The Idolatry of Mary a Roman Catholic Deception

Are you into Mary? Catholics to a very early age are raised to do this falsehood. It is rank idle worship. I have a video that will help explain this to you called the master Catholic deception. Maybe this will help you to escape the idolatry of Mary. Shall we all pray to that end.

New Testament Fallacy of Tithing

Are you from a discerning or undiscerning church? Tithing is not found in the New Testament Church. Instead a free will instead a free-will offering is suggested. We are not to give of necessity which means as if someone were holding your arms behind your back in order for you to give. That is how the majority of Pentecostal churches operate.

Bobby Schuller Shows No Discernment

Bobby Schuller shown here with Joel Osteen is starting a downhill trend like his grandfather did. His church is also merging with a Presbyterian Church USA who marries homosexual couples. Where is his discernment? Osteen’s lovey-dovey gospel is from the pit of Hell. No holiness, no repentance, and no salvation. Joel Osteen preaches another Jesus Christ from another spirit and from a different gospel. Is Bobby Schuller heading down the same path? Here is another of Osteen’s dubious friends. Oprah Winfrey doesn’t even believe Jesus is the only way to life eternal. Osteen seems to think the same thing. With his recent decisions I’m beginning to wonder what Bobby Schuller believes? This is Bobby Schuller and Joel Osteen’s sister. Doesn’t Schuller understand what the Osteens stand for? What Fellowship has light with Darkness?

The Christadelphian Cult

christadelphian_1 I have a video today of the Christadelphian cult and they reject the Triune godhead. This is another cult that was formed in the 1800’s specifically by John Thomas. 2nd John says whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. It would seem that this cult does not follow scripture.John Thomas

Deliverance from Burning ..Feet??

I have a video for you today on Heidi Baker and her newest gimmick burning feet. I wonder if its associated at all with athletes feet? IHOP is promoting this bizarre practice and maybe an anti fungal may be required here? It makes me wonder if this woman ever preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ? IHOP has been known as the Church of the bizarre. They also have the Norway underwear preacher who actually preaches in his underwear and I have a video on that under IHOP category. Heidi Baker has to be demon possessed as she puts out some of the most bizarre practices ever found in a church and she uses mantras all the time. Baker also uses tongues without an interpreter being present. Here it is a pastor that needs Deliverance badly.


Robin, I think this woman Heidi Baker is worse than all of our villains put together. In fact she’s even worse than our show.