The Rise of the Emergent Church

Changing religious terminology. Twisting and distorting Scripture. A lack of discernment among Christians.
The Emergent Church is kind of like a home church. It’s very casual and you can dress as you want. For singing they have a praise band. I would guess it would have repetitive mantras similar to the ones you find in Pentecostal churches. There is Rick Warren again as he has his hand in everything these days.

Opening the Denominational Box

The denominational Church box has been opened all with man-made founders and each with their own identifying name. I’m glad I attend a bible-based church with no denominational ties and no denominational founder. In fact, that’s just what the Apostle Paul suggested by Holy Spirit inspiration. Now what do we find flying out of Pandora’s Box? The only true church, magic underwear, the book of common prayer, The Book of Mormon, science and health with key to the scriptures, the Watchtower, infant baptism, paid Ministry, acceptance of homosexuals, and the list goes on and on. Paul said we should all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions Among Us. Did the denominational church ever go astray? Human founders produce Church flounders.

Roman Catholics, Emergent Church, and Mysticism

I have a video for you today about a human trinity of abomination that is growing by the day. Examine this Video carefully and learn of dangerous practices of these unholy three. Here we go again!

Emerging Extremists

I am surprised that anyone Falls for this Bethel movement. This is the church that supports Heidi Baker who is one of the strangest women pastors I’ve ever seen. She branches out in the demonology expulsion business where everything she does looks staged. Then there’s that strange guy in Norway that preaches in his underwear. Maybe he’d be better off with Mormon magic underwear? Then we have Bill Johnson who himself believes some strange things. They seem to offer a smorgasbord of unusual doctrines none of which are biblical. My prayer for this church is that they will return to biblical Christianity. Unfortunately most do not. What I would like to find out is why people are going to the extremes to meet God? Feel free to comment about why you attend this Church.

What is the Emergent Church?

The Emerging Church is a movement that claims to be Christian. The term Emerging Church is used to describe a broad, controversial movement that seeks to use culturally sensitive approaches to reach the postmodern, un-churched population with a Christian message. Matt Slick (President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry), What is the Emerging Church?,
.The emergent Church sounds to me like the last verse of the Book of Judges. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes. No absolutes.
1. Its central claims are all self-defeating. 2. It stands on the pinnacle of its own absolute and relativizes everything else. 3. It is an unorthodox creedal attack on orthodox creeds. 4. It attacks modernism in the culture but is an example of postmodernism in the church. 5. In an attempt to reach the culture it capitulates to the culture. 7. In trying to be geared to the times, it is no longer anchored to the Rock. 8. It is not an emerging church; it is really a submerging church.
In effect it really is no church at all. What surprises me some what is on why all encompassing Rick Warren is supporting the movement? He also supports all churches coming under Rome. And he supports Chrislam. There seems to be nothing new Under the Sun in which Rick Warren does not support. Maybe he is trying to be the end time Church leader otherwise known as the Antichrist?

More on the Emergent Church

Rick Warren sure gets around. He wants the church to go back to Rome and be part of Chrislam. What next? I shudder to think. Oh yes, back to the Emergent Church. Take your pick or mix and match a few. It’s like a picture as you create what you want it to be. But God is not the author of confusion. I will have more of this movement soon.

What Bible Does Rob Bell Read?

Rob Bell is one of the leaders of the Emergent Church movement. Here he is saying where in the Bible does it say we’re sinners? In Romans it says, While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. So, what Bible is Rob Bell reading? This Emergent Church leader also has problems with Sola scripture or in scripture alone. Maybe this might help him? God breathed, Holy Spirit inspired scripture is not good enough in the Emergent Church. Like so many other cults they always want, ” some more”. If I were you, I would avoid Rob Bell like the plague which he is.

No Divisions Among YOU

I prefer the King James version of this verse however I also like the next graphic better only for the main point of the verse.

Let there be no division! That includes among the Baptists, the Methodists, the Presbyterians, and yes, the Biblestudents. I must confess but I didn’t know the Biblestudents had so many divisions along themselves. Yet the Bible says, let there be no divisions among you. None! If the Bible says no divisions, why do all these denominations have divisions? And I mean among themselves?

