But, The RCC doesn’t believe that Bible propaganda. They have a secret and it starts with the word- And all of a sudden, Israel becomes the Roman Catholic Church. That makes the wafer and wine Eucharist miracle appear as nothing in comparison. Now Israel becomes the Catholic. church. All this with scripture to the contrary. I have a question for the RCC. What about Romans 11:25-26?Does Scripture say, Blindness in full has happened to Israel? No, blindness in part has happened to Israel. If the RCC believe they are Israel they will not be raptured prior to the time of Jacobs Trouble which is reserved for Israel and the unsaved. It does say that. But what is meant by all Israel? Get out the parchment! Two-thirds of Israel shall perish in the Great Tribulation. But the third part, He will refine in the fire. Israel will then recognize Christ saying, the Lord is my God. That’s Israel all the way folks! Not the RCC. Unless they repent of their colossal lie they will find themselves here-

If Israel were dead, why all the unfilled prophecies for Israel yet future? Why have they been blinded in part until the fullness of the Gentiles has come In? Repent RCC!


Speculation Prophecy

For the time will come when they will not endure sound Doctrine. That time has come and people like Jim Bakker, Jonathan Cahn, and Rick Joyner among many many more are all involved speculation prophecy with a average of 20% accuracy. These supposed Christie ans should not be involved in this at all for the remainder of biblical prophecy is directed to Israel and not the church. The entire Book of Revelation is written for the Christians learning but for the doctrine of Israel. 1st Thessalonians 5 admonishes the believer that the wrath of God is Not For Them. The Great Tribulation is the time of Jacob’s trouble or Israel and unsaved gentiles. The Apostle John wrote the Book of Revelation and he was a apostle to the circumcised or Jewish people according to Galatians 2:7-9. The New Apostolic Reformation doesn’t believe all that and they want people scared. The Bible says, God did not send you a spirit of fear but the New Apostolic Reformation sure does and they profit by it financially.

If you want to know about the end time read the majority of the prophets of the Old Testament and specifically Daniel and Zechariah along with the gospels and Revelation. This ministry does not peddle the word of God. It does not want to make merchandise out of you as so many do. All the prophecies that you need are located in the Bible. You might try reading that from time to time to learn what’s going to happen to Israel. Or you can reside here with Jim Bakker, Jonathan Cahn, and Rick Joyner where 20% of their fantasies come true.

More Jewish Prophecies

Yesterday I showed you from Hosea about the secrets of God to Israel by way of Prophecy. Much like these prophecies.Jesus+a+Zionist


Prophecy. Fulfillment. Shepherds. (3:15; 23:4) 1 Peter 5:1-4; Jn. 10:1-4. All nations united (3:17-18) Acts 2:1-4. Branch of Righteousness. (23:5; 30:9; 33:15-16) Luke 1:30-33; Rom. 1:3; 11:26-27; Rev. 22:16. Ruler from the people. (30:21) Micah 5:2; Jn. 1:11; Gal. 4:4. New covenant (31:31-34) Heb. 8:8-12; 10:16-17.


The Difference Between Petros and Petra- 1

What is the difference between a pebble and a rock?

Petros or Petra? For each of these words there are multiple forms of definitions. Here, though, I am searching for the meanings of Peter and rock.

Shall we examine Matthew 16:16-18? In these three verses Peter is known as his real name, Simon Peter, Simon Barjona, and finally Peter. Three names in three verses all revolving around the same man. The Lord To clarify whom He was addressing. THOU ART PETER. Catholics claim Peter is the rock in question because of all the other apostles he knew who Jesus was.

Or did he? These are all wrong answers. Jeremiah was an interesting response because- Close But no cigar. Here was the answer and who said it. Simon Peter got the answer right. Or did he? It was revealed to Simon Peter by God. Just as Paul being recognized as the Apostle to the Gentiles by the resurrected Jesus Christ. On his own Peter had trouble putting things together as he did just a few verses later when Jesus revealed to them how he would suffer and die. Peter then rebuked Jesus for that type of thinking. Jesus replied, Get thee behind me Satan.In part two, conversation about the rock.

Tongues in Church Today

Without an interpreter? Is that required?Most tongue speaking today is for show, is gibberish, and done by women with no interpreter. Without an interpreter, tongues are not to used. The church is not edified God is not the author of confusion so please let everything be done decently and in order. Praise the Lord!

The United States Trojan Horse- Chrislam

The FBI should have this verse of the Bible on each desk of their agents. It describes perfectly the role of Islam in the United States today. Or as Teddy Roosevelt would put it, speak softly but carry a big stick. Through a very weak immigration system we have allowed Isis members access to our country. Chrislam is just another form like the Trojan Horse. We have openly allowed the enemy into the United States with blinders on until only just recently when President Trump placed a travel ban on Muslims entering the United States backed up by the United States Supreme Court. Liberal churches have bought in to the lie of Chrislam which seeks to unite Muslims, Jews, and Christians. On the surface that might look okay but it’s a deceptive trap. Surah 9;
5 in the Koran says, Take neither the Jews nor the infidels for your friends, slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Chrislam does not want peace it wants us in pieces. Please don’t buy into the lie of chrislam!

Know Your Popes- 1. Saint Urban II

How do you earn sainthood as a Roman Catholic? By killing some 56 million Muslims, Jews, and Christians. He was the Pope that started the Crusades and also the Pope that began the sex tax. Read above to find out more about that. The Catholics sure have a lot of sexual issues.

The Restored Lukewarm Church of God

David C Pack of the Restored Church of God desires you to have one foot in the Mosaic law and one foot in New Testament grace. This video will help you understand this as this church takes the lukewarm position. They deny the Rapture of the body of Christ believing themselves, like the Jews, to be going through Jacob’s trouble otherwise known as the Great Tribulation. Only one-third Will Survive that event. Pack Is an apostate and like Jesus once warned, you travel Land and Sea the win one proselyte and when he is won you make him twice the son of hell as yourself.

Faith= Justification Plus Works

Whatever the Lord gave to Martin Luther, the Catholics in their arrogance cannot accept. They keep up the old refrain about them being the oldest church. Actually, if you follow the plan of salvation that Paul declares you can’t go wrong. That plan was hidden in God from the very beginning. Paul had this plan revealed to him by the resurrected Jesus Christ. Peter had the gospel which he immediately rejected. He rebuked Jesus on this. Jesus said, Get thee behind me Satan. The audience in James is to the 12 tribes of Israel, not the body of Christ.

Peter admits in his second epistle that some have a hard time understanding the scriptures of Paul. That some include Roman Catholics. Paul never was to replace Jesus, only imitate Him. Catholics blame Martin Luther for the reformation when it is really Paul who they, like Peter, do not understand.

What’s Wrong With THIS Picture?

Do you remember Archie Bunker in regard to Christ saying, The Jefferson’s were right. This could very well be Jesus Christ as to the color. Israelites are more black than white. How else is Jesus described in the Bible? According to Isaiah, Jesus wasn’t handsome as our cover picture shows. There is no beauty in him that we should desire him. Churches may reject Him On appearance. According to God, beauty is on the heart. So, in the eyes of God, how beautiful are you?