The Democratic Party is Anti-Christian

The Democratic party is pro-homosexual but the Republican party is not. So what does the word of God have to say about homosexuality and I’m basically looking at the New Testament.

Beginning in Romans 1:20, God unequivocally States that homosexuality is not part of God’s plan for mankind. But the verse I want to focus on today is Romans 1:32.

Those that applaud the homosexual movement are also worthy of death according to Romans 1:32. They have approved and applauded those that practice homosexuality. This would include every affirming Church in the United States that accepts unrepentant homosexuals in the membership. Romans 1:30 clearly states that homosexuals are haters of God.

It is one of the characteristics of homosexuals and lesbians. They hate God because he judges their sin as worthy of death. To the woman at the well Jesus told her that he did not condemn her for her adultery but what everyone seems to miss is what comes afterwards. Jesus didn’t tell her to go on with her adultery. Instead he said, go and sin no more. He would tell the homosexual the same thing because 2nd Corinthians 6:15 says, what Accord has Christ with Belial. In the Old Testament sons of Belial were called homosexuals in Judges 19 and 20. In 2nd Samuel 2:10 the sons of Belial were known as not knowing the Lord. Again, the Democratic Party is at odds with the word of God.

When you go into the voting booth today remember what God says about abortion and homosexuality and then think about the Democratic platform supporting those issues that God stands against. If you’re a Christian Democrat how do you justify your vote?