This Isn’t Rocket Science Folks

THE CHURCH IS NOT SPIRITUAL ISRAEL. Those that believe this are not rightly dividing the word of Truth. God has promised an Everlasting Covenant with Israel.

My second graphic is concerning the body of Christ. This was our position until Paul came on the scene. The body of Christ did not have an Everlasting Covenant with God, Israel did and still does. How do I know this?

Like the Apostle Paul, I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery. Presently Israel has been hardened IN PART until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. In part! This is not rocket science people! Israel yet has a future.

There is not just Israel and the Gentile as many replacement people seem to believe.

Here there are three entities those being the Jews, the Greeks, or the Church of God. Three folks, not two. Those that rightly divide the truth know that Israel is found in times past and yet future. The body of Christ is but now. Read Ephesians 2 and 3. To the body of Christ the entire Bible is for our learning but for the doctrine of the body of Christ it is found solely in the Pauline Epistles.

Israel is under the prophecy program whereas the body of Christ is under the mystery program. That is why for Israel there is much to come.

Again this is not rocket science folks. Don’t make it so!

Messianic Truth or Error?- 2

Messianic Jews, the Hebrew Roots movement, and the restored Church of God all fall under this fable that the law coexists with Grace.Messianic Jews I hope I have spoken the truth in love.

Signs and Wonders- 3

The 7th and last period of signs and wonders is yet future. It will occur during the millennial Kingdom when Jesus sets up his throne on Earth. Not only will signs and wonders appear but for a Time sacrifices will also be given until Israel an unsaved Gentiles that have made it through the Great Tribulation except their Messiah. All the Fantastic signs and wonders the Jesus did during his Earthly lifetime will be found in the millennial Kingdom. This will be the Earthly Kingdom for the Jews. Where is the body of Christ? In the Heavenly Kingdom since the rapture. If you remember in Revelation 22, there will be a new Heaven and Earth. Can’t you just wait?!

Soil and Water- 4

Now we come to the good soil. But the crop to harvest is still in doubt. How much will we profit by this soil? Some 30, some 60, or some 100? This soil depends on how much you put into it. Remember this is a Jewish parable and Jews put a lot of stock into good works. Some will produce a crop of about 30% While others 60%. While others who devote themselves entirely to the law May reap a harvest of a hundred percent. It’s what the laborer does to the soil. How much of himself does he put into the soil? Ezekiel 47 regards the depth of water somewhat differently. The person is no longer in ankle, knee, or waist-deep water. He now is able to swim in the depth of water he finds himself. I Often refer to this as swimming in the spirit. He doesn’t allow externals to scare him out of the water at various depths. He doesn’t concern himself with 30 or 60% immersion. He goes all the way! 100%! Both the soil and the water examples require work on the part of the recipient. For that is the Jewish way. Remember, this parable is not directed to the body of Christ. We can learn from it but it is not our Doctrine. Our salvation is based on faith alone or faith plus nothing. Ephesians 2:8-9 bears that out.

Is the Palestinian State fictional?

B4bxCjwIIAEALRdShould there even be a Palestinian state? A Palestinian state as it exists today is the benefactor of both the United States and Israel. A few days ago president Trump suggested pulling financial support away from the Palestinian state. The honest reality is that the Palestinian State exists today as a Perpetual Thorn in the side of Israel. If the Islamic World truly cared about the Palestinian state any number of their countries can absorb them. They could then be supported by Arab countries. Without the support of the United States and Israel the Palestinian state could not exist. The UN Security Council consistently backs the Palestinian state to no one’s surprise. What nation on the Earth would permit a terrorist state to be located right next to them? When will the United States wise up? We pay the vast support of both the Palestinian state and the United Nations. What do you say?

Grace and Works: A Contradiction? NO!- Part Two

Join these three teachings with Ephesians 2:8-9. By Grace you have been saved through faith, it is the gift of God, NOT OF WORKS, lest any man should boast. Now you have the biblical teachings about Grace plus nothing. The passage in James implies Grace needs works but that was meant for Jewish believers. When Jesus Christ said it is finished he meant finished. He did it all for us and no amount of work can save us. It’s Grace plus nothing. I will break this down in part 3.

Grace and Works: A Contradiction? NO- 1

For the body of Christ it is Grace Plus NOTHING. Some believe this is a contradiction with the book of James. Here is a verse from James.

