Know Your Pope- 7 Innocent IV Was Not!

The Roman Catholic Church gets worse by eac Pope. This crackpot declared sovereign dominion over the whole world and had all non-Catholics tortured. What an ironic name for a pope who didn’t even know the meaning of the word innocent. Torture was a legal option until 1917 by the RCC.

Marianne Williamson for Democratic President

How many of you know that Marianne Williamson is running as a Democrat for President? She is considered as being from the New Age Movement Which she is down playing. She is a proud supporter of a Course in Miracles which was said to be dictated to the author by familiar spirits. Those are evil spirits and Williamson is a teacher of this cult. Who will she be bankrolled by? You might know her best friend and also a supporter of a Course in Miracles?Who says Oprah isn’t running for President? I would be amazed if Oprah wouldn’t be her choice for her Vice President further down the line. Stay tuned.


Doug Addison created this Swiss army knife anointing garbage. This is the crackpot jackpot of all anointings that I’ve ever heard of. It even beats the oinking anointing that I personally witnessed at a Vineyard Church. Guess who is associated with Doug Addison? Mrs. Dream card herself, Barbie Breathitt. You can analyze your dreams through her for a small fortune. It’s similar to what Scientology puts you through and probably just as expensive. Once you have your dream fully analyzed your bank account has become a nightmare. When will the charlatans learn that you cannot serve God and money. A Swiss army knife anointing? I wonder how many foolish people will buy into this? Discernment has become missing in action in the majority of churches today. This will be my first and last post on Doug Addison. Here is a picture of Barbie. I should add that Doug Addison is a member of the New Apostolic Reformation. Surprise, surprise!

Nehemiah 8:8

At one time the Roman Catholic Church would have only the priest seem to understand scripture. Maybe that’s when they all spoke Latin? Now the Holy Spirit helps us understand scripture. A prime example of Nehemiah 8:8 is found in the book of Acts when the Holy Spirit sent Phillip to the Ethiopian eunuch. The eunuch was reading Isaiah 53 and Philip asked him if he understood what he was reading. I love what the eunuch said. How can I unless someone guides me. It was at that moment when Philip explained Isaiah 53 and Jesus Christ to the eunuch. Nehemiah 8:8 says, they gave them the sense of the reading. Today the Holy Spirit does that for us if we allow him access to our life. The Holy Spirit teaches comparing spiritual things with spiritual. Hallelujah!

Know Your Popes- 6

This Pope had more orgies than masses. Read this sickening account for yourself. It brought to mind concubines. Solomon had 300 of these along with his 600 wives. It makes wonder about current Catholics today in regard to concubines?

This may help you to Understand current catholic practices in regard to concubines on the side relating to celibacy.

Know Your Popes- 5 Pius VII

This pope chose to have communion with the Nazis with disastrous results. Jewish women and children were murdered by the Germans while the Vatican was silent. This is another of the rogue lines of Popes that I’ve featured in this series.

You’d think there would be some redeemable qualities in these men? Pius VII thought he looked good in red. There certainly was enough red blood shed with his initials on it.

All About Purgatory

This will probably shock some of you but I fully believe in purgatory in fact I’ve been there. I think purgatory can be a difficult place. It was rather hot there as well. I would recommend purgatory to anyone especially Roman Catholics.

You can find Purgatory in Noblesville Indiana and this golf course has sand on every hole. Oh, you thought I was talking about Catholic purgatory. That I don’t believe in at all and this video will help show you why.5 reasons why Purgatory doesn’t exist except in the minds of Roman Catholics along with all their other false Doctrine. As for the Purgatory Golf Course I would recommend that to anyone.

How are Churches Handling Homosexual Scouting?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints otherwise known as the Mormons are the only church I know so far that have rejected Scouting from their facilities do to accepting homosexuals in the membership. Although I do not like Mormon Doctrine or consider them Christians they are to be commended for taking a stand against homosexuality. The Catholics are salivating about this move because now there homosexual priests have a choice between Altar Boys and Scouting. The Roman Catholic Church though it stands against homosexuality practices it in their leadership and hides it in its hierarchy. I have not heard where one Roman Catholic parish has rejected scouting yet. Denominational churches haven’t either. Only the Mormons so far. I guess the Mormon first president is more in tune with God than is the Pope. But then priests have been scouting for boys for years albeit not in the right way.