Patricia Kings Visit to Heavens Wine Cellar

I have a video for you today that describes Patricia Kings visit to heavens wine cellar. The Wine enter is Open. She is of the Extreme Prophetic Movement. Part of that wine cellar may belong to the RCC given their love for the grapes. Could this be the priests section? King May well be whining because she did not make it to heaven.


Catholics are Extra Biblical

Like the Mormons, the Catholics have plenty of extra biblical works including the Catechism, papal authority, tradition, and scavengers of history. Mormons and the Restored Church say they have apostolic authority as does the New Apostolic Reformation which claim theirs began anew in 2002.

Christian Science with Key to the SCRIPTURES backs up the Bible for those of the Christian Science Faith. Cults all seem to need something plus the Bible. My church uses the Bible alone. For example, examine the scavenger of history Catholics. Their Faith didn’t begin whole in the first century but mine did. In fact the gospel was only in the mind of Jesus until He revealed it to Paul by way of Revelation. In truth, the Apostle Paul began the church movement not Peter. Peter received the keys to stand outside the gates of heaven. Did he ever get in?

The Catholics claim to be the oldest church so if they like numbers Paul wrote 13 books to the 2 books that Peter wrote. Who had the pen of a ready writer? Maybe the Catholics ought to be studying Paul more than Peter and the four verses Mary spoke?

Worship- To the Beat of the World

Bill Johnson and Bethel church already are known for bizarre teaching and now we learn how they are getting so many young people into their church. They play their spiritual music with a rock band and full scale light show. They play to the beat of the world and the music is so loud it digs into your brain.

Then preachers like Heidi Baker are digging demons out of your children’s heads by having them wiggling on the floor and screaming. There is no scripture to support such a view even though they are part of the Acts 29 movement that literally makes anything goes possible.

This group believes that the apostolic gifts were restored to the church in 2002 despite no scriptural evidence for what they are doing. Stay far away from the occultist teaching and music of Bethel Church.

No Divisions Among YOU

I prefer the King James version of this verse however I also like the next graphic better only for the main point of the verse.

Let there be no division! That includes among the Baptists, the Methodists, the Presbyterians, and yes, the Biblestudents. I must confess but I didn’t know the Biblestudents had so many divisions along themselves. Yet the Bible says, let there be no divisions among you. None! If the Bible says no divisions, why do all these denominations have divisions? And I mean among themselves?

Hmmm? The plot thickens. Are we seeking to please the men behind the denominations? Like, John Wesley, or John Calvin, or Charles T Russell, or even Joseph Smith. Why all the divisions? Even I had to divest myself of my congregational background. I now attend a Bible Church with no denominational background. We actually study the Bible not the doctrines of men Behind the denomination who ever so slightly influence scripture. The Bible Church I attend goes into the Hebrew and Greek languages behind the English translations. I don’t have to worry about the Church of the General Baptist or Regular Baptist or the Presbyterian Church USA or the Reformed Presbyterian Church. The Biblestudy movement has even more divisions among themselves that any I’ve ever heard. Ephesians 4 admonishes us that there is one faith not hundreds of them. Paul said, I beseech you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that there be no divisions among you and that you all speak the same thing. The denomination abomination has confused all that and no one is trying to change that. They are all comfortable in whatever Schism they find themselves. And 1st Corinthians 1:10 is about as far away from their mind as possible. What a Sad State of Affairs.

80% False Prophecies

new-apostolic-reformation-n The extreme prophetic movement admits to 80% false prophecies yet people still follow them and send the money anyway. The only answer to this is biblical illiteracy.11401306_10155687031840023_81291 The leaders of this movement have 80% false prophecies while the congregation that never reads the Bible stands at 90%. This is almost unbelievable. How can this be? It seems as if the inmates have taken over the asylum.conflicting-voices-9-638 In Jeremiah’s day, the prophets prophesied falsely, the priests ruled by their own power, and my people love to have it so. That sounds exactly like what’s happening today. Seems like old times? I like the last line of Jeremiah 5:31- But what will you do in the end? Unless you change course, your destiny is hell.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s CON

Jonathan-Cahn-Freemason Take a tablespoon of Kabbalah, sprinkle in a generous portion of Messianic Jew, add a touch of Freemasonry, And a dab or two of extra biblical revelation and you have the disastrous Homespun recipe of Jonathan Cahn that he wants everyone to ingest. Where is the Alka-Seltzer? Why would he in the first place want to use the Kabbalah for us to understand Bible prophecy? Does not Bible prophecy respond to itself? Prophecies in the Old Testament have been revealed in the new. But now here comes Rabbi Jonathan Cahn promoting the heretic book The Harbinger and getting promoted by the extreme prophetic movement. What’s wrong with this picture? Cahn has already had many false prophecies which seems to fit in quite nicely with the extreme prophetic movement.en2-characteristics-of-prophecy- It is obvious that Rabbi Jonathan Cahn does not speak for God but whatever he says comes out of his own imagination. Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing- Ezekiel 13:3. Jonathan Cahn sure has made a Messianic mess out of this whole thing. He Blends in Biblical Hebrew with all his extra biblical revelation and makes a complete biblical disaster out of all of it. Rabbi, why not just study the Bible? He would probably answer me saying, I need all these extra biblical revelation to make sense of what the Bible has to say. Do not add to his words lest he reprove you and you be found a liar. And that is just what Jonathan Cahn is, A LIAR!


