Are YOU in a Spiritual Church?- 1

What kind of church do you belong to? Is it a spiritual church? Today we have many kind of churches. There are Seeker friendly churches, mega churches, affirming churches, denominational churches, cult churches, Pentecostal churches, and the list goes on and on. What does your church exactly teach? The Church of Sweden dropped the name of God “Lord” to be more spiritually inclusive. Many churches have dropped the name God in favor of Creator. The Christadelphians and Belgian Biblestudents deny the Triune God and also deny the Holy Spirit. To them it’s only some kind of force? The Mormons believe in 2 holy spirits and one of them is a fluid-like state. Somebody might call that water on the brain? How about a social Church where you stand for the poor and Justice even though the gospel is rarely preached.

This is a good question. Can you answer it honestly? What exactly is a spiritual church? I’m not talking about the spiritual gifts here. Remember that Paul said to the Church of Corinth, I could not speak to you as to spiritual but as to carnal, as to babe’s in Christ. For where there are Envy, strife, and divisions are you not carnal? How would your church answer that question? That’s the definition of a carnal Church. Paul said that he could not speak to them as to spiritual. As to what that is I will discuss in part 2.


Steve Munsey from Munster, Indiana

I wondered if he had borrowed Juanita Bynum’s white robe? They preach in a similar manner by asking for financial assistance while preaching no gospel at all. In fact on Munseys website you can’t even find the gospel. Pay pal is there but no gospel. His program seems like a Hollywood production. Rock bands and light shows bring in a young crowd and like the Emergent church, they believe that the worship Part is the most important. Its what brings the crowds in. I thought Bible teaching was more important? Here the word of God is not living and powerful and that blame falls squarely on Pastor Munsey. Another Jesus is taught here and you are responsible to know that and to find a church in Munster that will preach the gospel.

How Do Emergent Churches Worship?

I have a wonderful video for you tonight on the makeup of Emergent Church Worship. This is a much larger movement than many believe possible. It has reached within denominations just as Chrislam has. It even has been welcomed by some in the Roman Catholic Church In America who find the mass boring.

Emergent Leaders Define Their Faith

I would like to present to you today several leaders of the Emergent Church Movement to allow you to see for yourself. Some contrast with the others to make this statement surreal- Its not the Bible you believe in but yourselves. First up the founder of this group Brian McLaren.Now you know what they do and don’t believe. Stay tuned.

You say, the Lord Says, when I HAVE NOT SPOKEN

Who believes in universalism besides the Emergent Church? How about the Roman Catholic Church? Or the Restored Church of God, the Hebrew Roots Movement, plus the New Apostolic Movement. They all believe that God speaks to us APART from the Bible through extra biblical revelation. In other words just about anything could be spoken into scripture to justify almost any doctrine. That is what is called MYSTICISM. God says to those who practice Mysticism, BECAUSE YOU HAVE SPOKEN NONSENSE AND ENVISIONED LIES THEREFORE I AM INDEED AGAINST YOU- Ezekiel 13:8. Scripture tells me that God is against those who practice Mysticism. So why do they? I will that up next time.

The Emergent Church- 4

If you desire to check out the 100 Fold Tithe for yourself, pick your favorite tele-evangelist out and ask them to send you a million dollars. If the system works they will receive 100 million back. I did that once but never received a return check in the mail. Ministries today operate under the tithe lie and the Emergent Church has just blindly followed them in line. In fact since farm produce is their tithe maybe their prayer request should be, Lettuce us pray?

The Emergent Church- 3

This is one the most overused verses in the Bible without understanding that in order for believers to be reconciled unto God there must be judgment. But it is judgment geared to restoration. Those outside of the body of Christ, God judges and we are not to. Examine the last line of this verse. DO YOU NOT JUDGE THOSE WHO ARE INSIDE? Inside what? Inside the body of Christ. The Emergent Church believes they are more inside the body than anyone else. Those in Laodicea thought they were safe too until God informed them that they were wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked. Jude 23 says that we are to save some with fear, pulling them out of the fire. Our job as believers is to help those in the Emergent Church with scripture. It is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Roman Catholics, Emergent Church, and Mysticism

I have a video for you today about a human trinity of abomination that is growing by the day. Examine this Video carefully and learn of dangerous practices of these unholy three. Here we go again!

The Emergent Church and Catholic Mysticism

I have an Attachment for you today how the Emergent church is trying to reach out to a wider range of the population by adopting some aspects of eastern Roman Catholic Mysticism. Do not be surprised at this. Catholics are also trying to connect with the Emergent church. I will soon be looking into mysticism as it relates to the Catholic Church. It also seems to be spreading out its branches as well with a few nibbles from Adventist people.

The Emergent Church- 2

I’ve covered this topic many times regarding the Pentecostal church but I do so one more time for the Emergent Church. Jesus said, YOU CANNOT SERVE ME AND MONEY- Matthew 6:24. How much clearer can you get? Even so I like this verse even more. Do you present the gospel of Christ without charge? If not, according to the scriptures, you are abusing your AUTHORITY in the gospel. Under that guideline, how many churches are abusing their authority or power in the gospel?


What are the lies of the Emergent Church? Their name means universalism. Isn’t that also what the Roman Catholic Means? The emergent church is widening the gate of Christianity which Christ made narrow. Scripture counter punch’s the emergent church’s stand in regard to hate crimes. FAITHFUL ARE THE WOUNDS OF A FRIEND. If you’re a friend, you’ll speak the truth of any matter with him. The kisses of an enemy are what is deceitful. It Would seem that the emergent church desires feigned friends.

False Gospels

Who could possibly preach another gospel? The Mormons do and they’re not even shy about it. The Book of Mormon is known

as another gospel. Really? It was supposedly written in reformed Egyptian even though the Egyptian government says there was no such thing. There is no evidence whatsoever that this language ever existed. But the Mormons aren’t the only one that have a different gospel. Christian Science has another gospel to called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Supposedly this was the work of Mary Baker Eddy who often plagiarized her material. She often took from the work of Phineas Quimby. He was a classic mesmerizer.

If we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you let him be accursed. That warning was repeated in Galatians 1. It was repeated for emphasis that there is no other gospel even though mankind is bent I’m doing that very thing. The Pentecostal Church doesn’t have their own book per se instead they have added a book that supposedly justifies all their nonsense.

And Pentecostals aren’t alone in this. Mark Driscoll and the Emerging Church are part of this deception also. Acts 29 does not exist except in the minds of deceptive teachers. Many in the Pentecostal faith believe that in 2002 the apostolic and prophetic gifts have been restored. How can you build on someone else’s Foundation? Why do we need prophecy anymore? 20% of biblical prophecy has yet to be fulfilled so why do we need more? Because it makes those teachers seem more important than they are. The New Apostolic Reformation believes in this as does the Restored Church of God, The Bible is very clear asked you adding to or taking away from the scriptures. Proverbs 30 verse 6 says, Do NOT and to his words lest He reprove you and you be found a liar. There are a lot of liars in the Pentecostal and Emergent church today. Avoid them and stand firmly on the word of God.

Rob Bell Denies the Existence of Hell

Rob Bell of the emergent Church wants to be nice and so he has denied the existence of hell. Nevermind the fact that Jesus Christ spoke more on hell then he did on heaven. Bell is now a motivational speaker and a former pastor. It doesn’t take a lot of brains to discern why he is a former pastor. Even then his theology did not match up with the Bible. Just because Bell denies the existence of hell doesn’t mean he won’t go there. Serpents, brood of vipers, how can you escape the combination of hell and those words were spoken by Jesus Christ in Matthew 23.