Grace and Works: A Contradiction? NO- 1

For the body of Christ it is Grace Plus NOTHING. Some believe this is a contradiction with the book of James. Here is a verse from James.

James says faith without works is dead. Is there a contradiction? Absolutely not! How can that be? Ephesians 2:8 says, NOT OF WORKS lest any man should boast. But James says, faith without works is dead. On the surface it does appear to be a contradiction but the word of God does not contradict itself. What most people do not realize is that Paul was writing to the body of Christ and James was writing to Israel. How do I know this to be true? Let’s examine James 1:1.

James was writing to the 12 tribes of Israel scattered among the Nations and that is not the body of Christ. The Twelve Tribes relates directly to Israel not the body of Christ. Israel or Judaism more precisely believes in a works salvation as does the Mormon church and the Restored Church of God. The latter Church believe that America is Ephraim and that they are spiritual Israel which opens up on another whole can of worms. About the Apostle Paul Who is the Apostle to the Gentiles or the body of Christ says it is grace alone that saves. But Ephesians 2:8 is not the only evidence of grace alone and not it works text as we shall see in part 2 of the series.

Catholic Myths #26- Vow of Poverty

When one visits the Vatican City you would come to believe that Roman Catholics have taken the Vow of Wealth. Luxury is everywhere. Look at all the gold and silver. Yet the faithful following struggles in poverty, especially in third world countries.

When I worked at the Salesian Center in Columbus, Ohio, one of my best friends was Brother Emile. We went to German Village one day for ice cream and he had to ask permission to go from Father Tyminsky. Emile was my age and I was takn aback by that. I was then told about the Vow of Obedience and the Vow of poverty. the brothers and priests lived on the fourth and fifth floors. The boys club was on the first three floors.

Emile also had to ask for money for the ice cream. I was a guest twice on the top floors and they lacked for nothing up there. But the public impression is the Vow of poverty.

The vow of poverty seems evident outside Catholic buildings but inside? They do quite well for themselves. I’ve already addressed the Vow of Celibacy and how it has been abused by child molestations, seminary homosexuals, and secretly married priests. If you can’t keep a vow, don’t make one. Consider also the billions of dollars being paid out of the Roman Catholic Church for child molestings. Vow of poverty?

Now a major financial scandal has stricken the RCC. This is the only true church?

Compromising Christians

I attended Indiana Wesleyan University and this college was very conservative. Years later I saw my college choir perform on the Hour of Power with. Dr.Robert Schuller and was stunned. Their theology was far apart so why appear on a liberal ministry? For publicity of course. I have another word for that and it is compromise.

Now the Crystal Cathedral is Christ Cathedral and owned by the Orange County Catholic Church. Compromise. I wrote my college in protest but never got a response. Despite the publicity, I would never think of preaching at that facility even if asked. Schuller preached on possibility thinking. You never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ there.

Stay far away from churches that compromise the word of God.