2 thoughts on “PETER VS PAUL SMACK DOWN”

  1. I listened to Les Feldick until the video stopped. At no time did I hear him pit the Apostle Peter against the Apostle Paul..as you do. And I found it interesting that, also unlike you, he not only did not dismiss Peter as being Jesus’ unforgiven “Satan” but he accepts Peter as being one of Jesus’ Apostles whose writings are very much a part of the Word of God to be read and to be believed. In fact..his ENTIRE talk was on the writings about and by..Peter! He says that Peter was speaking to the Jews in acts one and later that Paul would speak to the Gentiles. Sure! Because, as the bible says, Jesus “..came FIRST to His own (the Jews) but His own received him not.” (Jn.1:11) So Jesus later said to His Apostles, just before he ascended into Heaven..”Go, Therefore, and make disciples of ALL Nations, baptising them..” (Matt.28:19) The O.T. refers to the Gentiles as “the Nations.” Peter and Paul, throughout the N.T both speak to the Jews and to the Gentiles.


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