Physician Heal Thyself

Ernest Angley is in prevent mode. He is in trouble with his bank on the mortgage to his facility which is past due. But what I want to ask is one big question. Angley claims to heal thousands of people especially in Africa. If he can heal all those people, why can’t he heal himself? He wears a toupee. Why can’t he ask the Lord for real hair and receive it? I would like an answer to that question?

Can Ernest Angley Heal?

Ernest Angley is a Pentecostal pastor nearing the end of his life at the age of 96. He spends a great amount of time in Africa where he claims to heal AIDS. South Africa would not allow him to preach on this because he did not have documentation on any of his healings. If Ernest Angley can really perform miracles, why did he not claim a healing for himself and his baldness? He wears a toupee. What about, physician heal thyself? Well he might be too busy for that because of this. Angely believes in point of contact which means if you touch your TV set while watching him you are you are in direct contact with him. If you believe that I have some swamp land in Mississippi that you would love to own. I wish him well in his old age for he has a lot to discuss with the Lord at the great white Throne judgement. He better start preparing that documentation.

Pastor Qualifications

Two qualifications of a pastor are they are not to be greedy for money and they are to have a good testimony to those that are outside the church. As for the first qualification noted that would eliminate the majority of Pentecostal preachers today. Kenneth Copeland has his own airport for his 5 planes, Paula White told her congregation to donate a month salary or God would get them, Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyers, Juanita Bynum, TD Jakes, and many many more all are unqualified to be a pastor. The woman pastors automatically are unqualified according to the Pauline Epistles. What about those and let’s have a good testimony to those that are outside? Does Jimmy Swaggart when he had sex with prostitutes or Jim Bakker who bilked Millions of dollars from his followers? It would seem that the Pentecostal Church makes their own rules for pastors. And an literate congregation sees nothing wrong with that.

Why do congregations even allow such unbiblical pastors that flourish in the Pentecostal Church. They don’t follow the Bible one bit and no one seems to care. I classify the Pentecostal Church as an apostate cult. If the blind lead the blind both will fall into a ditch. Ezekiel 14:10 says, the punishment of the prophet shall be the same as the punishment of the one who inquired. Perhaps we should start listening to the word of God instead of the Godless Pentecostal pastors.

Tongues in Church Today

Without an interpreter? Is that required?Most tongue speaking today is for show, is gibberish, and done by women with no interpreter. Without an interpreter, tongues are not to used. The church is not edified God is not the author of confusion so please let everything be done decently and in order. Praise the Lord!

Satan’s “Name It, Claim It” LIE !!!

I’m sure you’ve heard Benny Hinn say this many times and he’s not the only one. You can almost pick out your favorite Pentecostal pastor and he’s done the same thing Benny does. Have they never heard of this scripture? Matthew 6:24 says, YOU CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MONEY OR MAMMON. I remember Jim Bakker saying that he had never heard of this scripture until he entered prison. He was a pastor for many years prior to that and it’s hard to believe that he never saw this verse from the middle of The Sermon on the Mount! The name it claim it phonies believe that can speak words into existence almost like magic. You know, it is Magic.

Now you know where the prosperity preachers got the name it claim it idea. I will create as I speak and that is abracadabra. And that is what I call the Abracadabra Church. You know it as the Pentecostal Church but they practice the same thing.

The Magic Kingdom of Pentecostalism is the occult. And here are its inhabitants.

People just destitute of the truth suppose that godliness is a means of gain. The Bible tells us, from such withdraw yourself and not your money. These pastors are Satan’s pastors having been taken captive by Satan to do Satan’s will. Press any of the categorical names below and you can pull up all the writings I’ve done on each one Again, withdraw yourself in Jesus name. Amen!

