Now Thank We All Our God

This is one of several Thanksgiving hymns that churches use over the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you enjoy this version and that all your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving and a safe one in your journey. now thank we all our God


The Wise Men???

    Hey guys we finally made it. I saw some Shepherds over by that Manger. Yeah, but they’re nursing a sick cow not the savior. Okay well so we’re a little late. Let’s stop and check my Sundial again? Stop again? We stopped over a hundred times for you. I told you to go before we left and all those stops for food. Your camel is going to need Doan’s pills for back ache. A Shepherd by the manger said we’re 2 years late and he wanted to know if we wanted some milk? And as long as we’re here. Get back up on your camel. We’ve wasted enough time already. My myrrh is starting to get stale. Oh, yes, and we just had to stop at that horror Factory while you picked up Frankenstein. Dummy you were supposed to get frankincense. Well, Stein seemed more Jewish? By the way can we go sightseeing now that we’re here? Sightseeing? With all your stops we’ve seen every town in Israel but Bethlehem! Now where did you go to? While you two were arguing I asked some guy over there where the Christ child might be? Well for once you did something wise. Who was it? Some guy by the name of Herod and he’s looking for boy children ages 2 and down. Must be some kind of beauty contest. And we’re supposed to be wise men?? Did you get the address? He didn’t know that. In fact he asked me if I knew the address because I was a wise man. Some wise man you are. By the time we get to him he’ll be ready for College. By the way why do you stable your camel so far from your house? Because I’d walk a mile for a camel any day of the week. Are we going out on that joke?

Should THIS Really Come as any Surprise?

Should what is happening today come as any surprise to the body of Christ? Murders, abortions, degrading homosexuality and transgenderism, rampant use of drugs, unrestrained anger, and civil unrest are all signs of the apostasy which has plagued our country. Many people are looking for a great Revival of the church but where in scripture is that talked about prior to the man of sin coming on the scene? It’s not a Revival but an apostasy. Just examine when it’s happening in the church! False teaching abounds. Congregations have become biblically illiterate. Jeremiah 5:30-31 describes this time perfectly. An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land. The prophets prophesied falsely, the priests rule by their own power, and my people love to have it so. Just look at the problems in the Roman Catholic Church with their child molestation scandal. The United Church of Christ and the Presbyterian Church USA among others have sold out to homosexuality. California is trying to ban the sale of Bibles on the internet. The Temple of Baal’s Archway stands in New York City’s Central Park. How can America expect God’s blessing on this country when they flaunt him at every turn? We are presently In the Falling Away. Even Jesus knew that when he said, when the son of man comes will he find faith on the Earth? Given all this where is the Revival of the church? The church instead is falling into rank apostasy. The rapture is at hand. Be ready!

The Holy Spirit is a Person NOT a Force Which is a Farce

The Unholy Trinity of the Unitarians, Biblestudents, and Christadelphians all submit that the Holy Spirit is a force. Can a force speak?

Check out verse 2. The Holy Spirit said with an audible voice.

Can a force lie?

Clearly you can see that here the Holy Spirit was lied to and also will you find out that the Holy Spirit is God as part of the Triune God. The Holy Spirit is not a force as that teaching is a farce.

Those that deny the Personhood of the Holy Spirit blasphemy the Spirit. Need I remind you that is the unforgivable sin? I have more for you with a video today. the Holy Spirit is a person Comments are always welcome. I look forward to how Satan’s emissaries will answer this one?

Mormon Mayhem Doctrine

According to Mormon Doctrine the Holy Spirit today is on probation. The Mormons also believe that’s a Holy Spirit did not beget Jesus Christ. They believe that God had sex with Mary instead. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit overshadowed Christ. The Bible also says that God is Spirit and those that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

These are Mormon leaders who believed that God had sex with Mary including former presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Did you know that Mormons believe that Satan is the brother of Jesus Christ? Did you know that obedient Mormons in the afterlife will have their own planet with spirit children that will worship and pray to them? What utter blasphemy!

Democratic Party Confusion

Nancy Pelosi if lobbying for Psalm 133:1 where it implies for brethren to get along together in unity. Unity would get her the house Speaker role. A group called The Revolutionary Democrats want new leadership or the Democratic Party as that is what their constituents want. The people of the Democratic Party that put these new Democrats in office want these new people to cross party lines and get things done. The Old Guard wants business as usual. So do the new Democrats Kowtow to the old Democrat’s or to what their constituents desire? That may prove to be interesting. It all comes down to listening to the old Democratic Leadership or what the Revolutionary Democrat constituents want to happen. It should be interesting. If the new Democrats want to get reelected they had better heed the voice of their constituents.

