Jeremiah- A prophet for 2018

Jeremiah 6:10-16. Jeremiah has hit the nail on the head. An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land. The prophets prophesy falsely. Recently I watched the video where Jim Bakker was called down on his television set by a member of its audience for his 2017 false prophecies on the blood moons. The man was escorted out of the building. Of course, Bakker did not respond to the charges. Jeremiah then said, the priests rule by their own power. Can anyone say Roman Catholic Church? But the last part of this verse is the saddest. And my people love to have it so. Congregations that sit under false teaching amaze me. They do so because they do not study their Bible but take the leaders word for everything. Discernment is missing in the church. But what will you do in the end?slide_3h

There is poison in the pot!!

death-in-the-pot-2-kings-4-38-41 Elisha was with the sons of the prophets as they were making stew. Some of them went out to get gourds to put in the stew. Gourds must have been something like mushrooms. If you picked the wrong kind of mushroom that can kill you. So as the sons of the prophets sliced the gourds into the stew everyone was having a good time. The problem, however, was they didn’t know what kind of gourds they were slicing into the stew. THERE IS POISON IN THE POT! One of the men had shouted that out. He had the discernment of taste. To counter the poison, Elisha put flour into the stew to make it safe.death-in-the-pot-n one of the sons of the prophets could discern the death in the pot. How many of us today can discern the poison in the congregations of the churches we attend?

Media bias and worse

media-womd-lies every television network has a slant against Christianity. On Christmas Day The Today Show featured a cardinal from the Roman Catholic Church. It seems that happens every year. Or they will get a fringe pastor that doesn’t represent true Christianity. If pastors are featured on television they always have a dark side to them or a bad past. The true Gospel of Jesus Christ is never presented on television. But they have all these programs trying to discredit the Bible. They even talk to Mormon leaders more than to real Christian pastors. I suppose I should accept this as something that is going to happen during the last days. With all the nonsense in Pentecostal theology I often wonder how their congregations can take all that garbage and still continue to send the money to their Ministries. Again television is an agent of this as well. But now some television personalities have fallen from Grace and they are now belittled by the media. What goes around comes around. It is interesting to note that the media has a lower percentage of acceptance by the American public than either the president or the Congress. They sure deserve that honor.

Behemoth & Leviathan

IMG_20180116_095209 the two creatures in our title are found in the Book of Job. Behemoth is described as having a tail like a Cedar in Job 40:17. But the more engaging one is leviathan. Job talks about filling his skin with harpoons. ” remember the battle, never do it again” Job 41:8. That sounds like it could refer to a dinosaur. Any hope of overcoming him is vain, shall one not be overwhelmed at the sight of him?- Job 41:9. Whatever Job is describing sounds fantastic. When it raises himself up, the mighty are afraid. But here is the key. On Earth there is nothing made like him. Well, those are the verses in the Bible that might indicate a dinosaur, especially the last one when it says there is nothing on earth made like him. Thoughts?