The Body of Christ Versus Acts 29- 3

Of course Jim Bakker was talking about his program being over for the day. With his fellow Two Stooges, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and former fireman Mark Taylor, his program provides more false prophecy than any other program including Sid Roth’s That’s Supernatural. Taylor in particular seems to have God on a string where he hears from him everyday. These three men have done more to harm biblical prophecy then anyone else I can think of. They are part of the New Apostolic Reformation. Supposedly in 2002 the apostolic office was restored with no biblical support for that whatsoever. If it was restored it would not have the batting average this one does. The prophecy accuracy rate of the New Apostolic Reformation is about 22% accurate. The Bible?

Woe unto the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing from Ezekiel 13:3. Just because they say, the Lord told me, that doesn’t mean that God told them anything. Accuracy is the key. Was the prophecy accurate? If not, the prophecy was of their own making. Because you have spoken nonsense and envisioned lies, therefore I am indeed against you says the Lord from Ezekiel 13:8. The presumptions Prophets Jim Bakker, Mark Taylor, and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn should be run out of town. Instead people love them. An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land. The prophets prophesy falsely, the priests rule by their own power, and God’s people love to have it so from Jeremiah 5:30-31. Yes, the falling away comes first before the man of sin is revealed. And we are in that apostasy right now. Stay tuned.

The Body of Christ versus Acts 29- 2

Evangelist Mike Bickle is wrong again. He looks for a massive Church Revival in the coming months. Here is part of a letter Bickle wrote. So what’s wrong with this letter? Again, it’s all part of Acts 29 the continuing hogwash.

Mike Bickel blames the church for the wrong emphasis. He has that part right but he doesn’t have the answer. The answer is found in the Bible.

Before the man of sin can be revealed, that being the Antichrist, the falling away has to happen first. Anyone that can’t see that happening right now is blind. The falling away has been happening for about 20 years now and will get worse not better. We are falling away from Jesus Christ and his teachings for that of Our Own. One of those teachings is Acts 29 which is not found in the Bible. The Restored Church of God like the Catholic Church  believes in an Apostolic Authority. To be in that camp you had to be present when Christ was resurrected according to Acts 1:20-21. David Pack was fired from One Church for Spiritual abuse and then turns around at the Restored Church of God and anoints himself to be an apostle. Convenient. He later said that he was Elijah the prophet. The Roman Catholic Church believes in Apostolic succession as well. Each Pope however bring their own agenda to the table often times disagreeing with the agenda of former popes. God said, I am the Lord. I do not change. This is all part of the falling away which is happening to the church now. You have affirming churches affirming homosexuals and transgenders not to mention all the Cults. Acts 29 it’s supposed to be the continuation of the Bible but the Bible needs no continuation. The church will continue to fall away until the man of sin is revealed.

That event is yet future. I will have more on this series soon. Stay tuned.

The Body of Christ versus Acts 29- 1

The largest danger to the Christian faith is found here. The Bible +. For the Mormon faith it is the Bible + The Book of Mormon, the pearl of great price, and the Doctrine and Covenants. For the Roman Catholic it is the Bible + Apostolic Authority, the catechism, the Apocrypha, and tradition. For the Christian Science faith it is the Bible + science and health with key to the scriptures. For the New Apostolic Reformation it is so Bible + Apostolic revelation. And on and on it goes. Each faith seems to need something extra to go along with the Bible in order to be acceptable to that Crew. Some View scripture to be the writings of men despite scripture to the contrary. All scripture is god-breathed. No prophecy of scripture is privately interpreted but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. This tells me that the origin of scripture is the Triune God. Do not add to his words lest he reprove you and you be found a liar. Why does the Bible need any help from all those other things? It is to fit each of their belief systems into a snug little box of their own making. Most of them claimed to be the only true church. That actually marks them out as a cult. In 1st Corinthians 1:10 the Apostle Paul says, I beseech you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that you all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you. But they all don’t speak the same thing and there are many divisions among them and such is the problem. More in part 2 so stay tuned.



I have for you an attachment that brings with it a multitude of problems for the RCC. The synod in the Amazon now brings them into Direct contact with paganism. They can always fall back into even more apostasy invoking the abracadabra prescient. Notwithstanding, here some unfulfilled prophecies of the Jehovahs Witnesses.  The attachment.


  1. HERE IS A VIDEO ABOUT Adventist’s.

  2. Their founder was Ellen White. Their faith worships on Saturday as the Catholics once did. But you know the Catholics and their  flip flop ways?

     How much about Adventists do you comprehend? They have a wide variety of belief within their own group.

