Opening the Denominational Box

The denominational Church box has been opened all with man-made founders and each with their own identifying name. I’m glad I attend a bible-based church with no denominational ties and no denominational founder. In fact, that’s just what the Apostle Paul suggested by Holy Spirit inspiration. Now what do we find flying out of Pandora’s Box? The only true church, magic underwear, the book of common prayer, The Book of Mormon, science and health with key to the scriptures, the Watchtower, infant baptism, paid Ministry, acceptance of homosexuals, and the list goes on and on. Paul said we should all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions Among Us. Did the denominational church ever go astray? Human founders produce Church flounders.

TD Jakes

TD Jakes is a Oneness Pentecostal and his doctrine is from the pit of Hell. As you can already see for yourself his teaching on the Triune godhead is totally wrong. This is the man that put Paula White in the ministry. They both are greedy for money and play the opposite of Robin Hood. They take from the poor and give to the rich; themselves! I think I’ll have some of these phony televangelists join a sewing Circle because they love to talk about sowing. I call what they practice seedy faith. Has TD Jakes ever read Matthew 6:24? You cannot serve God and money. Jake’s is destitute of the truth because he thinks that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself! Good advice from scripture. Withdraw yourself from TD Jakes!

TD Jakes Now FOR Gay Churches

I wonder what Bible TD Jakes is reading out of? The Bible in both Testaments condemns homosexuality but Jake says his position on the issue is evolving. Well, Jake’s can evolve his position right back into the swamp. This is an embarrassment to the body of Christ. Jesus told the adulterer at the well that he did not condemn her but at the same time he told her go and sin no more. Jake’s would disagree with Jesus on this. But should Christians really judge another?

God judges those outside the body of Christ but Christians are to judge those inside the body. Even those homosexuals that claim to be in the body of Christ when they are not. Romans 1:30 says that homosexuals are haters of God and Romans 1:32 says to those that approve of them they are worthy of death. How can TD Jakes support them when the Bible says they will not inherit the Kingdom of God? This is just further Evidence that Jake’s is an apostate. And it is further Evidence that mankind is straying further and further away from the word of God.

Pentecostal Preyers

There are many foolish Prophets among the Pentecostals. Instead of being Holy Spirit fed, they follow their own spirit and have seen nothing. Instead they follow a different spirit which has nothing at all to do with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads to scripture whereas the different spirit is fueled by feelings. Feelings have nothing to do with truth. That is why Pentecostals Whip It Up into an emotional Frenzy where they believe they can get away with just about anything. The Pentecostal gimmick that they use the most is, Thus saith the Lord. The prophet Ezekiel takes that up here. You’re saying, the Lord says, when God has not spoken. That to me is close to blasphemy. People are being snookered into thinking that these people are speaking for God when they aren’t. That is why they’re prophecy rate is about 20% accuracy. If it was truly from God, it would be one hundred percent accuracy. Why can’t the Pentecostal audience see through this charade? God tells them because they have spoken nonsense and envisioned lies indeed that God is against them now. The Pentecostal audience should consider Ezekiel 14:10. The punishment of the prophet SHALL BE THE SAME as the punishment of the one who inquired. Consider well!

A Different Gospel

A different gospel. If we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel then what we have preached let him be accursed. That is what the Bible says. Read Galatians 1 for more. Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, and all Pentecostal churches that believe in an Acts 29 are accursed for presenting a different gospel that perverts the gospel of Christ. They are like the little boy in Oliver as all they want is some more. I once visited a United Church of Christ which taught that the Holy Spirit should be known as the force that is with you. Holy Star Wars Batman. The church is giving way to a lot of different spirits over the years. The Holy Spirit expressly says that in latter days some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils which is found in 1st Timothy 4:1. Avoid any church that gives you a different gospel from a different spirit.

The Cult of the Holy Spirit

In the next few days I will be bringing you a study about Christadelphians only worshipping God and Oneness Pentecostals only worshipping Jesus. This cult focuses its attention on the Holy Spirit and they are largely found in Brazil somewhat connected to the Roman Catholic Church. I have more in an insert Cult of Holy Spirit. I wanted to find out if another organization revered the Holy Spirit as the chief part of worship. This Cult, along with Christadelphians and Oneness Pentecostals, in some way or another reject the Triune God. 1st John 5:7 says, there are three that bear witness in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit and these three are one. In my category Triune godhead there are many references to why this is so as found in the Bible. Check it out for your edification.