As always confusion to the enemy. And the Democratic candidate has plenty of confusion at the present time. Remember what the Republican party went through with the tea party people. Now it’s the Democrats turn through that perilous party.

Democrats Attack Christianity

The Democratic party is trying to attack the Christian Liberties Act. Hillary Clinton toward the end of the campaign suggested that Christianity should be rained in. This is all because of the homosexual movement. Homosexual now legally can express themselves as they wish but want to stop Christians from what they believe. Christian Americans, both Republican and Democrat, should remember this when they go to the polls in November. This video will show you how. Democrats against Christians Here is some information on who supported Hillary Clinton.

I wonder what else Hillary is doing tonight?

What merriment is Hillary pursuing with all her ill-gotten gains tonight?

The rest is for Hillary and Bill. I wonder why she still wants to be president

The First President

A couple of Mormon missionaries stopped by the other day supposedly to witness to me. They asked me if I knew who the first president was and of course I said George Washington. They shook their heads and said their first president. I again replied George Washington. Then I asked them if they were from another country? They said their church first president. The one in charge at their Church. Oh, you mean the guy that rides around in the popemobile. They vigorously shook their heads no and said it was the Mormon president. I said that Mitt Romney didn't win. Finally in exasperation they told me the name of the Latter Day Saints first president. It was just the beginning of a Long Afternoon for those Mormon missionaries. At least I got another Book of Mormon out of circulation. It was a fun afternoon for me but a very frustrating one for the two missionaries. I did not allow them to take charge of their visit or ask many questions about their faith which they had no answers to. I never let them know that I was a Christian evangelist. It's kind of nice playing dumb at times!

How About a Spiritual Check-Up?

I would like to check your hearing today. What area of your body do you listen with? Your ears of course. I don’t have Q tips but perhaps this will do. How does faith come to you? Romans 10:17 is your hearing test today. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Did you hear all that? Are you going to appropriate that into your life? Hooray! You passed your hearing test. Oh, and the second best part of this is that I will not be sending you a bill.

Mark Taylor’s Red Tsunami Wave Prophecy Failed

Mark Taylor is a false prophet. He has difficulty enough making a prophecy weeks in advance whereas Micah’s prophecy of the savior’s birth place was accurate centuries in advance and you can check that out in Micah 5:2. There was no red tsunami on election day in November as the Democrats took the House of Representatives rather easily. The Republicans had modest gains in the Senate. Taylor is more of a Balaam type prophet who always wants to know what more the Lord will say to him. All the prophecies about the future are contained in the Bible yet future. We need no more. Taylor believes Trump was God’s man for the time. Would God put a man of high egotistical opinion of himself into power? Would he put a man of immorality into power? Would God put a liar into power? YES! God put King Mannesseh into power and he was far worse than Donald Trump. Does God talk to Mark Taylor? No. Mark Taylor told everyone that God told him there would be a red tsunami on Election Day and that did not happen. Since God cannot lie that means Mark Taylor lied about the prophecy. Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing. I don’t believe Mark Taylor hears from God at all. Prophets in the Bible were 100% correct. Mark Taylor has had many failed prophecies including the red tsunami. You say the Lord says, when God has not spoken. Because you have spoken nonsense and envisioned lies God is against you from Ezekiel 13:6-8. God did not appoint Mark Taylor a prophet. Mark Taylor Made himself a prophet. Just like Jezebel made herself a prophetess in Revelation 2.

Worship Music

what-is-worship-musicWorship music comes in many forms. Some congregations sing with no musical accompaniment a capella Style. Other churches have large pipe organs for their Sacred Music usually with a choir. Pentecostal churches use instrumentation along with repetitive hymns. Some Apostolic churches have an electric organ and instruments and the electric organ often plays during the sermon. Pentecostal and Apostolic services bring the beat of the world into the church. They also use repetitive verses. Jesus might offer them some inspiration as to repetition.5380OTTThumbnail.1 In prayer Jesus says to not use vain repetitions as the Heathen do. Would vain repetitions in music be any different? Many churches sound more like rock music than Spiritual music. They bring rock singers into the church to play vain repetitions over and over again. The church has forgotten how to use praise to honor the Lord. As in all things the church is accommodating itself to the world to bring in young parishioners. They bring them in with worldly music hoping to get them to hear a good sermon. I think the Bible itself is a good enough calling card. We don’t need the world infiltrating the church.