They should call this group, The Four Apostates. To your left are Paula White-Cain and her husband and to your right is Lori and Jim Bakker. It should be noted that White has no theology degree.  She made herself a pastor much like Jezebel did in Revelation. Another thing to be wary of and that is she is the spiritual advisor to President Trump.

Why do I say wary? White says that anyone who tells you to deny yourself is of the devil.Is White calling our Lord  and Savior a devil? That’s like Jim Bakker once  stating that in all his years of ministry he had never come upon Matthew 6:24 before ? It’s right in the middle of the Sermon on the Mount.    All of these so called pastors are NOT of this ilk from 1st Corinthians 9:18. WHEN I PREACH  THE GOSPEL, I MAY PRESENT THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHIST WITHOUT CHARGE SO THAT I WILL NOT ABUSE MY AUTHORITY IN THE GOSPEL. Paula White abuses her authority in the gospel every time she opens her mouth. Be watchful please!



Labyrinths, Geomancers, and Divination- 2

This is a dharma Labyrinth used by Buddhists. I really should have suspected that Buddhists would use these too. I can almost imagine all the Visions they have on these things. Geomancers construct these devices and most are diviners. It might interest a Buddhist I know that divination is the pagan parallel to prophecy. When he uses these things he adapts himself to Pagan practices much like Buddhism itself. Denominational churches have these along with the Roman Catholic Church which doesn’t surprise me. Christians openly pray on Labyrinths to be seen by others. Is that the biblical pattern?

~ Matthew 6:5 (NLT)
Don’t be like the heathen is what Jesus says. Divination Labyrinths and Heathen prayers go together like Fire And Gasoline. Where is the discernment of the church today? I don’t expect the Buddhists to have any discernment whatsoever. But they do have wisdom I’ll Grant them that. That probably comes from mindfulness? But why do denominational churches practice divination and Heathen prayers? I’d like an answer to that question. It seems like the church of late are like the Athenians who always wanted to hear some new thing. That seems to be the plague hampering churches today. As to the wisdom that the Buddhist have, I’ll pick up there in part 3.

Labyrinths, Geomancers, and Divination- 1

A growing number of churches have Placed Labyrinths within them, Some even in the sanctuary if you can believe that! Labyrinths supposedly are for prayer and meditation, spiritual Journeys to the Holy Land, and whatever else church leaders can think of. Such as this. Tarot card Labyrinths? What next? The church is going around in circles enough as it is without adding labyrinths to them. As for prayer, didn’t Jesus warn us of doing prayer on the street corner where they could be seen of men? That’s what Labyrinths are all about as everyone can see what they do. Do you know who puts these labyrinths together? Geomancers! Many of these people are professional diviners. I wonder what the Bible has to say about divination? Just look at the company that divination keeps? For those not in the know, divination is the Pagan parallel of prophecy. So what is it doing in the church? I’ll take that up in part 2.

How About an Ecumenical or Liturgical Labyrinth?

catholic-church-liturgical-year-calendar_1266636763658571_cfe0cbba26_b With all the nonsense filling up denominational churches these days, I’m surprised that no one has come up with a ecumenical Labyrinth. Just think about the possibilities? Anyone in the congregation could celebrate Christmas every day of the year. Or Pentecost for that matter. Churches that have a Labyrinth have congregations March around them in prayer or to take a pilgrimage to Israel. All to be seen by other congregational members. You could also use the Labyrinth during processional hymns by having the choir encircle them before going to there seating area. You could even have a sleepover at the church and put a hotel on the Labyrinth so the members could go to any city in the world and pretend to stay there. This is just another example of playing Church. And just wait! Some church will actually pick up on this idea? I wouldn’t be surprised a bit.

Praying like the Hypocrites: To Be Seen- Part 2

fcc-labyrinth_2017-09-01-02-47-0 I have a bargain for you today. How would you like to go on an all-expense-paid trip to the Holy Land without ever leaving your town? Just go to a church that has one of these labyrinths and you’re all set. One of the functions of these labyrinths is that you can have a pretend trip to Israel. You see, Labyrinths can be used in church for both prayer and trips to the Holy Land. Each option causes you to be seen by men which is against the teachings of Jesus Christ on prayer.slide_5 Pray that you know what not to do for prayer, how should you pray? I will take that up next time.

Praying like the hypocrites: To Be Seen!- Part 1

Here before you is the new prayer closet that the church has adopted-laby_balconyThis is a labyrinth. Church members can stay within the lines to pray. But isn’t this what Jesus warned us about?Matthew-6-5-When-You-Pray-Do-Not So why has the church created the Labyrinth mmonstrosities? Jesus provides us with very clear instructions as to how to pray. It would seem that the church has their own way over that of Jesus’ way. Which do you prefer and which do you intend to practice?

The Degradation of a Church

In 1975 the First Congregational Church of Oak Park merged with the First Presbyterian Church and the two became the First United Church of Oak Park. In 1986 the United Church of Christ became an affirming Church which meant homosexuals, lesbians, and transgenders were welcomed in the membership. How does the First United Church of Oak Park Square itself with the number of verses against homosexuality in both Testaments? In the characteristic of homosexuals in Romans 1 it says that homosexuals are haters of God. How can a church Welcome in haters of God? Once in do they try to change these people or accept them just as they are as practicing homosexuals? This Church degraded itself by accepting active homosexual and lesbian members but that is not there only problem. They have women pastors which is also against scripture and Labyrinths. It would seem that this church is now accommodating itself to the world instead of being separate from the world. Do they witness against homosexuality to their new members or do they affirm them? Does the First United Church of Oak Park also affirm the homosexual agenda? THE SPIRIT SAYS THAT IN LATTER TIMES SOME WILL DEPART FROM THE FAITH GIVING HEED TO SEDUCING SPIRITS AND DOCTRINES OF DEVILS – 1st Timothy 4:1.

The Labyrinth and Roman Catholics

Matthew 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Father Joseph believes that Labyrinths are of pagan origins dabbled with New Age jumbo jumbo. He is correct. Surprisingly, at the St. Joseph Gardens there is a large labyrinth in the middle of the garden. He clearly stated that pagan origins can be covered over With new meanings. That is how the Catholics manipulate doctrines into reality. At These Locations you can pray to be seen by men Just as Jesus Christ warned about. Get out those Catholic mystical crayons again. Many Catholics pray the rosary with this pagan circle. Double whammy. It is here where Roman Catholic join hands with Many Protestant Denominations that Are liberal To Practice what Jesus warned Against. Remarkable!

The Mysterious Labyrinth

In the past I’ve shown you many labyrinths that have been found inside the church building. Here is one just outside the church building. Again, labyrinths are used for prayer an imaginary vacation such as to Israel. Unlike a maze which is difficult to get out of a labyrinth has a path to the center. People that pray on them for some reason like to be seen when the Bible says that prayer should be in our private closet. Jesus tells us that open prayer to be seen by men is hypocritical. And Jesus says, do not be like them. So why in the world would the church want to have a labyrinth? Maybe it’s for those that can’t afford a vacation to Israel? But should we be doing such things in church? To me it seems a little foolish. If you can’t afford a trip to Israel you can always rent a video to watch the highlights at home. The body of Christ is to cast down imaginations and every High thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. It seems that Labyrinth stand against the knowledge of God. Again, why have these labyrinths either in or out of the church? Maybe they’d be better served in a community park? Thoughts on this issue?