NBC Partisan Democrat Trump Circus

An NBC leading War correspondent has resigned calling his own network the Trump circus. The correspondent also dislikes Trump but believes that his network is so Trump focused that real news has been ignored. So much for the Free Press and their ethics. When networks become partisan to either party the news Services become diminished. They are literally cutting their own throat. How can anyone take what NBC has to say seriously anymore? Truth has perished and been cut off from their mouth. NBC is fast becoming the National Bologna Corporation.

MSNBC Hypocrisy

MSNBC reports an entire story and then say, “MSNBC cannot confirm this story”. The story is untrue but they report it anyway. How is that any different from what Trump is doing? You don’t have to be smarter than a fifth grader to figure that out. That type of lie seems to be the standard Bearer of Washington DC these days. Report everything and anything even though it cannot be confirmed. Who was that masked character? The Lone Media Rides Again!

Chuck Todd of NBC News is one of the most biased reporter ever. He bleeds Democratic blue and should be taken off the air. News operations need to consider this.

Decaying Trust Level

Am I talking about the White House or Congress? How about child abusing RCC priests? No, this one is about 1My favorite line with these guys is that after they have completed their breaking news story, they say, NBC News has yet to confirm this story. But, they say it anyway! That is called how to create a lie or fake news. Who can really trust the news anymore? All television wants to do is get the story on first. They don’t care if it’s complete. Ratings drives everything. Except truth. And many of us need to brush up upon our truth decay.

Here We Go Again!

Here we go again another political campaign. In June, A great many Democrats well battle against each other In a debate. Last time A multitude Of Republicans Battled each other in 2016. A Democrat predicted That the Republicans Would never again win the White House. This time the mass stampede Flips over to the Democrats who have many Candidates to try and unseat Donald Trump who has done a fantastic job despite the Democratic Party and the media.How many of these names do you recognize? You’ll find them all in June Fighting against each other in that debate. It will be the same platform from 2016. But you will still be against school prayer, pro both Abortion and homosexuality, and trying to change the 2nd Amendment. How can any Christian Democrat vote for something like that?

Donald Trump is not the Savior

Time magazine may think so Jesus Christ is the one and ONLY Savior. If they really thought he was he would’ve made man of the year. He didn’t. He is a good president as he tries to do the best For America despite horrific Persecution from both the Democrats and the media. Remember when the movies wanted to make another person the Savior? But a comic character can’t be a savior either as hat would be idolatry. A great many people objected to that as well. There is only one Savior and that is Jesus Christ the Lord. Is he your Savior as well?