Let’s u see? Abracadabra?   A little too obvious, not to mention, a tad overused of Late. Hocus Pocus? A  little too magical? Bibbity, Bobbity, boo? Too much nunsense involved with it?  Wait! I’ve gotten It. How about betcha can’t eat just one!? So what if it’s not a potato chip?

Besides it’s not really a potato chip I’m talking about here.  It’s what the people Think it is! Some believe nothing happens.  Besides, all this is really for nothing because of Christ’s one time sacrifice on the cross for all from Hebrews 10:20.


12 thoughts on “THE WORDS OF TRANSFER”

  1. The words of transfer (transubstantiation) were first spoken by the most High Priest Jesus Christ when He..”Took bread, blest it, and said, “Take and eat. This IS my Body..”This IS my blood.” Catholics believe Jesus. Then He commanded His first Priests to “DO this..” (LK.22:19-22) Catholic Priests obey Jesus and do every Mass.
    To those who do not believe that Jesus was God with the power do this and then command His Priests to do this, Jesus warns..”Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink His blood, YOU will not have life in you. My flesh is TRUE food and my blood is TRUE drink.” (Jn.6:53-55))


    1. Incorrect. They were as they were said. Your meaning changed at the Council of Trent where you abounded s sola scripture for almost anything goes. That led to the Reformation where the true Catholics marched on and the apostate church of what we have today exists. King Leo or was it Pope Leo said the last pope would be the antichrist.


  2. Christ built His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church 2,000 years ago and said ..”The gates of Hell shall NOT prevail against it.” (Matt.16:17-19) JESUS promised that! There goes your Anti-Christ statement that..”The Church went apostate.” Please pray about this.. If you are contradicting Christ then..who is working for the Anti-Christ?


  3. Dave. You need to stop wallowing in all of those creepy..demonic..anti Catholic..internet sites. Pope Leo NEVER said that the Anti-Christ would be the last Pope! Leo was,however, involved in selling indulgences. Which has been long since ended by the Catholic Church.
    LUTHER began the myth that the OFFICE of the Papacy is the Anti Christ. So..What now? Should you now switch to holding up Luther as your Anti-Catholic expert on Catholicism? Luther..who added the word “alone” to Rom.3:28 to support his newly invented doctrine of Sola Fide or The faith Alone? Luther who taught demonic things like.. polygamy is acceptable for Christians..Tto he Jews deserved to be hung and their Synagogues burned?

    And the council of Trent created not ONE new doctrine! It defended it’s age old doctrines, given to it to teach and to defend by it’s personal founder Jesus Christ. Like..the Eucharist, and Baptism, and honoring the Virgin Mary..all under attack by followers of Luther, Calvin, and others.


  4. Uh huh. Luther takes the books of Maccabees away from the Bible that testify to the existence of Purgatory, and then he says..”Purgatory is not in the Bible.” Neat trick!


  5. The books of Maccabees were in the bible for ELEVEN CENTURIES..before Luther and the Reformers took them away.. “And if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city.” Revelation 22:19 Oh. No wonder Luther also wanted to take away the book of Revelation from the bible!


  6. Dave. The “error” may be yours.. The SAME person can be called by different names in different locals. – “The book of Maccabees is like a peal of thunder echoing out the horrors of ancient tyranny. It is based on persecution by ANTIOCHUS, the tyrant of Seria, whom some called EPIPHANES.” And..there was more than one “madman” recorded in ancient tyranny.


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