Chrislam Peace vs Reality- 5

I like that chart. Isn’t it amazing how close Satan is to the Islamic faith? In some large communities in our country right now Shahira law is practiced. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true and this is only the tip of the dangerous iceberg we are facing unless this country gets smart. America needs to stop being politically correct and see Islam for what it really stands for. I will be concluding the series in my next post.


Muslim Brotherhood in the USA – 4

Of all our Graphics in this series this is one you should read in its entirety. The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to conquer from within. There is a trojan horse. Before you vote for any political office that involves a Muslim check them out thoroughly. My video for today is a rather long one but given the topic I think you should listen to it all. Americans need to be aware that one Avenue of Conquest for Islam is from within the United States of America. There are a great many Muslims already at leadership in our country.Islamic brotherhood

Chrislam’s Peace with Non-Muslims – 2

Islam is in all countries of the world now and is growing. Their goal is World dominance despite that of their trojan horse appeal of peace. I have often wondered where the discernment of America is? Why would we allow the hatred of Islam to permeate our country? The psalmist says it well, their words were smoother than butter but in their heart were drawn swords. More in part 3.

Jimmy Swaggart’s Perverted and Corrupt Bible

I’d look sad if I were you Jimmy because your Bible is perverted. Why do you compare yourself favorably to the Apostle Paul? Why did you remove the red letters of Jesus Christ from the Gospels? Why are your words and notes in color in your Bible? This is from a pastor that has had sex on multiple occasions with prostitutes and does not accept church discipline. I have an attachment that would be worth your time to read. Jimmy Swaggart Tammy Faye Bakker Could Cry On Cue anytime so what about the tears of Jimmy Swaggart? Are they real? More importantly are they sincere? There is a great deal of corruption in Jimmy Swaggart Ministries including that of his wife Francis. For weeks Swaggart lied about his wife having knee replacements. What was his wife Frances having?

Both Francis and Jimmy Swaggart are living a lie and why should anyone be following them at all?



Why would anyone want to go through all this and then start the cycle all over again. First you have to battle the hypnotic effect of alcohol. If you fail to do that and surrender then you have all these negative effects to go through. Why not just plead the blood of Jesus Christ over your disease and get on with your life. But you have to want it and want it badly. I personally went through all this superficial garbage before I got serious with my problem and recognized it for what it was. Now if you just desire to continue in your disease, you will be facing this. it’s your decision and your life. Choose Wisely! Or when you awake from this horrible cycle and ask, when can I have another drink?

Prophecy Fulfilled: Dead Sea Coming to Life

A few weeks ago I told you about the red heifer Calf being born in Israel and they are needed for sacrifices in the millennial Kingdom. Now more prophecy is being fulfilled in the Dead Sea as Fish can be seen in sinkholes and vegetation is returning. That fulfills a prophecy from Ezekiel 47:8-9.

We are living in the last days and for the body of Christ the Rapture is near even at the door. Be watchful! Remember that for centuries nothing living could be found in the Dead Sea. That is now changing! I have a video for you on this phenomena Dead Sea changing. Comments are very welcome on this subject.

Pope Francis Lacks Discernment

Pope Francis has been meeting with Muslims for some now and recently signed a peace accord with an Inman. But how can you have a peace accord with people that want to kill you? Its continually mentioned in the Suras in the Koran. The thems in question are non Muslim infidels. That would include Pope Francis. I have a fantastic Bible verse for the Pope in that regard.

Discerning of Spirits

disual-giftsThe spiritual gift that I received from the Holy Spirit is the Discerning of spirits. Expose the unfruitful works of darkness. This was not an asked for gift. I am trying to exercise this gift as the holy spirit would want me to. Solid meat belongs to those who are of full age, that is those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both Good and Evil. When I first became a Christian I had an enormous appetite for the word of God. I not only read the word. I studied it. I went behind the English to the Greek and Hebrew. For example, the word exercised above means by habitual use in the Greek. The Bible commands me to continually test the spirits to see if they are of God. I do a tremendous amount of study on Cults and the Holy Spirit provides me with the ability to discern both the Good and Evil of a Doctrine. Exposing Christian error is next on my agenda and comes under the concept of warning the body of Christ. I cannot do a thing without the abiding power of the Holy Spirit. This is my gift to the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit.

How Would you Answer Two Questions?

Mark+8:36,37+For+what+will+it+pr What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? That is question number one. How would you answer that question? Pentecostal pastors will have to answer that question and much more. I’ve often wondered why they would take such a chance? They live like royalty now but in the end they can have nothing. And their soul would wind up in hell. Not a pretty picture. The next question is even more involved. What will a man give in exchange for his soul? This questions offers man a choice. What in this world would be worth your soul? Mark provides two Great questions here. Just take care as to how you answer them.

Andrew Wommack Heretic

I have a video for you about Andrew Womack today about his false teachings. He is a Word Faith teacher and Believes in speaking things into existence which is primarily what the word ABRACADABRA means. That magical church is growing by the day. Comments are welcome.