Ted Haggard Back Preaching

According to scripture Ted Haggard can no longer be a preacher because he does not have a good testimony to those outside the body of Christ. At the same time he can be a teacher if he has truly repented. But according to scripture he can no longer Pastor a church which he has decided to do anyway. He’s now the pastor of st. James Church in Colorado Springs.

Christ is indeed forgiving but there are consequences to sin. If he had never been a pastor there might be room for him to become one but since he was a pastor there are prohibitions in Scripture that deny him to lead a Church. Plus he now says he does not believe in faith alone as Ephesians 2:8-9 describes. He takes what was written for Israel in James over the gospel of grace. Another reason why he should not be in the pulpit is that he now believes in faith and works. He has turned his back on grace alone not of works lest anyone should boast.

Worse still Haggard now believes in homosexual marriage. He also says that he is now bisexual and that is also something scripture forbids. That is what he said he repented of along with his use of drugs. Haggard does not belong in the pulpit. He preaches for what the Bible is against. Again he has been taken captive by Satan to do his will. He needs our prayers.

2 thoughts on “Ted Haggard Back Preaching”

  1. Paul Crouch, Jim Bakker, and now Ted all have experimented with homosexuality. The Southern Baptist Church and the Roman Catholic Church are sexually abusing minors presently. It is the fault of the church for remaining silent when the homosexual movement began to come out of the closet.


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