Is the United States in Biblical Prophecy?

maxresdefault-1 After the church is raptured to heaven, those that are left in the United States will be people that do not support Israel. The body of Christ did support Israel but once these people are translated to heaven only those that do not support Israel will be left. Zechariah 14 verse 2 says that all nations will come against Israel and that includes the United States of America. That is an indirect reference to the United States being part of the “all” Nations. Aside from this text to scripture I see no evidence of the United States in Scripture.

Pentecostal in the New Age Movementt

Pentecostals enjoy experience and their newest form is astral travel and visualization both components of the New Age movement. It would seem that the Pentecostal faith doesn’t care who it mingles with as long as their experience is enhanced. The Bible says, I do not want you to have fellowship with demons. But as long as their experience is enhanced, Pentecostals don’t seem to care what they do. The spirit expressly says that in the latter days some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils and that is found in 1st Timothy 4:1. Seducing spirits are leading Pentecostals into the den of sorcery. Their name it claim it philosophy is very much like visualization. I’m only afraid to ask, what’s next? Have they really moved all that far from Phineas T Quimby’s mesmerism? They remain products of the new thought movement.

What is the Pope Doing in the Islamic World?

Muslims believe we are the infidels and worse. Pope Francis is in the midst of a trip to the Islamic world in the hopes of advancing Chrislam which supposedly is a mixture of Christianity and Islam. The two have nothing in common with the other. If you doubt that read some Islamic scripture.

The pope should have questions as to what he is doing there in the first place. The Catholic Church is being bombarded with accusation by children against priests and nuns against priests. The money payout in lawsuits it’s fantastically great. The church is greatly concerned with that but not as concerned with the lives that have been ruined by the priesthood namely the children. And the nuns by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has been silent on both for decades. Now the Catholic pope is trying to unite Christianity with Islam. What is he thinking? Maybe next he should go to an Isis camp for an old fashioned camp meeting? There is a great difference between Allah and the Lord God Almighty. I see a great Trojan Horse entering the Vatican City as a gift from Islam one day. The rest is history or will be history.

The Pope needs to read these verses and take them to heart. He seems to be more interested in Chrislam that in the thousands of children that have been sexually abused by his church. Wrong priorities come out of a wrong heart.