Recall the incident in Matthew 16 where Jesus supposedly makes Peter the first Pope? Seconds later Jesus gives Peter the gospel of 1st Corinthians 15:1-4 and Peter rebukes that gospel.  IF WE OR AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN BRING ANY OTHER GOSPEL BEFORE YOU THAT I HAVE BROGHT BEFORE YOU, LET HIM BE ACCURSED FROM Galatians 1:8. Jesus then said of Peter, Satan, get thee behind me. That could well have been a rebuke to the Catholic faith.

I was reading Acts 1-8 this evening when the Holy Spirit brought something to my eves that I had not seen before. Examine Acts 8 verse 65 closely. Up and until Acts 8, the baptism of the Holy Spirit had  not occurred? So how did Peter baptize?But  PETER WAS WITH THE 11 Disciples when Jesus gave His Great Commission? It would seem that Peter didn’t do a lot of things right.   Why that little devil crossed out the words of God just as the Catholic Church rearranged the 10 Commandments.

Peter represents the Modalism movement today that prays only in the name of Jesus. Oneness Pentecostal TD Jakes does the very same thing!  And he is the spiritual father to Paula White who is a spiritual advisor to President Trump.   Peter, you’ve done it again!


Signs and Wonders- Epilogue

What does this tell you about signs and wonders A Wicked and adulterous generation seeks a sign. So why does everyone want to see a sign to believe? What does that have to say about your behavior?

This should be the Pentecostal motto. That is what they believe in. But what should they believe in?

Faith is the evidence of things NOT SEEN. Pentecostals would have a difficult time believing that. The New Apostolic Reformation would have a conniption fit. The Elijah List would go crazy. The Extreme Prophetic Movement would be having an extremely painful bowel movement. And the Oneness Pentecostals would throw in the towel. So what were the signs and wonders for?

The signs and wonders were to confirm the word. Guess what? We now have the completed canon of scripture. We don’t need to confirm it anymore as we have it. So why the need for signs and wonders today? It will be a plain miracle for some to believe that today! Does the name Pentecostal come to mind?

Signs & Wonders- 1

The Pentecostal Church and the New Apostolic Reformation believe in signs and wonders. They not only believe in them but they make money out of them. It should be noted that Jews request a sign. I didn’t know we had so many Jewish Pentecostals? Benny Hinn does a lot of healing on his programs but for some reason I’ve never seen Benny drink poison or handle deadly snakes? Some of the people that Benny Hinn heals don’t even need healing to begin with. Todd Bentley goes so far as to say that you can’t be an apostle if you can’t heal. But what Bentley can’t comprehend is the sign of the times. In all of history there are seven periods of signs and wonders. Moses did them first followed by Elijah and Elisha. Next in line came Jesus Christ followed by the apostles. In the millennial Kingdom signs and wonders will return. Period six of the signs and wonders movement is what we are in now. The majority of the Pentecostal people believe we are in the last days now so this text of scripture is most appropriate. That would mean that the signs and wonders of todcczx=ay is Satan inspired. I don’t know how you can get away from that. And that is what we are seeing today by Pentecostals and the new Apostolic Reformation. I will have more in my next post.

Laban: The First Pentecostal

It’s deeper all right; deep in apostasy. Do you know that Laban was the first Pentecostal? It is said in Genesis 30:27 that Laban learned by experience! Was this the Pentecostal experience? In Hebrew the word for experience is divination which is the Pagan parallel to prophecy. To the Jews divination was not something you wanted to be or have. Here is another way Genesis 30:27 reads- Scripture itself testifies that experience is akin to divination, a practice banned by Israel. Banned by Israel but accepted by Pentecostals? Laban thought he was blessed by this. Blessed by divination? I think not. The Pentecostal experience is the same thing as Laban learning by experience or as the Hebrew language would put it learned by divination. Divination was a pagan practice and the Pentecostal experience today is also a pagan practice. The roots of Pentecostalism go all the way back to the beginning of new thought. Ernest Holmes who many Pentecostals hold in honor was one of the fathers of new thought. It was a form of mesmerism that was being taught. And this is the foundation that the Pentecostal Church stands on today. Pagan mesmerizers. An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land. The prophets prophesied falsely, the priests rule by their own power, and my people love to have it so. That is recorded in Jeremiah 5:30-31. Today thousands are flocking to Pentecostalism. for wide is the gate that leads to destruction and many go in by it. But narrow is the gate and difficult is the way that leads to life and few find it. I hope all those that are Pentecostal read this article for your Eternal salvation. Your gate is not in divination but truth.