Hmmm? The plot thickens. Are we seeking to please the men behind the denominations? Like, John Wesley, or John Calvin, or Charles T Russell, or even Joseph Smith. Why all the divisions? Even I had to divest myself of my congregational background. I now attend a Bible Church with no denominational background. We actually study the Bible not the doctrines of men Behind the denomination who ever so slightly influence scripture. The Bible Church I attend goes into the Hebrew and Greek languages behind the English translations. I don’t have to worry about the Church of the General Baptist or Regular Baptist or the Presbyterian Church USA or the Reformed Presbyterian Church. The Biblestudy movement has even more divisions among themselves that any I’ve ever heard. Ephesians 4 admonishes us that there is one faith not hundreds of them. Paul said, I beseech you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that there be no divisions among you and that you all speak the same thing. The denomination abomination has confused all that and no one is trying to change that. They are all comfortable in whatever Schism they find themselves. And 1st Corinthians 1:10 is about as far away from their mind as possible. What a Sad State of Affairs.

Are YOU in a Spiritual Church?- 1

What kind of church do you belong to? Is it a spiritual church? Today we have many kind of churches. There are Seeker friendly churches, mega churches, affirming churches, denominational churches, cult churches, Pentecostal churches, and the list goes on and on. What does your church exactly teach? The Church of Sweden dropped the name of God “Lord” to be more spiritually inclusive. Many churches have dropped the name God in favor of Creator. The Christadelphians and Belgian Biblestudents deny the Triune God and also deny the Holy Spirit. To them it’s only some kind of force? The Mormons believe in 2 holy spirits and one of them is a fluid-like state. Somebody might call that water on the brain? How about a social Church where you stand for the poor and Justice even though the gospel is rarely preached.

This is a good question. Can you answer it honestly? What exactly is a spiritual church? I’m not talking about the spiritual gifts here. Remember that Paul said to the Church of Corinth, I could not speak to you as to spiritual but as to carnal, as to babe’s in Christ. For where there are Envy, strife, and divisions are you not carnal? How would your church answer that question? That’s the definition of a carnal Church. Paul said that he could not speak to them as to spiritual. As to what that is I will discuss in part 2.

Steve Munsey from Munster, Indiana

I wondered if he had borrowed Juanita Bynum’s white robe? They preach in a similar manner by asking for financial assistance while preaching no gospel at all. In fact on Munseys website you can’t even find the gospel. Pay pal is there but no gospel. His program seems like a Hollywood production. Rock bands and light shows bring in a young crowd and like the Emergent church, they believe that the worship Part is the most important. Its what brings the crowds in. I thought Bible teaching was more important? Here the word of God is not living and powerful and that blame falls squarely on Pastor Munsey. Another Jesus is taught here and you are responsible to know that and to find a church in Munster that will preach the gospel.

How Do Emergent Churches Worship?

I have a wonderful video for you tonight on the makeup of Emergent Church Worship. This is a much larger movement than many believe possible. It has reached within denominations just as Chrislam has. It even has been welcomed by some in the Roman Catholic Church In America who find the mass boring.

Emergent Leaders Define Their Faith

I would like to present to you today several leaders of the Emergent Church Movement to allow you to see for yourself. Some contrast with the others to make this statement surreal- Its not the Bible you believe in but yourselves. First up the founder of this group Brian McLaren.Now you know what they do and don’t believe. Stay tuned.

You say, the Lord Says, when I HAVE NOT SPOKEN

Who believes in universalism besides the Emergent Church? How about the Roman Catholic Church? Or the Restored Church of God, the Hebrew Roots Movement, plus the New Apostolic Movement. They all believe that God speaks to us APART from the Bible through extra biblical revelation. In other words just about anything could be spoken into scripture to justify almost any doctrine. That is what is called MYSTICISM. God says to those who practice Mysticism, BECAUSE YOU HAVE SPOKEN NONSENSE AND ENVISIONED LIES THEREFORE I AM INDEED AGAINST YOU- Ezekiel 13:8. Scripture tells me that God is against those who practice Mysticism. So why do they? I will that up next time.