Is there such an entity as global warming? Politicians like Al Gore have been running about for years warning against it. But does even Gore realize that along the prophetic line of the future that God has arranged a second earth for us? Be patient Al, for you get the egg by hatching it open, not by smashing it.

A Communist Plant in the Vatican

There is more than child molesting going on in the worldwide Catholic Church. The Summit in Rome now have some evidence that a Catholic cardinal is a communist plant from Russia. Here is a video about the summit communist plant. Maybe the Catholic church should consider this verse.

A Compassionate God

Isn’t this a wonderful Promise from God? His compassions fail not and they are new every morning. That’s better than a refreshing dip in water first thing in the morning. When I was younger I used to like to take a morning swim every day to be totally refreshed. God also totally refreshes me in his word. His word is very invigorating to me. I sometimes call the Bible the incredible pop-up book. Every time I read a verse something new pops up that I didn’t see before. Great is his faithfulness!

God is faithful even when we remain unfaithful as he loves us that much. John 17:3 gives us eternal life by knowing him and Jesus Christ who he has sent to us. In turn Christ promised us a comforter when he left us and that comforter is the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth. Truth should always be refreshing just as a morning shower. So remember that God’s compassions fail not. They are new every morning.

A Course in Satan

supposed miracles This video is against A Course in Miracles which is a channeled work of Satan. This is very short and

sweet.english The place where this book belongs is in the garbage.  UPDATE:  Marianne Williamson has removed her entire staff From the  race for President. Apparently she is resigning from the race.


I have for you an attachment that brings with it a multitude of problems for the RCC. The synod in the Amazon now brings them into Direct contact with paganism. They can always fall back into even more apostasy invoking the abracadabra prescient. Notwithstanding, here some unfulfilled prophecies of the Jehovahs Witnesses.  The attachment.