Leviticus Chiasm

Historical Reasons: It gives the historical background for the remainder of the Bible. Theological Reasons: It establishes such principles as redemption and sacrifice. Religious Reasons: It teaches us about worship.

How about a Leviticus chiasm to finish our examination of this fascinating book? The centerpiece of Leviticus is the day of atonement. Remarkable!

Matthew 5:2-10: A Chiasm

This is a chiasm of Matthew 5. The core idea is the center verse. Chiasms help you to understand scripture better. The Old Testament has more than the New Testament. If you have a scripture that you are having a hard time understanding let us know by way of a comment and we will try to find a chiasm to help you to understand the scripture better.

A Typical Worship Service

I remember an usher stopping by me as an organ prelude was playing. He asked me if there was anything wrong with the music. I supposed that he was not used to an open Bible during the prelude at that church.i told the usher that the music was glorious which aided in the scriptures I was reading to put me into the frame of worship that morning.

What did I think that particular service? I was surprised at the congregational only singing of the three hymns which I would recommend all churches do without the choirs. Make a joyful noise before the Lord!   The processional hymn ushered in the choir and participants in worship.

The church Pastor did everything besides the welcome. And, like most denominational pastors, he read the prayers verbatim. Where was the Spirits leading in prayer? There was no reading in either testament leading up to the sermon. But then the pastor also read his sermon. The Holy Spirit was missing in action at that service. Also missing was congregational participation.

What did you think about this worship service?

A Few Chiasms

In Bible study a chiasm helps you understand the passage better and the core nugget of the passage is in the center. For example-

This is a rather simple kind of them from Matthew 6:24. Here is a more elaborate one.

I learned about chiasms a few years ago and they have enhanced my study of scripture. What I find really interesting is on how the outlying areas of the chiasm match each other perfectly. I will have more chiasms in another post.

The Verse That Changed My Life

. HE WILL REST / QUIET YOU IN HIS LOVE. This could well be a chiasm. It is the center thought of this verse or the Nugget. I can almost see Jesus allowing us to rest in his arms and the feel the Safety and Security of that embrace. God restores our soul. I called this my salvation verse as I heard a TV preacher recite this verse. He went on to other things then but this verse stuck in my mind. It gives me an indescribable sense of peace and love. He will rejoice over you with singing is another great verse. I often meditate on this verse and a great calm comes over me. Is very strange that a prophet that speaks of the Great Tribulation has such a fantastic verse as this.

Bible Chiasm Study

TopLeftGraphicWhyStudyChiasmsfc3c73ded5fcd0225d10054af38228a8Remember, the core verse is a nugget of gold in a chiasm.TopLeftGraphicNobodyToldYou

This chiasm covers the entire book of Galatians. Its simplicity is overshadowed by its details of the verses and book in question.

The more you study the chiasm the greater your understanding of scripture will be. Always look for the core of the chiasm found in the center verse. It is there where you will find your treasure.

A wonderous chiasm of the Beatitudes. In the future I will have more chiasms for you.

Chiasm Examples

Our first Chiasm example reflects on the chapters of Leviticus. The nugget centerpiece chapter is on the day of atonement.IMG_20180130_104855My next two examples are from John 1:1 add Exodus.GfIMG_20180130_105219 The Chiasm is but one method helping you to a good bible study. Here are some other tools for you as well.

Study Bible ??? Provides study notes, cross references, background information etc. Exhaustive Concordance ??? Provides word meanings in original languages. Topical Bible ??? Arranged by topics, great for cross references. Bible Dictionary ??? Good for background material. Commentaries. Bible Study Software. On-line Study Resources. These resources will equip you with the best possible Bible study aids for an effective and thorough study.

A Chiasm in Esther

Esther is only one of two books in the Bible that does not mention God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit. The other one is the Song of Solomon. Interestingly enough, the Apocrypha version of Esther does contain the prayers of Esther and Mordecai to God. What now follows is a chiasm of Esther.Lesson-3-Esther-as-a-Chiasm

Again the text in the middle is the Nuggets core of the verse. See if you can find more chiasms in the Bible. They will enrich your faith.

The Wonderous World of Chiasm

The Bible s Chiasm. NTS 446. Repeated Patterns in Reverse Order. Christ s Redemption. Christ s Rule. Man s Rule Lost at Fall. Man s Rule Restored at Millennium. Creation in Genesis 1–2 is repeated In the Restored, New Creation in Rev 21–22. Man was created to rule over the fish, birds, and land animals (Gen. 1:28) but he gave over his rule over to the god of this world, Satan (2 Cor. 4:4) However, this rule is restored during the 1000-year reign of the saints (Rev. 20:4-6) But Christ is the central Person of history: both as Lamb (Redeemer) and as Lion (Ruler of all creation in the line of David) New Creation. Creation.