Put a Muzzle on Lori Bakker

Jim Bakker fake crying. What are you complaining about? I have to hear that continual uh uh uh for my entire show. Pretty soon I’ll be offering a Jim Baker muzzle for free.

Lori Graham Bakker

“Amen uh uh uh oh my uh uh uh. Yes Jim uh uh uh uh. Yes I once had 5 abortions. Uh uh uh uh uh”. I once saw a guest on the show put an imaginary gun to his head during one of her many uh sessions on the show. I’ve never heard so much intelligent talk out of her mouth before. Lori Bakker is the perfect uh uh machine. The best thing that show could do to increase ratings would be to muzzle her. And maybe a spare one for Jim too. Plus a final muzzle for Tammy Sue especially when she gets up to sing. I would think that the Jim Bakker Show is equal in ratings to the test pattern on most Networks.

Paula White is Spiritual Advisor to President Trump

Paula White Dispite the fact that Senator Grassley is investigating Paula White, President Trump has selected her as his spiritual advisor. I would think Mr. Trump has enough problems without having this pastor as his advisor. Could the president have selected her on her qualifications as being blonde and beautiful?3a3ce6e1b8e3e676b77fc0a6fa7844d5

And where is the discernment of the president? This woman doesn’t even meet the qualifications of a pastor and she’s been divorced 3 times and does not have a good testimony to those who are outside according to 1st Timothy 3. She is also very greedy for money which pastors are not to be. If the president says he’s a Christian he should know the qualifications for a pastor.

How About a Spiritual Check-Up?

I would like to check your hearing today. What area of your body do you listen with? Your ears of course. I don’t have Q tips but perhaps this will do. How does faith come to you? Romans 10:17 is your hearing test today. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Did you hear all that? Are you going to appropriate that into your life? Hooray! You passed your hearing test. Oh, and the second best part of this is that I will not be sending you a bill.

Spiritual Reflexes

Remember those rubber hammers the doctor’s would tap on our knee? They were checking our reflexes. The normal reaction would be a slight kick forward. I once told my doctor that he better not use that hammer to drive a nail Into a board. I was about 10 when I said that. Our family doctor just cleared his throat and went on with the procedure. How are your spiritual reflexes? Can you tell the difference between Good and Evil? How about between good and bad Doctrine? That requires more in depth Bible knowledge. The Holy Spirit can guide you into all truth. He also compares spiritual things with spiritual. I think my spiritual reflexes are doing just fine. How about yours?

Spiritual Workout

How about a spiritual workout today? In comparison, how many nights a week do you work out physically? How often do you have a spiritual workout? Let’s not count Sunday as that is the day of rest. What does your score card look like? Bodily exercise profits little but godliness is profitable for all things. In Greek, the word for little is miniscule. I would Hazard to say, though, your minuscule workout would be the spiritual one. For men, they have abrogated their role in the home as spiritual leaders. They claim they just don’t have the time. But they do have time for tennis or a round of golf and maybe a softball game or two. When they get home it’s off to bed they go. No time with the kids and precious little with their wives. Bible study with the family? Zippo! Well for the foreseeable future, The Bible and Exposing Cult Error is going to be addressing that issue. Already I have addressed a spiritual medical condition. This new approach will be added into our mix of Exposé’s, humor, and music. I hope by this time next year, you’ll be as spiritually fit as you are physically fit.

Mercury Control

I believe there are many ways to check your temperature but I prefer the one in the mouth. My nurse sometimes gives me my temperature reading under my armpit or on the forehead. The Bible uses temperature as well and my favorite passages in Revelation. God would rather us be hot or cold. My passion for the Lord runs very hot which is just the opposite of A Safe physical temperature. Some people have a very cold nature
Toward God. But those that are lukewarm spews out of his mouth. The lukewarm position is neither cold nor hot. How would you rate your temperature before God? I hope it’s temperatures Rising!

What”s Up Doc?

I remember my mother telling me to eat my carrots. I hated them when I was a Youngster but now, if they’re cooked well, I can eat_them by the Dozen. My grandmother once made homemade carrot juice. It tasted great going down but it tended to make the roof of my mouth itch. Carrots have some of the best vitamins and minerals in them to make us healthy over that of any other vegetable. Plus a famous carrot cruncher recommends them to. And he never seemed to need a doctor.