Opening the Denominational Box

The denominational Church box has been opened all with man-made founders and each with their own identifying name. I’m glad I attend a bible-based church with no denominational ties and no denominational founder. In fact, that’s just what the Apostle Paul suggested by Holy Spirit inspiration. Now what do we find flying out of Pandora’s Box? The only true church, magic underwear, the book of common prayer, The Book of Mormon, science and health with key to the scriptures, the Watchtower, infant baptism, paid Ministry, acceptance of homosexuals, and the list goes on and on. Paul said we should all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions Among Us. Did the denominational church ever go astray? Human founders produce Church flounders.

Ellen White and Seventh Day Adventists

I have an article for you today about Seventh-Day Adventists.Ellen Whitethis article shows you the error of the Adventists and for that matter the Restored Church of God. It should make for interesting reading.

TD Jakes Now FOR Gay Churches

I wonder what Bible TD Jakes is reading out of? The Bible in both Testaments condemns homosexuality but Jake says his position on the issue is evolving. Well, Jake’s can evolve his position right back into the swamp. This is an embarrassment to the body of Christ. Jesus told the adulterer at the well that he did not condemn her but at the same time he told her go and sin no more. Jake’s would disagree with Jesus on this. But should Christians really judge another?

God judges those outside the body of Christ but Christians are to judge those inside the body. Even those homosexuals that claim to be in the body of Christ when they are not. Romans 1:30 says that homosexuals are haters of God and Romans 1:32 says to those that approve of them they are worthy of death. How can TD Jakes support them when the Bible says they will not inherit the Kingdom of God? This is just further Evidence that Jake’s is an apostate. And it is further Evidence that mankind is straying further and further away from the word of God.

The Reprobate Hillsong Church

The Hillsong Church has gone completely reprobate as they have an active homosexual leading the choir, support abortion and homosexual marriage, had a nude preacher at a woman’s conference, and Don’t Preach much from that old book about Moses. Yet like so many other false churches today they bring in the masses. And speaking of masses they conduct Roman Catholic Services perhaps because they Shield pedophile ministers. It makes me wonder why they would even support Roman Catholic masses? Catholics are against abortion and supposedly homosexuality even though 80% of them are homosexuals speaking of the leadership. How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God follow him But if Baal then follow him and that is from 1st Kings 18:21.

Who Created Christmas?

That’s an easy question. The Roman Catholics did in 304 AD. Well, not exactly. The Roman Catholics created Christ’s Mass. Yes, The Roman Catholics did add a few more by Traditions such as. Wow! Holy holidays Batman! Mary worship indeed! To be fair, the Roman Catholics are not Alone in this As denominational Land has Followed Its dubious leader into apostasy. Christmas is actually a pagan festival where The sun god is worshipped. Roman Catholics just transformed it into what they wanted it to be. How? Does ALACADABRA ring a bell?gTalk about mass confusion! Did you know?   TThat rather says it all. The Roman Catholics manufactured a pagan holiday and colored it with Catholic crayons.

A “Spirited” Conversation with Christadelphians- 3

This is the last installment in this series. I hope I have had enough information that any serious student of the Bible will see that the Holy Spirit is most definitely in operation today. I hope that the Christadelphians have their Superior brain on today so they can discern the truth of the Holy Spirits existence today. If not, they remain an IM- intellectual moron. Please pray for the wisdom of Christadelphins. If not they are going to the hell that they also believe doesn’t exist.

Paganism Catholicism 3

Last time that I was with you I alluded toTammuz from Ezekiel. Oh, yes, Dr. Ludewick with you again. Tammuz was not very redeemable even by Catholic standards. Who was Father of Tammuz? NIMROD!Examine all the connections he has with Catholicism? Even Purgatory and Infant baptism? I can think of one particular Catholic now beginning to weep to Tammuz upon these revelations.The Catholics even have the date of Christmas wrong. The flicks of sheep aren’t out at night around our Christmas season for its too cold in Israel at that time of the year.  They’re inside with the shepherds. Christmas is best understood to be in the fall. 

Look at the similarities? Enough for now as there are too many Catholic ears bleeding! See you soon! 


Make no mistake about it we are in the last days. The most telling mark is the apostasy from the faith. Almost daily some new cult appears on the scene. And there are many to share that deception from the true faith. These are a few of those apostates. The Hebrew Roots movement, the Restored Church of God. Belgium Biblestudents. Christadelphians, Mormons, and Christian Science with many others to join them. On that day they will hear the words of Jesus Christ saying, I never knew you. There will be no court of appeals from that judgement. The apostasy comes first before the man of sin is revealed that being the Antichrist. The majority of those religions will be going through the Great Tribulation because they rejected the Jesus of the Bible. At that point no life line will be thrown to them as they seal their own fate in unbelief of the only true God and Jesus Christ who he had sent. If they rejected the Holy Ghost as well they will be joining Satan in a Hell most of them deny. Jesus said, if we deny him, he will deny us. If you’re part of that group there is still time to repent now and get as far away from those groups as you can get.