The Falling Away Comes FIRST

The time of the falling away has arrived. I am 100% convinced of it. Almost daily another apostate group pops up and the falling away is within the body of Christ. I have a good friend that is caught in the middle of one of these groups called the restored Church of God. That body believes that if you leave that particular Church you are doomed to hell. The only true church syndrome. They capture Souls by their own doctrines of men. Jesus would counter that saying, in vain they worship me teaching as doctrines the Commandments of men and you can find that in Matthew 15:9. But there is more to the falling away than the Restored Church of God. The Elijah List, the New Apostolic Reformation, the Hebrew Roots movement, Messianic Judaism, and many more to follow. Many in the body of Christ are being swept into this funnel that will lead to destruction. One of the meanings of falling away is rebellion. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. This is a rebellious people, lying children, children who will not hear the Law of the Lord, who say to the seers, do not see, and to the prophets, do not prophesy to his right things, speak to us smooth things, prophecy deceits, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us and this is from Isaiah 30:9-11. The church is in Rebellion against God. We have fallen away from the Bible and giving heed to extra biblical revelation by pastors that have no business in Ministry.This is Todd Bentley and he has no business in the pulpit. He is out of the extreme prophetic movement. I believe the beginning of the end started at Azusa Street with the Revival of the Pentecostal movement and things have spiraled downward ever since. Each new group seems worse than the other. They get further and further away from Bible truth. And no one seems to care. Congregations applaud their foolishness. 1st Corinthians 2:14 says, the natural man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, because they are foolishness to them, nor can he know them because they are spiritually discerned. Discernment in the church is missing in action and has been for some time. The church has fallen for all the foolishness of the Pentecostal movement. We are very close to the rapture. Then the man of sin will be revealed and some pastors will be left behind because they taught their people the wrong things. If the blind leads the blind both will fall into a ditch from Matthew 15:14. The punishment of the prophet Shall be the same of the punishment of the one who inquired and you can find that in Ezekiel 14:10. You won’t be able to blame your eternity pn false teachers because you have a responsibility to know the truth that will set you free but only if you abide in his word, the word of God and John 8:31-32 is where that is found. If you are a part of that Falling Away crowd, repent and return to the body of Christ before it is too late.slide_35

The Christadelphian and Oneness Pentecostal Error

It would seem that Christadelphians and Oneness Pentecostals are fighting the same War but with different handles to the sword. Christadelphians deny the Triune godhead whereas Oneness Pentecostals believe only in Jesus Christ and not specifically God or the Holy Spirit. I recently wrote about another cult that revered the Holy Spirit and no one else. These “Oneness” groups are misguided for various reasons. The Christadelphians believe that Jesus was a created being and that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of God. In other studies on this category I have provided scriptural evidence to the contrary. These people are obsessed with arguments which is something else scripture tells us not to do. Oneness Pentecostals act rather Superior to all other religions believing that they only have the truth. On either category on my website I provide convincing scriptural evidence for the triune God. Whether or not they accept this will depend on their Eternal destiny. They are into systematics over that of biblical truth. Many times in Scripture God uses three as a Divine principle. I believe that he uses it to describe his Triune nature. For example in Jeremiah God pleads, O Earth, Earth, Earth hear the word of the Lord. Why the repetitive 3 times of the word Earth? Examples like this are found throughout scripture. The bottom line is that Oneness Pentecostals and Christadelphians cease their semantics and embrace the truth.

Where is The Interpreter???

In this video you will see TD Jakes and Paula White speaking in tongues with no interpreter The Bible says, if there is no interpreter let him keep silent in the church. There was no interpreter here in this video. Jake’s and White were not following scripture. Let everything be done decently and in order for God is not the author of confusion. It would seem that TD Jakes and Paula White ARE the authors of confusion.