How do Spiritual Leaders Con us so Easily?

apostasy3When spiritual leaders have seducing spirits overtake them producing a doctrine of demons, why does the faithful put up with it? They keep trying to top each other with one absurdity after another. Where is the discernment of those sitting in the pew? The answer is obvious as they have none. The reason why is that their Shepherds don’t feed them biblical nourishment. Instead they feed them poison from their own perverted theology.hqdefaultsd for a large time about a year ago Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was conning the world about this and he had company. John Hagee and Jim Bakker were promoting much the same thing. Yet nothing major happened. So they had to look for some minor thing and make it look major to save face. Remember their prophecy success story is less than 20% accuracy. To me, if my spiritual leaders were wrong that often I’d be looking for another church. What about you?

Are Apostles for the Church Today?- 4

I wonder how the Rabbi Jonathan Cahn would handle this verse? Maybe he should consult Jim Bakker on this? That could probably take up the entire one hour show.

The Roman Catholic church already has a full plate with the child molestation scandal going on but now what about this verse? Catholic priests are often called father. How would they respond to this verse from Jesus Christ? And that gets us into a very interesting situation.

Who is the character in the Vatican City that is known as your eminence? It would seem that Diotrephes also loves the preeminence.

In Greek the word means to be first much like the Pope.

And he was supposed to be first even over the Apostle John who was a Biblical apostle according to the regulations of an apostle in Acts 1:20-21.

And it would seem like our other preeminence person, that being the Pope is also a hypocrite what was this child molestation scandal in front of them and his covering it all up for decades along with the pope before him. Apostolic Authority gone mad.

Mark Taylor’s Continual Revelations

Mark Taylor is the only prophet in history to have daily Revelations from God. And if you believe that I have some swamp land in Michigan to sell you. I don’t believe any prophet in the Bible had continual Revelations daily like this so-called fireman has. The president of the United States has a red phone that connects them to Moscow. It would seem that Mark Taylor has a direct Wireless to God. They seem to talk every single day and God gives him Revelations to announce to the world. Does anyone really believe this guy?

Anyone that appears on the Jim Bakker Show can’t be trusted. Think about it? He’s had Rick Joyner, Paula White, and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on his program to and they all seek Medical aide after leaving and eating his survival food. No doubt many of had to have their stomach pumped out. Miss un ha, otherwise known as his wife Lori, makes you sick even without eating food. Jim Bakker never tells you how many of his prophecies fall to the ground nor does Mark Taylor. Last October’s blood moon was a big bust. And Bakker is so worried about the big earthquake in California little realizing that his ministry sits over the San Madrid fault which also is expecting an earthquake. Maybe that’s the shaking he’s always talking about. I think the shaking happens daily there whatever Tammy Sue gets up to sing. Jim Baker is who made Mark Taylor famous and that’s a misnomer in and of itself. The only thing that Mark Taylor does well is this.

N A R ‘s “New Revelations”

The Jim Bakker Show is a smorgasbord of apostles and Prophets with an unbelievable accuracy rating of 20%. I could probably guess and get a higher rating than that. He calls it a school of prophets or as I would call it a school of dropouts. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn stops by every now and then with more of his false prophecies and even Rick Joyner stops by with his 30% average. At least Joyner has a few prophecies that come to pass. And all this snuggled in between Jim Bakker’s survival food infomercials. He has a barn full of that stuff and can’t wait to make people fearful enough to buy it. His show is a family affair what was his wife Lori and daughter Tammy Sue. I really don’t know why Lori is on the program as she offers so very little to the broadcast. A recurring theme on this program is, ” I believe the Lord told me something today” as they stick the lord’s name into their promotions to legitimize them. Ezekiel 13:6 says, you say the Lord says when he has not spoken. And on this program God rarely speaks but they have this new revelation garbage that supposedly started in 2002. On that date the office of prophets and apostles came back but who legitimize that date is a prophecy yet to be determined. What they have done is fulfilled Ezekiel 13:3. And that prophecy they have down pat 100%. Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing. That is what the new apostolic Reformation has become. Nothing!

New Apostolic Reformation Prophecy Accuracy Rate

What is the prophecy accuracy rate of the New Apostolic Reformation? About 22%. NAR believes the office of apostle and prophet was restored in 2002 with no biblical evidence to back up that claim. What is the Bible’s accuracy rate?

The Bible has a 100% accuracy rate for prophesy and much is still unfulfilled. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn identifies himself with the New Apostolic Reformation and even appears on the apostate program the Jim Bakker Show. His recent blood moon prophetic statements have been incorrect. If a man is a God his prophecy red should be 100% as in the Bible. The office of Prophecy is for Israel and Rabbi Cahn is a Messianic Jew. But he is an inaccurate Messianic Jew. Cahn is a con artist. Do not listen to his prophecies.

If you want to follow accurate prophecy read your Bible.

Jonathan Cahn’s Prophecy

The Jim Bakker Show about to end? You heard it from Jonathan Cahn first and he should know he’s on there enough! Maybe Jim Bakker got food poisoning from the survival food? Or Lori’s incessant chatter drove him to the Nut House? If Cahn’s prediction comes true he could be up for the Nobel Prize.

jim bakker temper tantrum

OH, OH ????

In his resurrected state Jesus Christ made fish for breakfast and then called for his disciples. I wonder if that was on Friday when Catholics ban fish or was that panfish? Of course that didn’t last long after Charlie the tuna started to protest in front of Roman Catholic Churches.



The False Prophet Jim Bakker

Jim Bakker’s first Ministry fell at PTL due to fraud and adultery which sent Jim Bakker to prison for five years. He’s out again preaching gloom and doom and selling survival food. He has a bunch of false prophets on his program that have a prediction rate of 22% accuracy.

Some of them are notable guests that appear on his program are Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and former fireman Mark Taylor also false prophets. I have a video for you today about Jim Bakker as he relates to Jeremiah 23. Bakker seems to have the Lord on a string by way of daily communication. you say the Lord says when God has not spoken. I have often said that when terrorists attacked the United States it should have sent our country a message from God to repent. Instead patriotic Pride swelled up. Our country has taken God out of our Public Schools, allowed the murder of innocent Babies by abortion, and sanctioned homosexual marriage now backed by the Supreme Court. This country needs repentance and to turn from their Wicked Ways. Enjoy the video.