The Error of Spiritual Israel

In 1st Corinthians 10:33 three entities are named. The Jew, the Greek or Gentile, and the Church of God. How can the Church of God replace the Jews? In Romans 11 it says, hardening or blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in, and then ALL ISRAEL WILL BE SAVED. If you have the Jew, the Gentile, and the Church of God, how come the Church of God be in here twice? No, the church does not replace Israel for that is a lie from the pit of Hell. Questions?

Reincarnation Nonsense

Hinduism beat Buddhism to the punch as they came up with the concept of reincarnation first. Buddhism kind of plagiarized the idea. The leader of Buddhism, Buddha, took five hundred lifetimes to get it right. Jesus Christ took only one lifetime For All Mankind. If you can’t remember previous lifetime how could Buddha remember 500 of them? Maybe he was a closet Hindu? Without Hinduism, Buddhism would have been lost in space. I have a video that might help you understand this crazy concept more.reincarnation nonsense I have it on good authority that Vance Our imaginary Buddhist May well have been reincarnated.

I am Vance and only my can came back. Vitamin D for dummy! Someone drank me and I’m evaporated which is close to nothingness. I’m now empty. The Bad Karma is I came back as a Hindu. Maybe that’s because they invented reincarnation?

Jesus Did NOT Die Spiritually

a226ba14a8fd69281190bc34795e3a9d When Jesus said it is finished what was left to do? Pentecostal leaders like Joyce Meyers and Kenneth Copeland make Jesus Christ out to be a liar. In actuality they are the liars promoting Jesus died spiritually. When they claim this they negate what Christ said on the cross. Christ told the thief on the cross that he would be with him that very day in paradise. Soon after Jesus would take captivity captive. He did not go to the hell side of Hades but rather to Paradise, the same side that Lazarus went to. There was a great Gulf between Hades and Paradise that no one could cross. Christ went to Paradise not to Hades. That’s where the rich man went and he was tormented there. How can Copeland and Meyers get things so wrong? Maybe if they didn’t spend so much time asking for money, they could study the scriptures more. Biblically speaking Meyers has no place in the Pulpit at all. Here is what Joyce Meyers says. 310649fd20c9c3b9d716181d0171be11 She is an advocate for her father the devil and the desires of her father she wants to do and that is found in John 8:44.

The Dangerous Error of the Restored Church of God

The Restored Church of God under the leadership of self-acclaimed apostle David C Pack believe that they are spiritual Israel. This is an abomination from the pit of Hell. A hell on Earth that they’ll face going through the Great Tribulation. If they are spiritual Israel according to Zachariah only one-third of that body will survive. But they are wrong and David C Pack is an agent of the devil. If the blind lead the blind both will fall into a ditch. Israel does have a future as all the prophets of the Old Testament can attest. God would have to be a liar for this not to be so and God does not lie. David C Pack is leading the Restored Church of God into the Great Tribulation willingly. The punishment of the prophet shall be the same as the punishment of the one who inquired and that is found in Ezekiel 14:10. Those that follow this self-proclaimed apostle are fools because they have the word of God before them to read for themselves to discern the error of their self-acclaimed apostle.

The Rapture and the Body of Christ

These texts are ample proof that the rapture is for the body of Christ and no one else. Christ meets the church in the air. This is different from the second coming which is for Israel and those Gentiles that accepted Christ in the Great Tribulation. The body of Christ will not face the wrath of God poured on the rest of the Earth.

Generational Pastors

4-Prices-ApostleDrRev-225x300 I am going to be looking at three cases of generational pastors. The first was a surprise as in 2017 Fred Price Jr resigned from the church due to personal problems. In the beginning he was following in his Father’s Footsteps. I always thought a pastor was a called out position by God. But in all three of our cases Ministry is handed down to the son. There are many more besides these three cases. John Osteen was followed by Joel Osteen and both are part of the word faith movement as are the Price’s. Joel Osteen was a little more reluctant to take up the mantle. When his father died, Joel had to groom himself for Ministry in a hurry. I can never believe that Joel Osteen was called to the ministry by God. It was an inherited Ministry. Now on to case number three. I’m going to need a scorecard for this one. Robert Schuller senior passed down the ministry to Robert Shuler Jr. But when Jr started preaching biblical sermons his father fired him from preaching but he could still remain senior pastor. How can a senior pastor not preach? That made Jt resign. Then Robert Schuàààller senior hired his daughter to be pastor just before he was fired by the board of directors. Are you getting this all down? Then the Schuller’s lost the Crystal Cathedral. Now they’re at a new church with.Robert Schuller Jr. Son preaching and his name is Robbie Schuller. He started on biblical grounds with no robe but less than a year after he started preaching, he now wears a robe and is doing possibility thinking preaching. Did you get all that? The latest is he has merged with the Presbyterian Church and the two and the two are meeting in one facility. I think I prefer the called out preacher by God!

Why Do So Many People Follow False Teachers?

Pastors like Joel Osteen and Paula White have huge congregations. Why? They don’t teach truth from the Bible. They have a little truth with a whole lot of error and the audience loves it that way. The Word of Faith Movement is even worse and even more people follow them! Why? They are all part of the Abracadabra Church. Why? So they can speak money into existence, money for them. They give the people what they want to hear. For the time will come and has when they will not endure sound Doctrine because they have itching ears, they will Heap up for themselves false teachers who will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned around by Fables. The Bible warns against what these people are doing but no one seems to care? All these people need our prayers to turn from their Wicked Ways

The False Teachings of Beth Moore

Have you noticed how many of these false female teachers are blond and beautiful? Beth Moore is among those and her teachings are Rancid. Of late another false teacher, Joyce Meyer, has been heaping Praise on Moore. This video will shed some light on her àhorrendous teachings.Beth Moore Satan’s ministers appear Just as sparkling as he does according to you 2nd Corinthians 11:14-15.

34 Books: Micah 6:8

What does the Lord require of us? That is a loaded question! The first thing he asks of us is to do justly. He wants us to do what is right in his eyes. Most often we do what is right in our eyes. In those days there was no king in Israel, everyone did what was right in their own eyes and that is from Judges 21:25. God doesn’t want that of us. He wants us to do justly from his perspective. The next thing he wants of us is to love Mercy. Again, often we are the ones that want the mercy. But he wants us to have mercy on others. Remember the parable of the Good Samaritan? How would we handle it if an enemy of ours was in peril? Would we go to his Aid? That is the measure of Mercy that God is talking about. Finally what God wants of us is to walk humbly with our God. Today everyone has Pride but I’m reminded that Pride goes Before Destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. God wants us to be the opposite of pride. Those are the Lord’s requirements for us. How are we going to handle that is the question of the day.

Knowledge and Understanding

IMG_20180226_012452 I saw a good friend recently closing his Bible and I asked him what he was doing. He replied that he had just finished reading 2,000 verses. He told me he does that every day. I asked him what he got out of what he had read. He gave me a Blank Stare in return. I would rather speak five words with my understanding then 10,000 words in a tongue. That’s what the Bible says. Knowledge without understanding is worthless. In Acts the Holy Spirit sent Phillip to a eunuch. He was in a chariot reading Isaiah the prophet. Philip asked him if he knew what he was reading? The eunuch responded saying, How can I unless someone guides me? And beginning at that scripture Philip witnessed Christ to him. John 16:13 says, When he the spirit of Truth is come he will guide you into all truth. That is one of the roles of the Holy Ghost. You do the reading and the Holy Ghost will give you the understanding.