This is Bethel Redding Church pastored by Bill Johnson. This would be classified hyper Pentecostal. This church practices grave soaking and holy laughter which came out of the Toronto Blessing.  I would like to question what Pope Francis has in common with Johnson?Apostleships? Ah, apostolic succession! That’s the point of contact. Ouch! You know? These two might well deserve each other? What communion has light with darkness? I do not want you to have fellowships with demons. Oh, no! Rick Warren of Saddlesore Church is here too? Oh, this last one explains why this Pope is crazy.The biggest Pentecostal crook of all is laying hands on the Pope. Not to worry Catholics! When the First President of the Mormon church visited Rome I’m almost certain that he gave the Pope their magic underwear. The Pope is redeemed!  


John Arnott started all this in Canada and naturally it has spread into all Pentecostal and Vineyard fellowships possible. Doyle Davidson out of Texas, preaches drunk and cusses his flock from the pulpit. And then there’s the Hyper Pentecostals where it gets even crazier.It is Here where soaking began. Johnson’s wife lies on a dead ministers actual grave to soak up his spiritual energy. They are more into the New Age Movement than the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what happens when any church goes away from the Bible into anything else!

You Say, The Lord Says, When I Have NOT Spoken

IMG_20180119_141832IMG_20180119_141727 Jim Bakker gave an unbelievable revelation saying, the Lord told me to put on my boots. This is what I am addressing today. Does anyone really believe the Lord told him to put on his boots? These Heretics use the phrase, the Lord says, when God hasn’t said anything. Ezekiel 13 deals with this issue. God says, because you have spoken nonsense therefore I am indeed against you. What comes out of the mouth of the extreme prophetic movement is nonsense. And, by their own admission, there prophecies are 80% wrong. What congregation in their right mind would follow such Heretics? Therein lies the answer. The congregation is not in the right mind.LEADER+SAYS The extreme prophetic movement of which Jim Bakker is apart of uses the Lord says as a drawing card to make his congregation think that he speaks for the Lord when he does not. Imposters grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.


IMG_20180215_081453 Jesus wept in John 11:26. Jesus often showed emotion. He had compassion on the masses. Paul said that he imitated Christ and so should we. Jesus did not have uncontrollable emotion. The Pentecostal faith, especially the Extreme Prophetic Movement, almost cries on cue. They usually do so to gain funds for their Ministries. They have not learned Matthew 6:24. You cannot serve God and riches. You rarely hear them preach from that text. Emotionalism is often staged in the church. That is what needs to come under control. The Bible says let everything be done decently and in order. Some music can bring us to tears but that is real tears when it cuts to the heart of the emotions. Any thoughts? Leave us a comment.

“Thus Says the Lord” ABUSE

Today in nearly all Ministries in the Pentecostal faith, Oneness Pentecostal, Extreme Prophetic Movement, the Elijah List, the Restored Church of God all abuse Thus saith the Lord. In so doing they can speak into existence just about anything they want. And they do it all outside the boundaries of scripture. Remember Balaam? He was told by God what to do in regards to Israel in Numbers 22. But he was a shyster. King Balak had hired him to curse Israel. He told the king that he would go back to God to see what more the Lord would say to him. WHAT MORE? The Lord had already told him what to do and it took an ass to correct the prophet. Balaam desired extra biblical revelation. To get what he wanted he had to see what else the Lord would direct him to do. That prophet wanted an Acts 29 which is not found in the Bible.

God Will Send You Strong Delusion

Why would God send anyone strong delusion? Isn’t that usually Satan’s role? The reason why God was involved here was people did not receive the love of the truth so God allowed them to believe the lie. Who are some of the people that believe the lie? The list is vast and includes the Mormons, Christian Science, Unitarians, Christadelphians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Wicca, the Restored Church of God, and the Hebrew Roots movement. There are many many more. IHOP, Bethel Church, Hillsong, and many Pentecostals that believe in extra biblical revelation. The latter will find they will have a special revelation at the great white Throne judgement. People don’t want to believe the truth because Satan is the father of Lies and the prince of the power of the air. He is an excellent scripture twister. Or in the case of the Christadelphians, he will change the meaning of certain words to fit his agenda. Remember the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 23:15. They will travel Land and Sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, they will make him twice the son of hell as themselves. I often think of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons that fit that scripture perfectly. Also keep in mind Ezekiel 14:10. The punishment of the prophet shall be the same as the punishment of the one who inquired. That is why God sends people strong delusion so that they can believe the lie. What about this road sign?

New Arrivals

They sacrificed to demons, which are not God gods they had not known, NEW ARRIVALS, gods your fathers did not fear. Deuteronomy 32:17
Today we also have new arrivals almost daily. The new Paradigm Church, the new Apostolic Reformation, the Restored Church of God, the Elijah List, And The Beat Goes On. Each has their own unique approach. Pentecostal movements have brought in extra biblical revelation believing that a new era of church began in 2001. Apostolic Authority had been restored at that time. The apostles in authority cannot be questioned so there is blind leadership in each Church. 2nd Corinthians 11:13-15 provides some insight into all this mess. Deceitful workers transforming themselves into Apostles of Christ and no wonder. For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of Light. Therefore it is no great thing if he transforms his ministers into Ministers of righteousness. Yes, Satan does have his ministers that transform themselves into Apostles of Christ. Satan is behind this and those churches have brought into the lie of Satan. God does not want us to have Fellowship with new arrivals that are demons or energized by demons. The Spirit himself expressly says that in latter (latter day rain) times some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons according to 1st Timothy 4:1. The New Apostolic Reformation has a prophecy accuracy rate of 20%. The new arrivals we have today say they speak for the Lord but with a 20% accuracy rate? Those that follow them are willingly doing this.
They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons. Psalms 106:37.
. Walk away from these Satan energized new arrivals.