A Typical Worship Service

I remember an usher stopping by me as an organ prelude was playing. He asked me if there was anything wrong with the music. I supposed that he was not used to an open Bible during the prelude at that church.i told the usher that the music was glorious which aided in the scriptures I was reading to put me into the frame of worship that morning.

What did I think that particular service? I was surprised at the congregational only singing of the three hymns which I would recommend all churches do without the choirs. Make a joyful noise before the Lord!   The processional hymn ushered in the choir and participants in worship.

The church Pastor did everything besides the welcome. And, like most denominational pastors, he read the prayers verbatim. Where was the Spirits leading in prayer? There was no reading in either testament leading up to the sermon. But then the pastor also read his sermon. The Holy Spirit was missing in action at that service. Also missing was congregational participation.

What did you think about this worship service?

The Barrier of Apostolic Succession

Apostolic Succession is no longer with the church. It had a barrier to it. FROM THE BAPTISM OF JOHN HE BAPTIST TO THAT DAY HE WAS TAKEN UP FOM US. From Johns baptism until His ascension were the boundaries to apostolic succession. Matthias was the last Apostle. There was also a stipulation made in scripture concerning apostolic succession. The eligible men must have been a witness of His resurrection.

These two items, the border and the resurrection itself is part and potion of what to possesses to become an Apostle. The number was also limited to 12. Apostolic Succession terminated at the ascension of Christ into heaven.

Again, the words in the bracket are foundational. To become an Apostle you had to live between the time of John the  Baptist  AND the ascension and you HAD to be a witness of the resurrection. That eliminates everyone else.

That is why Catholics make tradition the equal of scripture so that they can justify their warped theology. Satan transforms these false apostles unto himself according to 2 Corinthians 11:13-15. Catholics are known to listen intently to the church fathers.



The Childish Belief of the Christadelphians

The Christadelphians are in spiritual infancy. They think and act as a child. They have not put away their childish thinking. They follow on Arian approach to scripture from 256-350 AD from the priest Arias. He denied the triune Godhead. IN VAIN THEY WORSHIP ME, TEACHING AS DOCTRINES THE COMMANDMENTS OF MEN and that is from Matthew 15:9. They believe the Holy Spirit is a force and that belief is a farce. It is blasphemy of the spirit. The founder of the Christadelphian movement, John Thomas, supports the Arian belief over that of ssscripture. They also follow this man-made document over that of scripture. They have rejected the word of the Lord so what wisdom do they have? The one that is demonic and sensual. Pray that they discern the error that they hold in their childish behavior pattern. When I became a man I gave up my childish things. The Christadelphians continue in their childish thinking patterns. They hold the doctrine of man over that of the scriptures. If the blind lead the blind both will fall into a ditch. Oh yes, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Unitarians also fall into this camp.

Catholic Myths- 20 Apostolic Succession

Shall we examine the text together? The disciples got together and thought it was a good idea to pick the 12th disciple and it had to be someone who was familiar with them from the time of Christ’s Ministry 2 do today.

The time frame of their pick had to be from the baptism of John to the time of Christ’s Resurrection. Wait a minute! That means to choose an apostle today they had to be present during that time. That was a qualification point. Some believe the apostles chose to go by human standards with lots and they were a bit premature. Perhaps the Lord Jesus Christ wanted the Apostle Paul for the 12th? Paul was around during that time. The Catholics? The Restored Church of God? The New Apostolic Reformation? They were all Johnny come lateley’s. Besides the pick after this one would probably have not seen the resurrection. Apostolic succession had run out of time and was to be no more following the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here’s how the Catholics Define it.

Sadly none of these people want were around at the resurrection of Jesus Christ or when he went back up to heaven. Apostolic succession is not for our present age and here is a good reason why.

Somewhere transforming themselves into the Apostles of Christ with the help of Satan. David Pack is a self-appointed apostle even though he got fired from a previous Church position. Jezebel transformed herself into a prophetess. That is why Apostolic succession is not with us today.

United States and Israel

Presently the relationship between the United States and Israel is excellent. Israel feels they can defend themselves adequately but they are glad that the United States has their back. But will this always be the case?Sometime soon the body of Christ will be raptured to heaven. How will the United States then respond to Israel? Zechariah 14:2 says that in the end times All Nations will come against Jerusalem. That includes the United States of America for without the Christian support the United States will not be backing Israel. Thank God that the almighty will be backing Israel.

The Bible Beat 1

Yhe first five books of the Bible makeup the Jewish Torah. Genesis through Deuteronomy and it’s hard for me to understand how people don’t know that? Roman Catholics knew two of them tying the Protestants.  And that is not nun sense. Catholics don’t need to father stupid wrong answers anymore. They do that enough in their own church as it is.