Praying to Mary is Contrary to Scripture

Nowhere in Scripture does it admonish a believer to pray in the name of Mary or the Saints. Nowhere! Why is that so? Because we already have an intercessor that is part of the Triune God.

Why would any prayer be directed to Mary? She’s physically dead and cannot intercede for us. In fact it was the Holy Spirit that overshadowed Mary that allowed her to have a Divine birth. Prayers to Mary and the Saints are not biblical. You might as well say a prayer to Buddha. I don’t want to get the Catholics started on that one.

Two Perfect intercessors. Why would anyone want an imperfect one? When Catholics Elevate Mary to that status they make an idol of her. And the body of Christ has no place with idols. But don’t try to verify that by the 10 Commandments because, for some strange reason, the RCC has reshuffled the commandments into a different order. Now, this is the Catholics favorite saint.

Vatican City Going Down the Drain of Immorality

Pope Francis has a deal on his plate for his final speech tomorrow at The Summit on sexual abuse. The Roman Catholic Church has been brought to its knees because of their lies and cover-up for decades. The leaders of the Vatican now admit that clergy abuse is worldwide and even includes the Vatican City. Here is the latest video on the conference on sexual abuse. Quite frankly, because of their scores of years oF SILENCE, they just don’t know how to right the ship. The members of the Roman Catholic Church want zero tolerance on abuse. In the last 10 years the church has doubled up on those molested making them feel even guiltier by saying it was their fault. One Cardinal said maybe the church should change its opinion about homosexuality as if God’s sanctions it now. But do you know what that would do to the church? The walls would be a crumbling down. Already the leaders of the church have no credibility whatsoever.

Flesh vs Spirit

How often do you fall for Satan’s triangle? The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are not good testimonies for someone in the body of Christ. But there is always that battle between flesh and spirit. I call it the struggle for our soul. Is your Harvest more to the flesh or to the spirit? To counter the struggle connect to the Fruit of the Spirit. They are found in Galatians chapter 5. How many factors affect your walk? The weapons of our Warfare are not carnal, But Mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. Each and every one of these factors above is a stronghold that must be pulled down in the name of Jesus Christ. We are to cast every thought to The Obedience of Christ. Every thought! If you’re in the body of Christ ask a brother or sister for help. Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. That utilizes the chief fruit of the spirit which is love. Pray for deliverance from the flesh and the pride of life. If God is for us who can stand against us?

The Dreams of Rick Joyner

Jeremiah.23.25-FalseProphetsLieAboutTheirDreams I just listened to a Dream by Rick Joyner in which he related it in such detail it was if he had an angel at his bedside taking dictation. Most dreams are hard to remember especially as we age. Rick Joyner calls himself a prophet. But a prophet of what? All biblical prophecy is found in the Bible. The New Apostolic Reformation prophesized a lot with a success rate of about 20%. Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing.The+Prophets+Confirmed+The+Word+To+Be+From+God+By+The+Accompanying+SignsJoyner is a false prophet who follows his own spirit and creates Havoc. His dreams are against his enemies of the truth. He, like most of the Apostolic Reformation, do not like to be challenged with the truth of the Gospel. What is the chaff to the wheat? I think most of Mr. Joyner’s dreams come from eating too much chili the night before.NASB_Jeremiah_23-27 Rick Joyner dreams by the inspiration of Baal. And, what accord has Christ with Baal?

2020 Homosexual Agenda for America

If Democrats Get in power in both houses and the Presidency look for this package to proceed as covertly as possible. This agenda is seeking legal sexual relationships with boys down to the age of twelve. For a time in the RCC it was blinked at until revealed. Homosexuals became seminarians and the RCC showed no discernment whatsoever in dealing with the problem until only just recently. Please examine this daily schedule of the Agenda.Here is another list of affirming churches who also march in gay parades along with political activists.

Apostle Rick Joyner and Voodoo

Apostle Rick Joyner of Morningside Ministries is trying to tap into the anointing power of voodoo to perform what you are seeing here. Notice tongues without an interpreter. This is what happens to churches that goes beyond scripture. This is the

Link to that video that should open some eyes.  I wonder how soon the RCC will be getting into this nonsense they are even now into pagan ritual.

Keep a wide berth from either Rick Joyner or Todd Bentley. Each has opened a Pandora’s box of demonic evil.