lower the age of consensus, and allow adoptions. Plus so much more.

Examine what the law of Moses has to say about homosexuality. It doesn’t say it’s a sin but it does say it’s an abomination.

I warn people about homosexuality because I love them enough to do that. If they continue on their way they have no chance of heaven

despite what they believe to the contrary. Both the Old and the New Testament condemn homosexuality and in Revelation 15:22 it mentions that outside heaven are dogs or in the Greek sodomites.

The worst part about the homosexual agenda for America is how it affects the church and I will take that up next time in part 3.

Homosexual Agenda 1

How is the homosexual changing America? When President Obama had the White House homosexual marriage went into law.

Obama was the first sitting president to endorse homosexuality. Every great civilization Has Fallen on either homosexuality or sexual immorality.

This is the agenda of homosexuals today for the United States of America. Several have already been accomplished. In California now there is legislature by 8 homosexual Democrats to ensure that no church will be allowed to counsel anyone out of homosexuality. It may also affect Bible sales over the internet. And as California goes eventually so goes the Country right down the toilet.

I will have more in part 2.

Homosexuals Aren’t Behind Closed Doors Anymore- Prologue

Homosexuals are now threatening Christians. The more rights they get that’s stronger they get. They’ve infiltrated the Boy Scouts, gotten homosexual marriage legalized, and soon they will have homosexual relations with children legalized down to the age of 12. They have an aggressive agenda and they’re only getting started. I have a video for you today about that agenda. homosexuals They will sodomize the baker’s son? This is only the beginning. Examine this statistic.

I will have more in part 2 of the series.

Child Sacrifice…… at the Vatican

I have an alarming video foVatican child sacrificer you today about the Vatican. This will literally shock you as it is about child sacrifice. The video explains that even the pope knows about this. This is a must see video. When you consider what is happening to the church in regard to sexual molestation of Altar Boys and Girls by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church plus this about child sacrifice you know this church has some real problems that they must come to terms with. Child molestation is bad enough but child sacrifice? Why does any Catholic parent remain a Catholic parent after this?

Wizards will be Rare in Heaven; but in Hell They’ll be Well Done!

Why would anyone waste their money and talk to a psychic? People that talk to psychics will never hear Jesus say, well done my good and faithful servants. They will hear Satan say, well done! Because that’s what they will be burnt to a crisp. Psychics will only give you what you want to hear. Why is that? If they gave you a bad reading, why would you want to call them again? It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that out. Psychics are called Wizards in the Bible and they always have a familiar spirit to guide them. The most famous psychic, if you want to call her that, would be JZ Knight + her familiar Spirit called ramtha. When I think about them, I think about that old saying. A fool and his money are soon parted.

The Queen of Heaven as it Relates to Catholicism

The Queen of Heaven mentioned in Jeremiah 44 what’s worship by the woman without their husband’s permission and could be considered the first case of women’s liberation. In Jeremiah 7 it would seem that the celebration of the Queen of Heaven was a family affair.

Whatever the worship to the Queen of Heaven it was not endorsed by God. Quite to the contrary. The Roman Catholics have adopted the Queen of Heaven to represent their beloved Mary.

As you can see despite the warning in Scripture the Roman Catholics have forged ahead with the worship of the queen of heaven anyway as if they were snubbing their noses at the Lord God Almighty. Here is what the Queen of Heaven represents.

One would think that the Roman Catholic Church would stay as far away from this practice as possible instead of embracing it. It boggles the imagination. This is another instance where the congregation of the Roman Catholic Church should make a mass Exodus. Mary is not a co- Redeemer in any way shape or form. 1st Timothy 2:5 makes it abundantly clear that Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. I don’t see the Queen of Heaven mentioned there at all. Roman Catholics need to repent of their worship of the Queen of Heaven.