Ernest Angley CANNOT Heal

If Pastor Ernest Angley could heal he wouldn’t need a toupe to wear covering his baldness. Why can’t he heal that?Perhaps because of not repenting of sin. In 1996 he was charged with a homosexual encounter but to his credit he did not deny it. In fact over the years he had several sexual encounters that were unwanted. He chose to continue to preach which is not to his credit. He had lost his good testimony by what he had done which is a standard for preaching. But he was a self willed preacher. Now in his late 90s he has a lot to reflect upon. Here is a short Video with more information.

Prosperity Gospel Pastors Claim Christ and His Apostles were Prosperous

Does this sound prosperous to you? Jesus said, you cannot serve God and money in Matthew 6:24.

It doesn’t appear his apostles were very prosperous either. Prosperity pastors teach a false gospel.

We are not, as so many, corrupting the word of God which is found in 2nd Corinthians 2:17. The word corrupting means making merchandise out of you. If you will recall Jesus chased the money-changers out of the Temple with a whip of cords. That would have been the prosperity preachers of today.

Satan’s Preachers

Such are deceitful workers transforming themselves into Apostles of Christ and no wonder

Therefore it is no great thing if Satan transformed his ministers into ministers of righteousness. Did you catch that? Satan has his ministers and here they are. If the blind lead the blind both will fall into a ditch and those are the words of Jesus Christ. Have you ever heard this verse John 8:32? You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. But how many know the previous verse from John 8:31? IF you abide in my words you are my disciples indeed. I can tell you this that Satan’s ministers rarely abide in his word. It would hold them back from their deception.

Pastors of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself. Did you notice in the video the congregations of these pastors from Satan? That is part of the problem. The congregation is biblically ignorant and proud of it. No one challenges these phonies. So they get away with it laughing all the way to the bank. From such withdraw yourself but not your money. Jesus said, you cannot serve God and money. The Apostle Paul said, when I preach the gospel I may present the Gospel of Jesus Christ without charge so that I will not abused my authority in the gospel. Satan’s ministers hate those verses of scripture. And so should you!

Mega churches Should Pay Taxes

I don’t believe the separation of church and state ever envisioned a mega church. I still don’t believe small churches should have to pay taxes. Small churches don’t have their pastors buying Jets or owning Mercedes, Large mega churches have enormous budgets.

Mega churches pay their pastors outrageous salaries exceeding 1 million dollars a year. Nepotism is rampant in those churches where family members are paid enormous salaries. I’m not talking about the pastor that makes $30,000 a year and has to pay for a small house. I’m talking about the pastors that have mansion and swimming pools.

Those bastards are laughing all the way to the bank and many of them could own Banks. Joyce Meyers once had a parishioner give her money for an entire house and later when she needed some help she wrote Meyers and got a response like this. That’s went welfare is for.

This is why mega churches need to pay taxes. If they paid taxes all the rest of the taxpayers would only have to pay 3% taxes. The separation of church and state never figured on mega churches.

The Bible and Healing

Absolutely yes! But it is in the Lord’s hands not in the hands of men that claim to heal. The Book of James says, the prayer of faith will save the sick and THE LORD WILL RAISE HIM UP. The Lord does heal. Benny Hinn does not even though he claims to heal. A great many people that Benny Hinn supposedly heals later say they were not healed. It was more of a placebo effect. And slain in the spirit is definitely not biblical. Ernest Angley claims to heal but if he can, why does he wear a toupee? Why can’t he heal his head to grow hair? Many healers today are mesmerizers and they can almost hypnotically make you think you’re healed. If healing was in the atonement for mankind, how do you explain what happened to Paul when he asked for the removal of The Thorn In the Flesh? God refused to heal Paul saying that his grace was sufficient. Paul asked 3 times for removal of the thorn. Many believe he had an eye ailment that was described in Galatians. And what about Trophimus? This text of scriptures says he was left sick. Why wasn’t he healed? Yes, healing is in the atonement but at the Lord’s discretion. Are we to pray for a healing? Absolutely! Remember the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up. Our job is to pray and if the Lord is willing, he will heal and raise us up. But it is the Lord that heals not the ones that take the credit for it on TBN.