Heidi Baker must have a special place in her mind for chickens. Remember her Headless Chicken prophecy of a few years back? Well now she’s calling out evangelist Todd White to be CHICKENMAN. Here is that video.  CHICKENMAN


What is the Gospel According to Todd White?

I know this is going to be hard to believe but a Catholic man I know and Todd White does not know the gospel. The Catholic initially said, the good news as did Todd White. The gospel of Jesus Christ is 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

Here is some more of what Todd White believes about the gospel. Does that sound like the gospel to you?

Kenneth Copeland and Todd White

This short video is about Todd White taking the mantle of Ken Copeland and keep in mind that Copeland is the spiritual advisor of President Trump. He also has the ear of Pope Francis which he could have secured from the Apostle Peter. Here is the video.

Please take notice of what Copeland said toward the end about Adam being equal with God in the garden. If Adam was equal with God why did God command Adam here not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Copeland is a liar. He twists scripture to make it say what he wants it to say. And White is following his evil way.

Why Bethel Church is an Artificial Church

Bill Johnson and Todd White have created an artificial Glory cloud for their services which is actually a fog machine that produces that effect. How would God view an artificial Glory cloud? The key word here is artificial.

Bethel church has this artificial Glory cloud to Hype up the experience at the Church. God provides us an example of this sort of hoax in 2nd Corinthians 11:4. Here we have an artificial Jesus preaching in artificial gospel from an artificial spirit. Did you catch that keyword artificial or not real. How should worship be in a real Church?

The Father is seeking such to worship Him. Why all the pretense and spectacular special effects in a church? They have to have those things to draw people in but when did the church start to produce artificial effects for people to come and see? Faith is the evidence NOT seen from Hebrews 11:1. Bill Johnson and Todd White by their actions are not worship God in spirit and in truth but by artificial means which they produce. In other words their entire Ministry is done in pretense and not truth. Can you discern between the two?

Spiritual Abuse: Signs

1. making an idol of a leader’s charisma and pride, 2. anger and intimidation, 3. greed and fraud, 4. immorality, 5. Enslaving authoritarian structure, 6. Exclusivity (us against them) 7. Demanding loyalty and honor without respect. 8. New revelation contrary to Church teaching.