Bible Fact: Who Cut Samson’s Hair?

Samson, you’re next. The key to the answer to this question is in 1st Samuel 16:19 and the majority of Christians would probably guess that Delilah cut his hair and they would be wrong. A man or a barber more specifically cut Samson’s hair on the orders of Delilah. I wonder if he left a tip?

BIBLE FACT: Kent and the Keys

Kent recently told me that only Peter was given the keys. He, as usual, is wrong. I don’t mean to get Kent keyed up here but he needs to repent. Here are the words of Jesus unless of course Pope Francis is going to change these to bail out Kent. These words were said to the 12 including Peter. The key here is 12 had access and not just one.

Church of God Almighty was the First Church

NOT SEEKING MY OWN GOOD Was what the real first church believed which is the direct apposite of the apostle Peter in Matthew 16. Jesus Christ told Peter that he was seeking his own good from Matt. 16:23. Just the opposite of the real first church Which is specifically Mentioned in scripture from 1st Corinthians 10:32. There’s a whole lot of private interpretation going on in the Roman Catholic Church. Why are they Not mentioned specifically? This church began two years before the cross but focused on the Son of God. His resurrection was icing on the cake. The Roman Catholics were not the first church And that according to Scripture.

Bible Fact: The Wise Men Weren’t So Wise

What’s wrong with this picture? It is depicted so often in our manger scenes today. Biblically it is not accurate.

By the time the wise men got to Jesus Christ he was a young child in a house and NOT at the manger. I would think churches would want to get it right and not mislead the children or the adults of the church.

Who is the Rock in Matthew 16? The Rock in question is Jesus Christ and not Peter. How could Peter be the rock when he didn’t even know what the gospel was? Peter rebuked Jesus Christ on that point. Christ told Peter to get behind him Satan. It is Painfully obvious that Peter is the foundation of the Satanic church called the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic rock is Not like the church Rock being Jesus Christ. Why would Jesus Have Peter as the foundation of the church known as Roman Catholic? You would just be another human foundation as John Wesley was.

Bible Fact: King Og’s Bed

Deuteronomy 3:11 States that King Og was ahead of his time. He had a really big king size bed as it measured 13 feet by 6 feet. It was a large metal bed and quite comfortable for the king. That sure beats most king size beds today. According to Bible scholars it still exists to this day. It makes you wonder how large a blanket was needed to cover him?

The Catholics Built on the Wrong Foundation

Jesus Christ is the foundation of the church. Not Peter. Catholics don’t believe this. They are at odds with Scripture. They believe that a parent Can push a child to believe or make a decision themselves. God draws the sinner to Jesus Christ. What’s next on the Catholics Wrong foundation? Stay tuned.

The US Embassy in Jerusalem

Many presidents of the United States promised to make Jerusalem Where the US Embassy would be located But the job was never done Until president Donald Trump took office. He Removed the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem where it stands today. Former presidents all promised the same thing But Donald J Trump got it done. The Palestinian state is outraged. Jerusalem has always and part of Israel. If the Arab world truly cared about the Palestinians state they would give them part of their larger countries. Instead they are located to be a perpetual thorn in the side of Israel. Without the help of Israel and the United States the Palestinian state Would fail. Yet whenever harm comes upon the United States, The Palestinians state Cheers that harm. They Bite the hand that feeds them. I don’t think that will happen with Donald Trump as president.Trump is already taking away Financial aid from countries That do not care For their own people. And the Palestinian state Better take notice of that.”>