Let light and Truth be your guide. Jesus said that he was the light of the world. In John 14:6 he also said he was the truth. And the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. John 17:17 says, Sanctify them by your truth. Your word is truth. Set them apart by God’s truth and Jesus Christ is the truth and the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. The Triune Godhead is in control of Truth. Jesus is the light of the world. It was God who said let there be light. How much of your life is Guided by light and Truth?

The Heresies of Pope John Paul of the Roman Catholic Church

Pope John Paul denied his own faith as being the only true church when he stated that all men are saved which is universalism. This video will point out even more errors from this Pope John Paul. When will Catholics wake up and smell the coffee? Instead they enjoy smelling a rotten egg and how many times do you have to smell a rotten egg to realize that it’s rotten?

Paula White is Spiritual Advisor to President Trump

Paula White Dispite the fact that Senator Grassley is investigating Paula White, President Trump has selected her as his spiritual advisor. I would think Mr. Trump has enough problems without having this pastor as his advisor. Could the president have selected her on her qualifications as being blonde and beautiful?3a3ce6e1b8e3e676b77fc0a6fa7844d5

And where is the discernment of the president? This woman doesn’t even meet the qualifications of a pastor and she’s been divorced 3 times and does not have a good testimony to those who are outside according to 1st Timothy 3. She is also very greedy for money which pastors are not to be. If the president says he’s a Christian he should know the qualifications for a pastor.