James says faith without works is dead. Is there a contradiction? Absolutely not! How can that be? Ephesians 2:8 says, NOT OF WORKS lest any man should boast. But James says, faith without works is dead. On the surface it does appear to be a contradiction but the word of God does not contradict itself. What most people do not realize is that Paul was writing to the body of Christ and James was writing to Israel. How do I know this to be true? Let’s examine James 1:1.

James was writing to the 12 tribes of Israel scattered among the Nations and that is not the body of Christ. The Twelve Tribes relates directly to Israel not the body of Christ. Israel or Judaism more precisely believes in a works salvation as does the Mormon church and the Restored Church of God. The latter Church believe that America is Ephraim and that they are spiritual Israel which opens up on another whole can of worms. About the Apostle Paul Who is the Apostle to the Gentiles or the body of Christ says it is grace alone that saves. But Ephesians 2:8 is not the only evidence of grace alone and not it works text as we shall see in part 2 of the series.

The Feasts of Israel and the Church- 2

Is the body of Christ supposed to observe Jewish feasts? To the believer those feasts were a shadow of things to come.

There are four holidays in the spring and three in the fall and we are presently in the Autumn cycle.

Under Israel’s program four of the feasts are in times past. None of them are in but now however three of them will be in the ages to come. But how is the body of Christ supposed to relate to these feasts?

A great question is why continue in the feasts for Messianic believers when you have returned from being converted from it?

  1. The feasts were under the category of legalism today. If you’re a Messianic believer and you are freed from the law, why return to the slavery of Mosaic law?

The Feasts of Israel and the Church- 1

Should the church be celebrating the seven feasts of Israel? What does New Testament Doctrine tell us?

Is the Apostle Paul referring to the feasts and celebrations of the Jewish calendar? I believe he is telling us that we are not to go back to Egypt spiritually or into a bondage of the feast days and new moons that Israel celebrated and does celebrate. All of these occurred under the law of Moses and were a shadow of things to come

. These are what Israel celebrated in the past and also presently. But are they for the Christian to celebrate? There are two areas of thought on this.

The Feast of Israel should not be forced on any member of the body of Christ. If they desire to participate that is an individual decision but not a corporate one. I will continue this discussion in part 2.

World War 3 ?

Israel attacks Syria today killing four Iranians. In response Iran says they will wipe Israel off the face of the map. The threat has occurred before many times. Here is a video about what Israel has done to protect itself. If Israel were attacked it is only natural that the United States would center jjihat

Prophecy Partially Fulfilled

This is a prophecy verse for Israel. One day is to the Lord as a thousand years. After two days God will revive Israel. Many scholars believe that prophecy has been fulfilled when Israel became a nation in 1948. After 3 days he will restore Israel. That third day is yet future and scholars believe that will occur after the 1000 year Millennial Kingdom. Israel has yet to go through the Great Tribulation followed by the 1000-year millennial. Only one-third of Israel Will Survive the Great Tribulation according to Zachariah the prophet. It will be the remnant of Israel. This is a rather exciting prophecy and we are living in the partial fulfillment of this prophecy with much more to come. As the Psalmist says, pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

2020 Homosexual Agenda for America

If Democrats Get in power in both houses and the Presidency look for this package to proceed as covertly as possible. This agenda is seeking legal sexual relationships with boys down to the age of twelve. For a time in the RCC it was blinked at until revealed. Homosexuals became seminarians and the RCC showed no discernment whatsoever in dealing with the problem until only just recently. Please examine this daily schedule of the Agenda.Here is another list of affirming churches who also march in gay parades along with political activists.

Faith vs Works- 2

There are two gospels in play here. Peter and his gospel is directed at the Jews according to Galatians 2:7-9. Paul’s gospel comes through the revelation of Jesus Christ to him directly. Where is water baptism found in Paul’s gospel? In fact, where are any of the RCC Sacraments? Yet Paul’s gospel is the one by which ye are saved. When Jesus gave that same gospel to Peter, he rejected it causing Christ to say, Get thee behind me Satan. Pope Francis says that Paul was the greatest missionary ever! And in Acts 9:17-18 guess who is the one that earns priesthood succession? Paul and not Peter. It is a true saying under the gospel of Peter to the Jews. The Catholic epistles- Hebrews thru Revelation- were written to Jewish believers. Who was James written to? James 1:1- The 12 Tribes of Israel! Paul’s gospel is faith plus nothing!

In Part three, I will have some closing thoughts.