Why are Only 13 States Investigating Child Molestation by the Roman Catholic Church?

Why are only 13 states now investigating in the Roman Catholic Church in regard to priest child molestation cases? Where’s the responsibilities of the other 37 States? Is the Roman Catholic lobby that important? Does it stand out larger than the children themselves? It would seem that the hierarchy of the church are more concerned with the billions of dollars in lawsuits filed against the church then in the children that have been offended. Here is the report by NBC News child / Priest Sex. Why are the other 37 States not responding to their children? This has become not only a problem for the United States but for all civilized countries around the world in regard to the Roman Catholic Church. Some say that members of NAMBLA are becoming priests with fertile feeding rounds for their perversion. NAMBLA is the North American man-boy love Association. State authorities need to take this issue very seriously. The Roman Catholic churches play the game of Shuffle the priest around when they offend. In that way everyone gets to share the offending priests. Why have not more Catholic parents left the Roman Catholic Church over this nightmare? Who can really trust their priest anymore? And more importantly what will the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy do with offending priests? Will they turn them over to public officials or the police? In truth this should be happening in every state and every city in the Union. Protect our children should be the Battle Cry. But is it?

God’s Daily Nourishment

The difference between toxic and detoxing food is right before your eyes. It’s not good if you’re eating canned fruit with all the added sugar.

To help you get away from toxic food here is an example of the foods that will increase your brain power. I’ll even toast your success with a glass of red wine! Or hot chocolate if you prefer.

How about some hydrating Foods? Of course nothing surpasses water.

What about your breakfast food as that is supposed to be the most important meal of your day and most of us skip breakfast or have a donut and a Starbucks coffee. By the way, have you ever seen a sardine fish? If so you’ll be the first one ever! There is no such thing as a sardine fish. So what are sardines? Herring1 But I’ll take mine with sour cream and onions thank you.

God’s Medicinal Food

Let’s start off with the foods that aren’t so good for you and that you are most likely addictive to. Now that we’ve got the bad stuff out of the way let’s look at how you can lengthen your days upon the Earth. Methuselah ate this food and lived to be over 900 years old. Maybe you can break his record?

What about food that can help you heal?

I’ll be back soon with more healing foods. Remember to avoid the top food above!

Immigration and Assimilation- 2

Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution of the United States states that the United States is a republic and not a democracy. America is governed by the Constitution supposedly. Islamic immigrants to our country demand that Shahira law accompany them to our Shores. If they desire that law so much, why did they leave their native country to come to America? Assimilation plays a key role in immigration. One’s cultural aspects may be blended into our system but not one’s cultural laws for we have our own laws governed by the Constitution of the United States. If you opt for your own legal system why would you come to America? A cultural blend adds to America’s culture but we don’t need a new legal code as our constitution stands apart quite nicely. It covers our means of governance. English should also be a requirement for citizenship. Immigrants need to acclimate to our governance and not the other way around. They need to blend into our society adding what they can to make it better. America is a nation of immigrants but only according to our governance and according to our constitution as nothing else will do.

What does the Bible say about Illegal Immigration?-

Are you familiar with this poem? It is found on the Statue of Liberty Overlooking New York Harbor. Give me your tired your poor. What does this mean according to the laws of the land? Can any country take in the immigrants of the entire world without limitation or restraint? The Bible is quite clear on immigration. But largely under the law.

Mishpat is a Hebrew word for rule-of-law. That means that immigration must be connected to law and that the term illegal immigration must be addressed. What does the word illegal mean? Not according to law. Every Sovereign Nation has laws otherwise it becomes a lawless Nation. The United States, for example, has a process for immigration under the laws of the land. My grandparents came into the United States from Lithuania under proper immigration law. They just didn’t come here and claim they were citizens. They had to go through the process of becoming citizens. Every Sovereign Nation deals with this issue. Can you imagine a country like Romania taking in every single immigrants in the world? The United States has laws to deal with immigration in the proper format. Even our country has limits to what they can do. Yet when immigrants cross the border illegally they should not be imprisoned in cages but should be dealt with humanely.

The Democratic Party wants open borders so perhaps they should bear the responsibility of adopting an immigrant family until they can feed and clothe themselves and support themselves lawfully. Has this ever been addressed by our country? One difficulty is there would be a language barrier at first. Reeducation at an older age can be difficult. There are also cultural differences to be considered. I will go into more of that in part 2.